Lemon Balm Soda Recipe

Try this refreshing herbal soda the next time you are having a party! It taste crisp, light, and different from plain bottled pop and plus you get all the health benefits from lemon balm! You can always substitute another favorite herb for the lemon balm to change up your homemade soda recipe.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

•1 Cup fresh lemon balm leaves
•2 Tbsp
•2 Quarts boiled water
•1 Quart carbonated water, or natural
ginger ale


•Steep lemon balm leaves in boiled water for 20 minutes.
•Add honey
•Cool to room temperature.
•Before serving, add carbonated water and ice.

Enjoy the fact that your serving a much healthier beverage than the chemical concoctions you buy in a can!

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