I've used garlic poultices for abscesses, vanilla extract for pain

by Amanda
(Olive Branch, MS, USA)

I had a root canal many years ago that would get infected again and again every few months. The dentist kept throwing antibiotics at it, but it kept returning. When it hit me on a Friday night, I turned to homeopathic remedies and made a garlic poultice and held a Qtip dipped in vanilla extract to numb the pain. I held the garlic in place as long as I could stand it (IT BURNS!!) and the abscess popped and drained within hours and the infection never returned! A later xray (with a different dentist) showed the root canal had not been complete, but it hasn't caused any problems since.

I'm currently using a garlic poultice for an abscess on my c-section scar from 17 years ago, and it seems to be working, although not as quickly. The gums absorb better than scar tissue, it appears.

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Abscess in gums
by: Anonymous

I recently had an abscess in my gums. I applied a garlic poutice. With in an hour it came to a head and started to drain. It also helped to quickly relieve the pain. It's still healing, so I continue to use the garlic poutice everyday. The pain associated with the abscess is gone. I love the medicinal properties of fresh garlic.

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