Iodine Salve Recipe

Iodine has super healing abilities. It's antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial and anitseptic. Use the iodine salve for any kind of skin condition including infections, boils, ringworm, cuts, scrapes, whatever!

1 oz. extra virgin coconut oil
1 oz. shea butter
1 oz. jojoba oil
1/2 oz. sesame oil
1/2 oz. castor oil
1 oz. beeswax
44 drops Lugol's solution of iodine

Fill a pot with water 4-5" high, place on stove over medium heat. Pour liquid oils (jojoba, sesame & castor) into glass measuring cup with oz. measures (total volume - 2 oz). Add solid oils next- add coconut to bring total volume to 3 oz. Add shea butter to bring total volume to 4 oz. Stir mixture (I use a chopstick) as solid oils melt into the liquid. Add beeswax next...a good way to do that is to heat a knife over an open flame and cut off small chunks. A gas range is perfect for this, or use a candle. Add chunks of beeswax to bring total volume to 5 oz. Stir to melt the beeswax into the mixture. Remove from heat, add Lugol's and stir like mad to disperse into the oil mixture. This salve begins to solidify quite quickly, if that happens while stirring in the Lugol's it's ok to place the mixture back into the hot water bath to reliquify. Decant into container of choice - a wide-mouth glass jar is perfect for this. You can place in fridge to hasten solidification, but that's not necessary as this salve is solid at room temperature.

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Fewer ingredients?
by: Mary

Hello, I love your site! I'm looking to make iodine salve since they stopped selling the original Iodex.

is there any way to make this with fewer ingredients? I know I have coconut oil and sesame oil. Why does this recipe call for several different oils?

Thanks for your help!

Iodine Salve Oils
by: HFHR

Mary, There may be a purpose for all the oils but the iodine is the main healing ingredient. You'll need the beeswax for sure but I sure would try using whatever oils I have. I would definitely use the castor oil also as it has wonderful healing abilities.

My salve
by: Jason L.

I think the original iodex was mainly iodine and white petroleum (vasaline). I use vasoline, iodine, beeswax to stiffen up. Works great.

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