Iodine as a Scaly Leg Remedy for Poultry

by Jodi



Every winter I have a problem with scaly leg on my laying hens and have tried everything short of nasty chemicals. I believe I now have the answer!!
The answer is easy and's simply povidone iodine (aka Betadine). I filled a spray bottle and sprayed as many chicken legs as I could one evening. I couldn't believe the results overnight! A few birds with tough cases have needed repeat sprays but it must be soothing because many now sit still while I saturate their legs.
The least expensive place to buy is a farm supply store in the dairy cow section. Make sure you buy povidone iodine and not the tincture which will burn and irritate.
Hope you have as good of results as I did!
PS: My egg production is going up rapidly also!!!!

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