I'm using a poultice to draw out my breast tumor- need advice

by Joan
(San Antonio, Texas)

I'm starting a poultice healing journey tomorrow with Dr. Christopher Schultze's Black Draw Healing Poultice. I have ordered all the ingredients (a good resource for bulk herbs is www.presentmoment.com) and I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

My main concern lies in HOW LONG to leave a poultice mixture on at one time. I consider myself a pretty savvy researcher, but still cannot seem to locate this information online. Anyone that could please provide guidance would be so appreciated.

Once the tumor is out, I will be using the Healing Poultice to rebuild the hole that will be left behind. The team of cancer medical doctors are furious with me for not allowing them to just amputate my breast. I put off my surgery until "after the holidays" and they feel like I'll surely die. But I don't think this is the case at all; it's just an intuitive feeling that I have. I've read several very telling books regarding typical western medicine in reference to cancer, and I can tell you that chopping off my breast and taking out my lymph nodes (the basic seat of the immune system) is not where I want to go with this thing.

Incidentally, they were all completely shocked when tests revealed that the cancer had not spread to anywhere else in my body. But they still wouldn't hear anything I had to say about juicing, drinking ESSIAC tea, taking Dr. Schultze's Detax tincture, urine therapy, reiki, etc.

Oh, well. Anyway- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - anyone who can guide me on my poultice journey, please tell me how long I should leave one poultice on at a time. I've read that I can leave the paste on overnight, and also to change the poultice when it dries out- but this is general information. The ingredients in my black draw poultice are as follows:

1) 1 heaping handful of fresh red clover blossoms
2) 1/2 a handful of fresh chaparral leaf
3) 1/4 cup of fresh, grated poke root
4) 2 tablespoons of goldenseal root powder (expensive stuff!)
5) 2 tablespoons of activated willow charcoal
6) 1 teaspoon tea tree oil
7) 1 teaspoon of bloodroot tincture
8) 1 cup Bentonite clay
9) 1 cup slippery elm inner bark
10) 12 large garlic cloves (for surgery, since the tumor has already started to burst through the skin)

Blend the above ingredients in a blender, then add the following to make a paste:

1/2 quart apple cider vinegar
1/2 quart distilled water

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Poultice Advice
by: HFHR

Wow Joan! I'm very impressed with your tenacity and determination to take control of your health! You are one empowered woman and an inspiration to others!

Concerning poultice advice as to how long to leave it on, that's a tough call. Your poultice has many, many, very powerful herbs and everyone can react a little differently. You seem to be in touch with your body and I believe you'll instinctivley know when you should change it. Other than that, definitely change it when it dries out! If you want more detailed instructions I would suggest you contact the Dr. who came up with the recipe for the healing poultice.

I and I'm sure, most HFHR readers, would be interested in how this poultice works for you. Please stay in touch. We wish you the best of luck in your battle!

Thank You!
by: Joan

Oh my goodness, you have NO idea how badly I needed to come home from work and read your response to my blog today (or maybe you intuitively do/did?)! I have researched further and now realize that I definitely need to change the poultice once it dries. Apart from that, I will definitely rely on how I'm "feeling". My mother advised me to document everything I'm doing (with clock time, etc.) since herbs ARE medicine, after all, and I really won't know how I will react to some of these strong herbs.

I contacted the woman at www.presentmoment.com and she suggested that I contact a cleansing specialist who used to work with the author Andreas Moritz. I am going to see about getting in touch with her. But I will definitely post on my progress.

Thank you again. I have felt very alone on this journey. It means so much to me to know that there's someone out there cheering for me and my healing journey! Much love, Joan

More poultice advice
by: HFHR - Jodi

I'm more than happy to cheer you on, Joan! I can't give you any medical advice but I'm sure here to support you!

It sounds like this poultice recipe is going to make quite a bit. Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator and don't be stingy with it. Make sure you cover the whole area BUT it wouldn't hurt to go easy the first time you use it just to make sure you don't have a reaction to it.

As you go to sleep tonight think good thoughts. Maybe make a mental list of all the things you're grateful for. Anything and everything you're grateful for! I find that when I do this or affirmations or even positive visualizations, I wake feeling happier and more rested than if I went to bed brooding about one thing or another. A body that has positive energy has much more powerful healing energy!

Sending you healing energy....

me too
by: Anonymous

I too am using a poultice for the very same reason.

While it is unfortunate that the western culture limits its support of the use of alternative methods of treatment I'm glad that the treatments,ingredients and methods are available to those of us who seek them.

Best of luck to you!

I Care
by: celtie

Today is Thursday, April 24, 2013.. and I just read the postings here regarding the ladies using
poultices for their breast cancer. Since the postings aren't dated, I don't know how long ago or recently they were posted. I read them feeling both a heavy heart for what they're going through..but also with admiration by their bravery. I'm wondering as to how they're doing. Oh how I hope they're coming through ok. Sending
much love, light peace and healing.. you can email me celtic_treasure@hotmail.com
thank you

breast cancer tumor , poultice
by: Anonymous

May 2013
wondering how Joan made out with using the poultice to draw out the tumor.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and choose to go the holistic route, NO conventional treatment at all and have felt very alone, many days. I believe am being by my Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name that died for my sins & my diseases. He has been teaching me about nutrition and how my body was created to heal itself. I have always been health conscience and thought I was in excellent health, but since last year, have learned so much. I am juicing and cut out all processed foods and added fermented vegetables along with using a rebounder to clean out my lymphatic system, daily.
I also am using an all natural product called Protocel. My husband suggested I look into using a poultice on my breast area to pull the tumor out but I have not heard of anyone doing this until I read this blog.
Please let me know how you are doing, Joan.
Thank you & God bless.
Continued healing & love,

Breast tumor
by: S.A.M.

I have searched for 5 years to find someone else doing ONLY natural treatments for breast cancer. It's nearly impossible to find. I have been trying just about everything out there including the salve. But I have NOT had surgery, etc. I have kept it contained, but it's not gone. If I had had surgery they would have called me a "cancer survivor" or "cancer free". So keep up the good work Joan and let us know how you are progressing. Even though the cancer is not completely gone from my breast, my health is better than it's ever been and I'm almost 54 years old.

bc and poltice
by: braids

wow i'm so glad I found this I've been dealing with stage 4for v20 months now doing all modalities and after 39 rad treatment my gut told me to try a a poltice we are warriors and pioneer's thanks for being there

Alkalize your diet
by: Anonymous

I commend you for your tenacity and faith in your body to heal itself. I would like to suggest too, that one of the most important changes you can make is to remove all meat, dairy and fish from your diet, because of GMO's (even if they are only in their feed), toxins, and acidity. Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. When you alkalize by eating mostly a raw vegetable diet, your body goes into detox mode, which will make you tired and cause headaches at times. Don't get discouraged. This is your bodies way of letting you know it's time to drink more water, do an enema (preferably a low roast coffee enema), have saunas, and get more sleep so it can do it's work. The body knows what to do to heal you, just help it by giving it good pure water and organic vegetable food. Help it to rid itself of all the accumulated toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, drugs, and radiation from electrical devices. Congratulations on your courage. I have a tumor on my breast as well, and will be researching your recipe. Please keep us posted.

God bless
by: Anonymous

I am praying for you and I hope you will recover from this diease. Try all natural : cottage cheese and flax seed. U tube has a lot of videos. I a sure u did a lot. Garlic/ginger everyday with cayenne. My mom passed from breast cancer after treatment with medical route. I am living in fear to be the same. but people like you light the way and make me think this does not have to happen again. I pray for your recovery and perfect health and happiness.

read my story of cancer
by: Anonymous

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I wrote a cancer handbook based on my experience and research
by: Angie

Hi, if you like you can download my cancer handbook from www.angienaturalhealth.jimdo.com but please also look at what I've written underneath the DOWNLOAD line. Because I've revised the book in that I've added the new information into the articles on my website. My experience is breast cancer that had spread, and we're talking a big tumor, not just pea-size or similar. See what you think, my research has been very intense over years, and you are welcome to read it for free.
All the best for your healing journey.

found a relevant website for you
by: Angie

Hi, just found this:

Click here

Maybe this will help you.

charcoal poultice works
by: Maria

yes charcoal poultice works even without activated charcoal ingestion for cancer. today I just had a text testimony from a client who bought a charcoal breast wrap from me that her breast mass shrank to one fourth size after continuous wear of heated charcoal breast wrap in just a week, thanks be to God!

Self-treatment of breast cancer
by: Sunflower

Hi, I have been dealing with breast cancer for 12 years now on my own with no conventional treatment. My story is too long to post here but I wanted to say i had great results from using Protocel 23 and following the guidelines for that healing modality. However, I had already suffered from too many years with not quite finding just that one right thing for me and the tumor progressed as far as coming through my skin. After the protocel shrank it enough (from the size of a lemon) to being what I thought was gone I stopped taking it. (due to finances) I thought I was healing fine but had a lot of damage done to my skin as a result of the tumor coming through. I started to see what I thought was keloid growth. In the past two years it has grown significantly and is quite hideous. I recently decided to go back on Protocel and have just ordered Paw paw extract which works with Protocel. I do not go to doctors and will not at this point because I believe in the power of the mind and I don't need anyone else's fears to influence my healing. I am committed to seeing this through and though it has been a long, lonely road I know that I have chosen the best path for me. If anyone has any advice for dealing with breast cancer, specifically with serious scar tissue and damage resulting from going it alone I would appreciate hearing from you. I wish you all wellness and strength of love to heal!

For Sunflower
by: S.A.M

Hi Sunflower, my situation is similar to yours. I have seen alternative health practitioners and herbalists, but have not done ANY traditional. Mine also came thru the skin and formed a keloid. An herbalist had me put Body Relief brand of foot detox pads directly on the keloid. It was amazing how it drew off lots of liquid and shrank the keloid! It closed over, but later I had to repeat it. But it sure beats surgery!
I had to replace the pad every few hours at first, then as it healed I could reduce how often I used them.
I hope thus helps. I would be thrilled to know if this works for you too. Feel free to email me if you want. susanzike@yahoo.com

Thanks Susan!
by: Sunflower Umba

Hi Susan,
Thank you so much for your suggestion and I am going to look into it immediately! It is such a relief to have contact with someone else who has experienced what I have.
I have much to share as well if you would like to communicate with me. I am going to email you too, thanks for your kindness!

by: mariooch

May 2014 So wonderful to find all your entries. I have also been on this lonely road and tried the same poultice drawing as Joan I did it for 3 nites I left it on while I slept. However I started having extreme pain in rt side below lungs diaphagm area and found out from muscle testing that my liver was over taxed so I cut out the poultice to build up liver Then started coffee enema This seemed good but again seemed too fast and the pains in the breast area where tumor is and the whole shoulder area flared up with lots of pain I'm trying to find the right gradient that eliminates the toxicity without overytaxing the rest of the bodys system. Any input or further developments in your alternative healing journeys would be greatly appreciated.

over taxing liver.... suggestion
by: unseenwisdom111

I have a lil exp with herbal remedies.. my suggestion is to research each ingredient in your mix and isolate the one or few that are taxing your system the most and adjust the mix... 20% at a time.. find the right mix for your system.. and supplement your body with a diet of goji berries(wolf berries) seaberries and other items with high lypopene(not spelled right) levels.there are a large number of immune boosting fruit and berries.. additionally toxicity levels can be reduced with food grade activated charcoal from bamboo or coconut but it might reduce effectiveness of things taken orally but it shouldn't effect the compress that your applying.. the charcoal will buffer you liver to ease blow before it gets to put it under stress... You can email me at greenthings111@gmail.com to chat more.. there is too much to just post. I hope my info helps

overtaxing liver
by: mariooch

Thanks so much for your post. Good suggestion on finding out which of the herbs are not right for me. Im a bit laid up right now as the gall bladder and liver again are overtaxed. Handling that for now. No poultice for now but doing coffee enema and nourishing liver and gallbladder. Thanks for the email I will email you when I have a little more energy returned

may 2014 happy to find this forum
by: Anonymous

I can't tell you all how happy I am to have found this forum. Since being diagnosed in 2007, I had used solely holistic means to treat my breast cancer. I have just returned to the western medical world after 7 years due to breast pain and open wounds on my breast. I would love to be in co tact with anyone who has been going through something similar. I would so appreciate the support and would love to offer some as well. maybe we could create a page.

Bilateral breast infection
by: Anonymous

Wow this is absolutely an amazing web site "Healing from home remedies' - well done I am so so impressed to come across this address.
Yes! I have inflammation of both breasts in the ducts causing by inverted nipples which are fully covered with scar tissue; so weird to experience that transformation which has been progressive over ten years. It is only recent have I decided to investigate further into it with the present orthodox medicine and they want to cut and remove the inflammation. I feel in my heart before any such surgical procedures that I need to at least try an alternative approach such as a poultice which my dear mum utilized in her medical home tool kit for chest infections, open wounds, drawing out poisons from wounds and skin infections; just amazing and so effective and reliable plus natural instead of drugs - only way to go. Anyway - if anyone can assist me or advise on a good poultice for drawing infection from the breast/s please leave a message on this site. I thought the coriander and water paste or perhaps the bread poultice may be suitable - what are you views and thank you female fraternity. Kind regards Maureen from NZ

charcoal poultice
by: Anonymous

You can put your poultice on overnight and then change 2 to 3x during the day. I have experience only with charcoal poultice (charcoal powder with water to form a paste wrapped with cloth). The thickness should be about half an inch and size about an inch wider around your breast wound.

Open wound
by: S. A. M.

I have done only alternative treatments for 6-1/2 years. The cancer never spread. It seemed totally gone at 1 point and the sore healed closed. Then it opened again. My herbalist said it was time to see a plastic surgeon. I found a holistic plastic surgeon in Atlanta ,GA. She said that she wanted me to try some things first and see if it will heal. I was shocked since surgeons usually recommend surgery right away. I have used numerous topical applications that all seemed to do something but it's still not healed. I'm still trying. I think your internal terrain might be more important than the topical. Dr. Christopher Herbals has a drawing ointment ( not the black salve, no bloodroot). It has done a lot but then I had to stop it to see if it will close. It kept drawing though. I'm trying enzyme therapy now along with diet. Increasing my veggie and fruit intake. And on supplements recommended by the surgeon. Don't know if this helps but you know that you are not alone.

How long does it take to break away?
by: Need answers in FL

June 2014: I have started using the poultice, but I am wondering how long does it take to come out? From prior experience, can anyone share how long you had to apply the poultice to get the results. My herbalist keeps insisting that it wont burst through my skin, but from all that I've read here, apparently it does. Additionally, after it comes out, what have you applied to the wound?

Response (part 1)
by: Joan

Site reporting interface problems (thanks, Mercury in Retrograde)... Let's try this again. Here's part 1:

I haven't had a chance to read all the comments, here, but I am very overwhelmed to see how many people have been going through this!

I did the poultice for three days, and the tumor shrunk considerably. I was not without odd side effects like a bit of dizziness and disorientation (some vomiting), but then again, herbs ARE drugs. What finally ended up happening is something that I hope does not happen to ANYONE on his thread: I gave into fear and pressure from friends and family and went under the knife (on 1/23/13). It's the biggest mistake of my life, and I struggle with feelings of regret almost every day (regret being a useless emotion- I know, I know...). One of the main reasons that I gave in was that the tumor had burst through the skin and was almost completely on the outside of my body, but then it was still clamped down in my chest. It was really horrible, smelt awful (I mean AWFUL), was bleeding and oozing necrotic stuff, and I was running through about $20 in bandages per day trying to hide it under my clothes. I continued to work fulltime through all of this, by the way - another huge mistake. At the time, I didn't think I had any other option, though, since I live alone, etc.

They took my breast and told me that they were planning to take "a portion" of my lymph nodes under my arm. I insisted that there is no cancer under my arm, but they said that they would only take a few. (What I didn't know at the time is that they could have tested for cancer in the lymph nodes, but they didn't.) Anyway, they took ALL the lymph nodes, which turned out NOT to have any signs of cancer in them. They took a skin graft from my back and used that skin to patch up my chest where the breast was - that's how big the area was- about the size of a small woman's fist.

When they were removing the stitches about 7 weeks later, I asked when I could start looking at reconstructive surgery options. The plastic surgeon's assistant looked at me with horror and said, "well, we won't even consider that until you follow your doctor's recommendations for chemo."

I left and never went back.

The reason that it's taken me so long to come back to this blog is that I've felt extremely traumatized for a very long time. Every time an email lands in my inbox from this site, I wince, close my eyes super tight and delete it because it's something that brings up so much pain for me. Little did I know that others were going through this! Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to have been so short-sighted.

Response (part 2 of 3)
by: Joan

I had intense PTSD for many months after I tapered myself off all the narcotics and could once again think clearly. I moved in with a trusted friend and started temping about 10 months after the surgery. I'm only working part-time right now.

I talk to my mom a lot about all the regrets I have, and she keeps telling me, "Joan, you were SO CLOSE to getting this thing nailed. If you just would have had the proper support... maybe a certified herbalist or something. If you just would have had the money to actually take time off from work and heal yourself, I know you could've beat this thing without succumbing to those tactics." She's right: I felt like I was on an island. It's scary to be by yourself dealing with this, sifting through thousands of web pages, wondering who REALLY has the right answers, etc.

So here I am. It's June 11, 2014 and I'm at a part-time temp job typing this blog. I'm pouring my heart out here and making myself very vulnerable, so if you respond to this thread, please know that I may not read anything that seems judgmental or hurtful. I did the best I could.

I'm renewing my teaching certification online right now. I will substitute teach this coming school year while I find a school I like (and that likes me, lol) and then start teaching fulltime 2015-2016 school year. I found a wonderful clinic called PRMA that does DIEP Flap reconstruction and ALSO does lymph node transplants!! Right here in San Antonio- people come from all over to get this procedure done and it's right in my backyard. I wanted to cry when I read about it. In fact, I did, and I am weeping a little bit right now. This procedure uses your OWN tissue (read: bonus tummy tuck, lol) to rebuilt a natural breast. And they take insurance. I've been sifting through insurance plans trying to figure out who will pay for reconstructive surgery as a result of cancer/mastectomy, but it's kind of hit and miss. One day at a time. My plan is to start the process while I'm teaching in 2015 and have the surgery the summer of 2016 while I'm on summer break.

Response (part 3)
by: Joan

Finally, here's the rest of what I went through and what I can tell you I know...

I wear a prosthetic insert in my bra everyday and I hate it. I am a very small woman- about a size 2- and I always loved just throwing on a tank top without a bra, or just a summer dress in this oppressive Texas heat. But I can't do that anymore. I will continue to wait and to be patient. The Universe knows all, and I suppose everything does happen for a reason.

Here are some excellent resources for anyone going through this (I employed some of them when I had the tumor, and others I wish I had known about):

1) Learn EFT now. (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping- it's super easy- find Gary Williams on facebook or google "Gary Williams EFT" he's the greatest.

2) Download, buy hard copy, or try to see if the library has the following books by Andreas Moritz: "Cancer is Not a Disease" and "The Amazing Liver Flush"

3) Juice like a maniac. Add some of your morning urine into the juice (just enough so that the urine becomes tasteless). The urine has the cancer in it, and will work kind of like antibiotics to attach the tumor. I know it sounds like the grossest thing in the world, so go and google it. You'll see.

Much love,

sharing my story/heart
by: Sunflower Umba

Hi Joan, everyone,
Wow these stories are amazing and commend you all for doing your best to heal naturally and however way you feel drawn to. Joan, I just wanted to say I totally understand your choices and your regrets. It is difficult to make any decision and know it is the right one for you all the time. Doubts creep in. Some days are great some are horrible. I have been dealing with a breast tumor for 14 years now. It has opened up to the outside for the past ten years. I did do Protocel for two years and it helped immediately but due to the doubling of the cost I stopped and just hoped it was all gone as the tumor had shrunk to nearly nothing if not all gone. However I had scar tissue so it was hard to tell what was what and much of this is guesswork if you don't go to doctors. Since I quit the Protocel I have had what I thought was a huge growth of keloid scarring around the opening that could never heal normally as it was not a surgical cut. Much of my breast and nipple are destroyed and I am presently dealing with what I think is still a tumor. It has an opening to drain and cleanse and I believe it is doing so. I was using poultices but now I am just focused on my diet, heavy juicing, no meat or dairy, quit coffee and no sugar. I do see and feel improvements though I have extensive nerve damage so I live with pain now and then coming at random times out of the blue. I have heard a lot lately about cannabis oil and I am going to try it as soon as I can afford it. I know that many people have been cured by different methods and everyone has a different system and nutritional needs. Gerson works, Ludwigs works, Protocel works, cannabis oil works etc. Andreas Moritz's book is great as well as "Outsmart your cancer". I wish that I had had more support early on to shrink the tumor before it opened up in my breast and caused so much damage. I still hope to resolve it so that I can stop using a bandage and it can heal over completely. I feel that my commitment to my cleansing diet is going to help me. It will never look normal again but I am 53 years old and no one will ever see it but my husband and he has been by my side the whole time and loves me for me, thankfully. I mostly want to say that I am alive 14 years later. I am learning my lessons in life and I know to appreciate life for every precious moment. I speak my truth, I share my love and I don't take one moment for granted. I don't regret not being irradiated, cut or poisoned but if someone gets pulled in that direction there is no judgement. The collective consciousness does not support our choices and it is a travesty. We need to support one another because we are sisters in this struggle and it is absolutely important to have love and to alleviate fear and stress from our lives. We deserve life without fear, we deserve healing and we can have it.It is about the journey to healing, the life lived in these moments where we have to call upon whatever source of strength we find to move us forward. It is not even about how long one lives but about truly being alive and in my opinion even death is not a failure, we are here for a purpose and when it is time to move on we will. For now, for me, I love life and I love this planet and I will do whatever I can to find the balance in my own body and spirit to heal. I wish the same for all of you, no matter what you choose. Best wishes, many strengths!

for Sunflower
by: Joan

Im typing this from my phone, so pls excuse typos, etc. Thank you for the supportve words. Im running out the door to meet a deadline but i have read that garlic will go in and eat away the cancer. One can pack herbs such as comfrey and others (check Dr Schultze website, i dont know if i still have the recipe) to promote healing. Ill write more later, thanks again, lots kf love and good energy xo -joan

interested in suggestions
by: Anonymous

Thanks to everyone for sharing. I read Joan's postings and noticed the date was only yeaterday so i HAD to post. I too have been dealing with breast cancer toatlly alone - for almost four years now. It's unnerving to say the least but, really, what's the alternative? My husband is my support or I might well have caved in to the pressures to go the slash, poison, burn route. Still, I'm sort of stuck right now. It's contained but not gone, oozing too.

more on healing etc.
by: Sunflower Umba

Thank you Joan! For "anonymous" who just posted. There are so many suggestions that can be offered and I have found that many different methods work for different people. I hear success stories and I believe them, however what works for one doesn't always work for another. I do believe the body tries it's best to heal and has an amazing ability to do so. Most importantly what needs to happen is whatever caused the cancer in the first place needs to be remedied if it is due to poor diet, stress or exposure to a toxic environment. I know that in todays world that can feel impossible because there are many circumstances environmentally beyond our control. We just have to do the best we can and try to be positive about our chosen methods, change them as our intuition tells us. I have been seriously trying to alkalinize my body and I keep testing that I am acidic. I read that when you are detoxing or dieting you can test acidic so I assume this is what is happening but I also read that cancer can't live in an alkaline environment! So what now? I have looked into the baking soda and molasses protocol but heard that it can be hard on the kidneys. Other's say it is a miracle cure. For everything you find someone will say it is a miracle and someone will say it causes problems. Who is being honest? I believe in the individuals stories and sometimes it's the people selling the "other" alternative that tries to discredit another. Who and what to believe? That is my biggest challenge in this age of information. It can be so contradictory! I do believe in healing and I do believe that many things work. I am doing a modified version of the Gerson therapy but I cannot afford to buy and keep 15 pounds of fresh veggies a day to juice! I do about 5 pounds. I also don't have money for supplements and don't trust supplements with fillers which are the least expensive. At first I wanted it out and gone so badly all I could do was visualize it coming out so what I got was my breast opening and logically I believe it was trying to kick the thing out. I tried various poultices but none of the caustic kind because the pain would be too great and I do not want to take toxic pain meds to add to my already struggling body. The pain when it comes sets me back to zero and my hope and positivity collapses. Then it goes away again for weeks and I go about my life and I am pretty happy. I feel it is cleansing and knowing I am putting good food into my body helps immensely. I feel life force energy and I feel I have a choice to live or die. Every day I do my best to be conscious of my thinking and to steer myself away from the negative thoughts that are very persistent! The poultices do draw out toxins and I may go back to it but for now I wanted to see how my diet change affects it. When I try too many things at once I can't tell what is doing what. I would suggest first listening to your own intuition. Read about alternative methods and see which one resonates with you and stick to it for a while. Sometimes it's about finances and the one that resonates is not affordable. Dr.Richard Shulzes incurable program sounds good, it is strict and yet too expensive for me. I would probably have been healed by now if I could have afforded one good program and stuck with it for three years. I can always only afford one or two bottles of this or that and then they are gone and I can't buy any more. It is very sad and wrong but it is the way it is. I just put one foot in front of the other and make the best of what I am given.This post is long I will stop now, but I am happy to discuss this with anyone. Much love and healing to you all and have a wonderful day!

Natural treatment for cancer
by: Henri

I know a Lifestyle Center here in Georgia just outside of Chattanooga in Tennessee.. Their medical doctors believe in treating people with natural medicines like herbs, supplements, hydrotherapy (water therapy that helps you detox, improve circulation and mobilize your immune system)and a strict low sodium and oil vegan diet. For cancer they also use hyperthermia treatment. It is a treatment where they raise your body temperature and artificially induce a high but controlled fever. Viruses and bacteria cannot survive well at elevated temperatures. They apparently keep a person within a safe elevated temperature zone for about half an hour or so at a time. I have personally seen how scores of cancer patients, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and a host of other diseases have been helped at this place. They are a non-profit organization and even the doctors are volunteers. They are highly professional and do it for the love of the cause. A truly loving and caring environment. I believe they have been around for over 70 years. Here is a link to their website. It may be well worth your time to investigate this place. Wildwood Health

Dr. Schultze
by: Joan

Yes, I totally agree with you Sunflower re: Dr, Schultze's incurable program being expensive. Ridiculously expensive IMO. But if one could locate the exact recipe for the healing of the "hole" that is left behind once the garlic and other ingredients devour said tumor, i believe this would be the ticket. I purged much of my paperwork related to my tumor after the surgery as a sort if energy cleanse; now i so wish i had that 2nd recipe for the ladies on this thread. I WANT to say that i found a little booklet on his website that detailed it.

tissue rebuilding poultice
by: Joan

Anonymous, i found the Dr. Schulze book - it was only $12 - small paperback book titled "There Are No Incurable Diseases". I can type out the recipe and accompanying advice when i get to work on Tuesday, if you want to email me at jdurbin_2222@yahoo.com i'll shoot it over to ya. I remember the herbs i purchased for the both poultices adding up to about $75, but i ordered too much of most of it since i was so freaked out about not having enough. So just let me know, anyone, and i am happy to help. Much love, joan

for joan and everyone
by: Anonymous

Gosh.....I like you all am so happy to find this very honest site - thanks Joan for bearing your soul. Do not regret anything and how fab you can get lymph transplant. I was diagnosed 2001 but went holistic no surgery chemo or surgery. felt great for a few yrs but knew emotionally still had a long journey. Did the black compound x in 2005 but aborted the attempt thru not managing the pain aspect. tumour began growing so went to Malaga and did ect. most of tumour came thru the breast and I was fine for a few yrs but always with an ugly site and up and down depending n diet etc. I began RSO cannabis oil 2 months ago but slow with getting the recommended dose in and it is expensive...but I like the way I feel on it for the most part. it helps if one has had experience of smoking or vaping. The research on cannabis is amazing - this is my chosen medicine from now on.....
When I wrote my book And So We heal,www.paulinelomas.com I decided not to include the fact that I found a much needed comfort from the occasional puff on marijuana. I feared I may be judged but I no longer fear that.....I have a blog and would love to hear more....xtpp://andsoweheal.wordpress.com
Keep positive and keep documenting...Together we are helping the cause....I love all the recipe for the poultices.....

Whatever works is good!
by: Sunflower Umba

Anonymous~ Thank you for your comment and the encouragement on the oil. I am going to make some here pretty soon. I have researched it and I believe it is highly medicinal and beneficial. (which is why it has been suppressed and made illegal) It is a plant from nature, we are natural beings and we should be able to heal from something natural. I did make a salve with the herb and coconut oil and since I have been using it I have only had one evening of nerve pain and I believe it was due to circumstances of that day that caused it. I am noticing subtle changes in my condition since I have been juicing as well and changed my diet to basically no meat (I have had chicken about once a month)no dairy, no coffee and no sugar. I drink about a quart of fresh carrot, beet,cabbage, apple and celery juice a day, eat a big salad with flax oil and try to get lots of potassium into my system through food and some supplementation. I am modifying the Gerson diet and following my intuition to add foods I feel are beneficial even if Gerson does not recommend them. I don't think one diet fits all people and you really have to use logic, be your own scientist and cross-reference and above all use your intuition. I am looking forward to trying the oil. It will be interesting because I am very sensitive and have never been able to eat cannabis products without getting "too" high. However, if I am using it as a medicine specifically I can take the time to relax and allow it to do it's work. I work out of my home as a crafter and sell online so I have the luxury of being able to stay home and take care of myself. I have a garden as well to grow much of my own food. I live in an area where people are very tolerant of medicinal marijuana and know first-hand that it is a plant, a beautiful plant, it does not lead to "Hard Drugs", it has been made illegal only because it actually works as a medicine and it cannot be synthesized and be as effective as home grown, home made medicine. It is legal in our state with certification so many people benefit from it. It also can help one's mental attitude, to stay in the moment, to enjoy the gifts in your immediate reality, to laugh and to feel less pain. It doesn't work the same for everyone either and you have to experiment with dosage. Your body does get used to it over time . I believe the best benefits come from ingesting it rather than smoking. I know that some people might be offended or have opinions about it based on the propaganda but I know the truth and I stand by it. When I am able to start using the oil I will post my progress to share with who ever is interested. I wish you all well in healing whatever your chosen methods!

I am about to use Dr Schulze remedies and poultice
by: Anonymous


I don't know how long ago you wrote this web site / blog about using a poultice, but I am very curious to know how you fared. Do let me know!

I almost certainly have breast cancer. I'm a health practitioner myself and know the signs.

I'm mostly scared about the so-called 'hole' that will be left behind after the tumor comes out (if indeed it ever does come out!).

Any comments, advise?

my email is hvplanet@gmail.com


Second lump after poultice...any input?
by: Need answers in FL

I started using a poultice & the tumor got bigger just as the herbalist said, however, now a second lump has appeared. Has this happened to anyone else? I've now become scared & stopped using the poultice. Not sure if it means the cancer has spread even more into my breast tissues, hence the second lump. Any input would help.

I am so happy to read stories about all these other women facing this, however, I don't have breast cancer, my primary site is the pancreas & it spread all the way to the breast. Drs are still amazed that I am still living, especially since I've refused their chemo. But to God be all the glory! Ladies keep fighting!!! Blessings to you all!!

for Need Answers in FL
by: joan

Send me an email and I'll shoot over some info to you.


For Morita
by: joan

Morita- I sent you some emails- check your spam folder if they didn't land in the inbox.

Much love,

contact info etc.
by: sunflower

Hi to the last two posters! I am going to give you the website and contact for Elonna McGibbon who has extensive first-hand experience with healing and with using Protocel. For the pancreatic/breast cancer you might might it works well. It worked pretty quickly for me. I had circumstances occur which brought it back for me a couple of years later, or more likely I stopped the Protocel when I should have kept going. I really don't know. It is hard to answer anyone's question specifically because we are all so different with special nutritional needs. I am doing my version of the Gerson therapy and just started IP6. I had the worse case scenario happen with the tumor breaking open and causing a very hideous open wound. It turned into keloid scarring that I have been dealing with now for two years. It is improving slowly on my plan and I am very healthy otherwise, very much alive and go about my daily life in spite of the problem. (It's been 14 years since I found a lump and I have had no conventional "treatment") We all can adapt and we all can heal. Sometimes it's just finding the right combination of therapies or supplements for your body. Try not to fear, and try to keep your spirits hopeful and positive.
I urge you to call Elonna though and speak with her, perhaps join the forum. Here is the URL; http://www.elonnamckibben.com/contact-elonna-mckibben.html

get your hemp oil from
by: Anonymous

My wife has been suffering from thyroid cancer which was confirmed to be stage four, the doctor told me there was little she could do since she wasn’t responding to treatment but my brother in law came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from rick Simpson medicals which he said has been helping some patient fight against cancer of various types so we decided to give it a chance, So far my wife is improving perfectly very well and presently she can walk around the house all by herself. I felt its necessary i let others who are suffering from this acute disease that once you have a good hemp oil it can really give one a sound second chance of living. if you happen to be in need of this hemp oil you can contact the foundation who supplied my brother in law with this email: ricksimpsonmedicals@gmail.com

Wounds that won't heal.
by: Anonymous

Wow, so inspired reading all these wonderful posts by you awesome brave women. Thanks so much for sharing. I have bookmarked this page. One issue came up regarding wounds that don't want to heal. I have just been listening to a talk by Julia Schopick in which she tells the story of her husband who's wound would not heal for 8 months after surgery. Then she discovered silverlon which is a wound dressing impregnated with silver. As soon as they started applying the dressings the wound started healing and he went home after a week. You can read about her experience here:
Just thought I'd share in case it helps someone.

the hemp oil saves her
by: Anonymous

my wife has been suffering from thyroid cancer which was confirmed to be stage four, the doctor told me there was little she could do since she wasn’t responding to treatment but my brother in law came to our rescue by ordering this hemp oil from rick Simpson medicals which he said has been helping some patient fight against cancer of various types so we decided to give it a chance, so far my wife is improving perfectly very well and presently she can walk around the house all by herself. I felt its necessary i let others who are suffering from this acute disease that once you have a good hemp oil it can really give one a sound second chance of living. if you happen to be in need of this hemp oil you can contact the foundation who supplied my brother in law with this email: ricksimpsonmedicals@outlook.com

how i cure my wy wife cancer
by: morgan

my name is Morgan, Since the Year 2005, life has been up and down for me and my lovely Wife Tracy. My wife Tracy has Ovarian cancer, and my son was also cure lupus this diseases has been with us for the past 12 years, we undergo Chemo and Radiation just once and we were advise by the Doctor not to go for more Chemo and Radiation. Lucky for us, we heard about Rick Simpson Oil which so many people have testified to have cure their cancer within some period of time. Got connected with a lot of people and was then recommended to Dr. Rick for procurement of Hemp Oil medication. It is with Great joy from my heart and that of my wife that we want to inform you all that my colon cancer and urinary tract infection my wife Trina Ovarian cancer has been cured within the Treatment period of 4 months. We got our medication from Dr. Rick who was recommended to us by several people that cannabis oil from him, so also am recommending you all to procure your Rick Simpson cannabis oil from him, contact: rickcancercure1954@gmail.com . we are now a happy family with total unity and love in us. don’t allow this diseases to ruin the joy of your life, Hemp oil is the Best medication ever and i was opportune to meet Dr. Rick and Rick Simpson in Person: get your Cannabis Medication now and start healing yourself, contact Dr. Rick once more on: rickcancercure1954@gmail.com Thanks to you Dr. and Rick Simpson for all the help that was rendered to me and my jewel family. Dr. in conjunction with Rick Simpson Saved my family. Thanks, so many Thanks to you both, gratitude is indeed in my heart. Thanks. Best Regards, Morgan

cannabis oil cure cancer
by: Jonathan Blaine

Rick Simpson Hemp Oil Truly cures Cancer,
My Name is Jonathan Blaine, i am from Ontario, Canada.
In 2013 i was Diagnosed of Colon Cancer(Cancer that forms in the tissues of the colon),
I tried all kinds of treatments and therapy including chemotherapy, radiation therapy,
immunotherapy, and vaccine therapy, all in Vain... i was worried, depressed, and confused
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by: Anonymous

I never knew cannabis oil was indeed wonderful and very effective in treating cancer’ if not for the government and their so called rules in regulating cannabis my Dad would have still been alive. thanks to the newly policy for legalizing cannabis else i would have still lost my son to kidney cancer, i was really touched and surprised when i watch lots of documentary on how cannabis oil had helped lot of people whom their family members never thought they could make it after undergoing several "Chemo" from the dept of my heart i must say a word of appreciation to Dr Shakes Spear for the timely intervention in the life of my son suffering from Kidney Cancer. as i am writing this testimony on this Blog my Son is so strong and healthy in spite he hasn’t completed the total Dosage’ for your cannabis and medical consultation try and get in touched with him through his email: (shakesspear23@yahoo.com or shakesspear23@gmail.com ) so he can enlighten you more.

Canabis Oil Heals Cancer
by: Ruud Bellson

I still don't know the right words to express my Gratitude to Rick Simpson and his wonderful cannabis oil that cured my ailment. In May this year i was diagnosed of Melanoma Cancer, it affected my Skin, intestines and eye.. i went for treatment but to no avail, my family advised the rick hemp oil for my ailment, at first i didn't want to purchase the oil, because i had doubts about it curing my cancer, but after reading about it and doing researches online, i succumbed to the idea, and indeed it was a wonderful one, the cannabis oil successfully cured my cancer!!! after Three months.
Now i am Hale and Healthy........ you can contact Rick Simpson on

email: Beforemedicalservice@yahoo.com
mobile: +1 312 835 3384
For your own medication.

my two cents
by: Rebekah

12-17-14 I too am happy to have found this thread. I am trying to help my mom (she's 80) to avoid another surgery on her breast. Neither she nor our family believe that chemo or radiation would be beneficial to her so we are looking to alternative healthcare to heal her. I agree it's a lonely road. She had two lumpectomies (both times she requested them to do mastectomies, but was denied) and she's had a hysterectomy about 4 years ago due to uterine cancer. About two years ago a new lump resurfaced on her breast and I had been doing my own research on alternative healthcare. I was fairly new to Dr. Richard Schulze's products and I had just done my first 30 day cleanse. I also was growing wheatgrass and juicing it, making my own colloidal silver, growing broccoli sprouts, etc. We didn't feel that we needed a diagnosis to tell us that her cancer had returned as the lump was pretty visible and her history with it convinced us that that was what she had. So rather than subject her to a bunch of radiation and advice to do chemo, she agreed to try this stuff that I had been using for myself. Dr. Schulze's cleanse is broken down into 4 parts (actually the first and fourth are the same). First week is a bowel cleanse (very similar to the Blessed herbs cleanse), Second week is the liver cleanse (somewhat similar to Dr. Hulda Clark's homemade liver cleanse), third week is the kidney cleanse (somewhat similar to the Master Cleanse), and fourth week is another bowel cleanse. She was only into the fourth or fifth day when she got very ill (cleansing reaction). Her body threw off a lot of toxins that made her have vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. I recognized it for was it was, but given her age, it really scared me that I could lose her. She decided that she didn't want any more of that and quit, but was open to the other stuff that we were doing. A friend told me about getting a Rife machine and said that his friend's dad was curing himself of cancer with that. So we bought one and used that. It works okay, but I didn't see that the Rife machine alone would do the job. I had thought about trying this Black poultice on her that I read about, but didn't have the ingredients and wondered if, in the meantime, making a poultice out of this wheatgrass that I was growing. I mixed the pulp back in with the juice and placed it over her breast before she went to bed. Next day when she took it off, she said that the "jelly" in her tumor either came out or hardened. Also, it really stunk like old urine. There were other things that we were doing as well, but she felt that this one thing was the big turning point for her. She was convinced that she was cured and she was getting around a lot better than she was (I think a lot of that was due to when she threw up that poison out of her system). Anyhow, the other things that I was giving to her were colloidal silver, broccoli sprouts (very powerful cancer fighter), wheatgrass juice, Essiac tea, Rife machine treatment, colonics, corrective chiropractic care, and foot reflexology. For some of you that mention that you are limited financially to try Dr. Schulze cleanse, I would highly recommend starting off with the Master Cleanse then. I've done that one about 8 times and it is the most effective with the least amount of money as it will alkalize your innards, but please read the book all the way thru so that you don't hurt yourself on it. If it's your first time to do a cleanse, then you would really benefit from getting a colonic. I found a colon hydrotherapist by simply googling "colonic" with my zip code. For those of you that are not sure about Dr. Schulze, let me just tell you that I have become a big fan of his. His products have worked wonders for me and my family and I highly recommend him. My favorites of his is the intestinal formula #1 to make my bowels work better, the Vitality shot (which used to be called the Energy shot) is awesome, but very expensive. I like to have that on hand if I need a boost of energy to get thru a taxing event like caring for my grandbabies, dancing the night away, or helping someone move. As far as the 30 day cleanse is concerned, my gray hair disappeared the first time I used it (the second and last time it didn't change). If the expense of the 30 day cleanse is too much for you, then go with the bowel cleanse and do that. He wrote that 80% of diseases could be cured just in cleaning out the bowels and he stressed emphatically that you need to get your bowels working properly and he'll tell you why in the book that that kit includes. Okay, enough about him and back to my mom. She is now suffering from shingles and it appears that her tumor is back. What we did wrong is to go back to our old eating habits and dismissing the danger. So, I'm getting her scheduled to see an oncologist to find out if she has cancer (which I feel that she does) and to what extent so that we know what we are dealing with and how aggressive we need to be in fighting it. In the meantime, I don't have any wheatgrass grown, so I was on here to revisit that black poultice recipe when I found this thread. I felt compelled to share with you what I've learned in hopes that whoever reads this will glean something useful from me as well. I have learned some new things that intrigue me as well and will consider trying if need be. Hope this helps and thank you Joan for starting this thread.

Hello Joan...
by: Morita

I had posted a while ago mentioning that I'm thinking of trying the poultice, and you posted back saying you'd sent emails. However, I went to England for a while, was out of the loop....very sorry, I did not see your emails! Are you able to re-send? If you have no record of them now, don't worry.

my email address: hvplanet@gmail.com

i hope you are doing well. I love reading about your healing journey, but I know that it has also been very challenging.

it's only just hitting e how serious this breast cancer thing can be...what started out as a small-ish lump has become two large lumps and an inverted nipple, plus morning back ache deep in the ribs. Time for me to get on with a protocol...probably Dr Schulze Incurables program (Dr Schulze products are incredible) and raw foods.


I have been suffering from Colon cancer
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering from Colon cancer lungs with metastasis to other part of my body. Ever since the discovery of this diseases, my entire life have been depressed and emotional down, it was a Death roll Sentence on my life, but still I honor you all for your prayers and concern toward my life and my family and I earnestly pray for God to be with you all, i also use the medium to thanks to the Dr who God has sent to help me cure this unimaginable, terrible and horrible illness called cancer.
Knowing that i had colon cancer with met to some part of my body break my heart and make me lifeless, My family have never knew true peace ever since the diagnose of this disease and period given to live. My wife heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price the entire family was strong in faith and willing to try anything that would save my Life, I have completed the treatment regime with total eradication of the disease from all parts of my body. if you want to get the hemp or cannabis oil or Medical herbs please contact :
globalgreenoilsupplier@gmail.com.Here is their Website....www.worldclasskushsupplier.webs.com

Cancer cure
by: Antonio Benard

Am Antonio Benard i reside in Italy, my wife was suffering from Breast Cancer and the doctor told me that there was nothing that he could do to save my beloved wife. Then a friend told me about the Rick Simpson hemp oil that can cure cancer, i told him that my wife’s breast cancer was in the last stage that i don’t think the hemp oil would cure it and he persuaded me to try it, for the love of my wife, i decided to give it a try.
I did some research and i found a doctor who helped me with the cannabis oil to cure my wife’s breast cancer and he assured me that after 4 months the cancer would be gone.rickcannabisoil2014@outlook.com
I bought it and she used it,it worked exactly as the doctor prescribed it. Thanks to doctor Thomas for taking away sorrow in my life. can you all imagine, that my wife have a 6 years old daughter and a 3 years old son, what would i have done.. God will bless Rick Simpson and Dr. RICK for helping me with cannabis oil and for his support and care.
contact: rickcannabisoil2014@outlook.com what can i say unto my LORD, all i have to say is THANK YOU LORD.

by: Sunflower Umba

Hello everyone! I wanted to recommend a book I have read called "Dying to be me" by Anita Moorjani. It is the true story of a woman who had a near death experience and chose to come back into her body. She healed miraculously within days and weeks afterward. What she experienced is truly amazing and it has been a very transformative book for me and for many others that she has shared it with. We all have a chance to heal through many different modalities but I believe what is behind it is something far more potent and powerful than the methods used. It is why we all can heal from whatever it is that is gifted to us when we need it. It explains why one thing works for one person and not for another. It is the energy and the love and the connection to source, to god, nature, to spirit, to whatever you choose to call the creative source from which we all come from. This is a spiritual journey we are on and though we suffer in these physical bodies we are all capable of what we call miracles because we are miracles. Our essence is a miracle and love is the greatest healer. Fear is the challenge here and trust and love can remove fear from our consciousness and allow natural healing to take place. I just wanted to share that with you. Many blessings to all of you for healing!

Hugs to you all going through this...
by: Debs

Hi. I worked as an oncology nurse in the UK and may I say how much respect I have for you all going though this naturally and not getting drawn in by the orthodox medical task forces! My heart went out to you, Joan, when you felt you needed to have surgery because you were alone going through this. I find it so frustrating that there aren't centres all over the world where people can make choices about their care and have support for natural methods. I have too many sad stories to tell of medical tragedies but if a natural method doesn't work for whatever reason, it's right there on the front pages....:(

There are three people I would recommend googling. To see what an orthodox medical doctor went through (she nearly died...!) and the size of her tumour, look up Dr Lorraine Day. I haven't specifically looked at how she cured herself, but she gives anyone hope. Secondly, another amazing cancer survivor is Dr Ruth Heidrich. She has written several books and has done talks to the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii which arson YouTube. She's in her seventies and still runs marathons and triathlons.

To see someone who will even accept terminal people and never gives up hope - Dr Robert Morse - based in Florida. He uses herbs and advises on diet with spectacular results if kept to. It's a hard path but worth it. He is also on YouTube. If you are penniless, he would probably try and work something out with his clinic team. His work is fascinating.

I've heard good things about cannabis oil, everything like that is worth a try but I agree with the person who posted that the body needs to be clean and diet is key. Good luck to you all and hugs to you Joan! You're a star!

Hooray and Caution
by: Conscious Healing

You are all wonderful and I applaud you for seeking - never stop. I have been living with my breast tumor for over 9 years now - the journey is the point.

I'd like to urge whomever is moderating this thread to delete the Cannabis oil "testimonies" that are listed so far. Rick Simpson would NEVER sell oil, OR advocate anyone buying oil on line and he would NEVER allow his name to be associated with such sales. Anyone can have a domain name if the pay for it. There are too many schiesters out there preying on the scared and sick :( I have done extensive research on the cannabis oil, RSO, ... and it is wondrous and healing. If you want to use this oil find a source that you know and trust for the raw materials and make it yourself - it's so much more meaningful then.
healing blessings

cannabis oil cure cancer
by: Jenny


My name is Jenny Clarke, I live New Zealand. My Sister was diagnosed of melanoma cancer and she have done many chemotherapy and it did not work, the cancer keeps returning. A friend of the family told us about cannabis oil and its curing ability in treatment of any type of cancer. I purchased the cannabis oil from London and they gave me instructions and a video recording disc to teach how to use the cannabis oil for the treatment of melanoma cancer. After using the oil for the duration of time given, my sister was totally free from cancer but i was advised she takes the oil continuously to maintain good health and reduce high blood pressure. I am so happy now that my sister is free from cancer and if you are suffering from cancer and the family is happy again. Cannabis oil is a natural treatment for cancer without any side effect.

Jenny Clarke

Overnight and all day during time off
by: Juju

For a severe infection in my sinus that spread to my teeth, thyroid, drained into my armpits, then my breasts and causes intense burning pain, I wore a pureed dandylion root and castor oil poltice using a wash cloth then an opened plastic grocery bag saftey pinned to inside of an old t-shirt all night with heating pad on hottest setting all night. Viruses/infections don't like minerals, heat, oxygen, enzymes, and antiviral-essential oils (which penetrate the cell walls). When I was really hurting, I wore it all the time with my bra over the whole thing on my time off 24 hours a day. The dandylion particles sprinkled off as the castor oil dried up, and each day, I applied more, used the same t-shirt combo until my sweat dictated I washed it. I also ate raw garlic, sea veges. and greens soup, and ate "Integrative Therapeutics Clinical Nutrients Flax Oil, with Borage and Pumpkin Seed" oil which stopped the pain in 30 minutes each time I used it. I am sure I used other herbs too, but my computer crashed that listed my entire cure. I found that magnesium reduces estrogen dominance (chocolate, blackstrap molasses, greens, beans, whole grains; epsom salt douche or poltice. Breasts keep a higher estrogen level than rest of body. Estrogen dominance comes with smelling like fish, the epsom salt and water douche stops that smell, vinegar water does not stop it. I suspect magnesium will also reduce estrogen so if a person is on the pill, be careful of change in estrogen. Magnesium an element in chlorophyll. Neem oil rubbed on tummy or skin or inserted in vagina on tampon, etc. stops excess estrogen production, I could not take more than 3 days, was painful due to affect on the fibroid tumors in uterus and swollen ovary, rubbed on tummy with cloth could not sleep has a stimulating effect and really stinks, hard to wash off, but it stopped the pain and tumor growth in the uterus area haven't had to use since, but eat a lot of tumeric in my food and eat the flax borage pumpkin seeds oil for maintenance as part of salad dressing, according to web article on India using it as a non-hormonal birth control, that does not reduce desire or affect the ability to get pregnant when one wants to. Read most women with thyroid problems have an unresolved sinus infection. Heard twice the sinus infection is streptocacus or strep, I don't know. Liver excreets excess estrogen, to clean liver, I eat dandylions. At first it tasted terrible and gave me bad headache, but taste buds adapted and no longer have headache. The brassica vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc.) have indol 3 carbonol which is anti-cancer; and also has goitrogens, which suppress the thryoid, lightly cooking destroys the goitrogens. I know when I need to cook it when my thyroid feels swollen after eating it, but cooking or fermenting the vegetables I feel fine. I also eat sea vegetables and use Himilayan salt in food, and blackstrap molasses in milk for the minerals. Bloodroot also used as part of mouthwash in mint oil and water is anti-bug. I like your poltice recipe. Told by doctors cancer comes after a virus infection, and say the two are not-related, that the mold comes after because the body's resistance is down. Mother died of ovarian cancer after shingles infection and had a toe fungus infection for decades. Night before mother's dr. appt., dreampt of nurse telling me "It is a molybdium defiency" and she disappeared. I suspect a symbiotic relationship between the mold providing nutrients by digesting the tissue and any virus providing the DNA changing ability with some other catalyst. A breast cancer friend of mine said the spots on her chest that were scraped off twice grew fast like mold. A friend of ours said food tasted like mold and would not eat. Mother's overian cancer sand-like particulates were covered with a calcium coating, magnesium, when taken without calcium strip excess calcium from body. I also used serrepeptase and nattokinase enzyme therapy 1-800-814-9128; eat pineapple, papaya, mangos, fermented live foods, blue/pink/purple foods for anthocyanines, cancer cannot protect itself from this healthy form of cyanide according to a raw juice book, but healthy cells can. I grow and eat quince and aronia berries among other things. Was growing seaberry plants, but roots are invasive so am removing, saving leaves to eat; in Pacific Northwest not many berries produced. I used epsom salt water poltice on spider bites to draw out poison, stopped itch immediately, made puss head next day which I popped and cleaned out puss, and reapplied, did the same thing the second day, kept on third day until it no longer itched without the soaked gauze with cellophane taped on all edged did not itch; no scar resulted. Since this has magnesium, I would try adding this to the poltice. Magnesium creams avoid the diarrhea that comes with eating magnesium. Plant estrogen comes in carrots, fenugreek, rasberry leaf tea, macca root, yams, primrose oil, ginger, etc, so eat with flax of some sort or brassica (broccoli, cabbage, kale, kolrabi etc) as a counter-balance. In my opinion, low thryoid temporary exhaustion of overloaded organ from sinus infection, radiation, heavy metal, or other toxicity, told can be slowly weaned from traditional thryoid medication by substituting with a naturalpath's version for throid and resolving above issues. I also used a heavy application of cold-pressed castor oil on neck and wrapped neck in scarf every night. Tried using doctors for all issues first, standard medicine applied (uterine imbolization will keep me from being able to grow fetus to term (was not told) and did not stop tumor growth, and was excruciating (and can lose uterus anyway due to lack of circulation), stops ability to have uterine orgasms (was not told), uterus will calcify (was not told), causes lack of circulation in uterus = stupid solution, doctors should put plastic pellets in men's reproductive organs for their issues and see how they like it.) and was of little help. Also the form you sign just before surgery, if you write in the margins, the scanner does not scan in the margins and shred the original, ask for a copy at least a week before the surgery. It will say you were informed of everything, which you will not be, so add what you were told only. All of the doctors made me worse. I helped myself. Best regards.

by: Anonymous


alternative cancer support
by: Maria

Charcoal poultice may be put on affected area
(i.e. breast cancer ulcer) at least an inch wider around it and can be changed 2 to 3 x daily depending on seriousness.

I have seen online Mangosteen 500 mg capsules
2 caps 3x daily with meals reversed a stage 4 breast cancer. So its a good food supplement
to try.

total support
by: Rita

Thank you for sharing this info. I applaud you and root for your health.

Beware Rick Simpson Frauds.
by: Jennifer

I am an herbalist an an enthusiastic user of cannabis medicines. I want to advise everyone that Rick Simpson is not a doctor and Rick Simpson DOES NOT SELL CANNABIS OIL. If you want to learn bout Rick and his method for making cannabis oil you have to go to his website, phoenixtears.ca.

Rick calls his concentrate "hemp oil" but don't be fooled. His oil is made from marijuana. He uses the word hemp to remove the negative stigma. Many people have made and sold oil made from hemp and called it hemp oil to capitalize on Ricks findings. Others are making and selling snake oil to prey on the vulnerable.

Please protect yourselves from con artists. Imo some of the comments here about Rick Simpson seem suspect. Go to his site. Make the medicine yourself or find a reputable, experienced person to make it for you.

Rick is a pioneer and I believe in him and the myriad uses of marijuana. I just hate that people are being canned by profiteers.

Another great resource http://skunkpharmresearch.com. It's a group of extraction scientists who dabble in marijuana extraction and publish the findings on the blog. They also have recipes for cannabis/marijuana oil. Very informative.

Joan and others. I hope you are well. I understand your pain. I encourage ypu to go back to your tank tops. Your body is beautiful with one breast or two!

So happy to find your site, Joan
by: Shelley in Newport Beach, CA

Hi Joan and all you other wonderful pioneers ~

My name is Shelley, and I'm a writer and alternative health researcher working on starting a website about my experiences in healing over the last six+ years. I too have a breast tumor that began as about 1.3 centimeters (stage 1 cancer, though I don't believe in these labels) but is now (supposedly) 3.25 centimeters. I found this out last month when I went to a doctor in Los Angeles that freezes both benign and cancerous breast tumors. I thought mine was still about the same size, but since it had grown, I did not qualify for having the tumor frozen. The actual medical term is "cryoablation." A woman can only get this treatment if the tumor is 2 centimeters or less, but in other countries the tumor can be also any size (as long as it's still contained), and the doctors there use several probes instead of just one (the case in the U.S.) to successfully freeze the tumor. Any cancer in the tumor is destroyed on contact with the freezing solution, and then the body over time (2-3 months or so) flushes out the remaining dead cells, etc., until there is just a little bit of scar tissue.

Any woman who has a tumor 2 centimeters or under should look into this.

I found out about a product called Haelen 951 recently, and have been on it for about six weeks now. It has been proven very effective for breast cancer, so I'm optimistic. It is expensive, but worth it. It will be covered by insurance in a few months or so, so anyone with cancer should be able to get it for less. It is a highly concentrated, fermented soy beverage. Just google it and you will find some amazing research to support it as a stand-alone cancer treatment.

I have a friend with breast cancer that is using it. It has significantly shrunk her tumor, though the tumor goes up and down. Her tumor is draining a lot now, but she feels better than she has felt in years. She's had the tumor for five years or so. She also puts the Haelan on her tumor and covers it with gauze. This speeds the healing.

I also know a woman who used the black salve to draw out her tumor. It was successful, but took several weeks and was pretty painful. It left a substantial hole, but she said the hole filled up eventually (she put petroleum jelly in the hole, which I wouldn't do, but it worked for her), but left a pretty big scar.

There is also Dr. Simoncini's protocol. Google it for details. This involves injecting a baking soda solution directly into the tumor (or next to it, not sure since I haven't found a doc yet who does this protocol in this country). Dr. Simoncini's book is not available in English. He recently was a guest speaker at the Cancer Control Convention in L.A. Like Rick Simpson, he has been driven out of his own country (Italy) for his pioneering work.

Mistletoe and GcMAF (Europe) injections are also options for shrinking/eliminating tumors. They are both injected subcutaneously, and have proven very effective. Unfortunately, the facility making GcMAF was shut down in the U.K. by the government for bogus reasons (just like Rick Simpson's operation), and a few of the alternative docs who have been successful with it here in the U.S. have been found dead in the last few months (the talk of the Cancer Control Convention).

I have so much more to tell, but will have to do it when I have more time. For now, my tumor is still under the skin. But I too am worried about the trauma and mess when it comes out of my breast, though the Haelen people assure me mine will not be a big deal. There is also still a chance that my tumor is not cancerous any longer, and is just a mass of dead cancer cells, calcification, fungus, etc.

One more thing before I go, most women who have breast cancer also have candida. Candida treatment is essential in healing, since cancerous tumors have so much fungus in them. More on this later, but do research candida and cancer and you will see.

Love, light and healing to all,


To Shelley
by: Debs

Thanks Shelley that's really informative :). I know Simoncini was due to talk here in the UK but there were people who put a stop to it, it was going to be a popular talk. Good luck with your own journey and keep your progress posted :)

I am my wife's personal physician
by: Anonymous

In March 2015 this year my wife was diagnosed with a mamagram and found a cyst which was palpable by touch. A few weeks later she had a biopsy and confirmed breast cancer at a very good facility in nyc. All this time of course, we really didn't want to do it the conventional way. As it turned out, the tests were clearly detrimental. First with the mamagram: the machine crushes the tumor. That is a bad thing to do with a delicate area as breast tissue. Second, the biopsy is another very questionable practice as it pokes around inside the tumor. Why agitate it? The doctor said, "In all my days I have never experienced that a biopsy caused cancer to spread. No. It only tests if it is already spread." (His statement is not true scientific methodology. Like, how does he know? It's just something he believes, and impossible to prove.) We were offered the only three medications known to mankind (according to them) chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. One at a time. We decided, instead, to use alternative healing. We have been using some of these supplements of herbs and vitamins for years,.but this was far more serious. We chose herbs and supplements in two categories: one was to boost the immune system The other was to fight the cancer directly. We kept researching on the internet, no doctor would guide us (I believe a doctor can lose his medical license if found guilty of offering alternative medication), and the ones who know something will not tell you for free, only for fortunes of money. The three we tried to get information from all charged $1000.00 for the first appointment!)
Here are some of the supplements which worked best for my wife:
DMSO 1 tspn a day (she takes 2 - 3)
omega 3 fish oil tspn
oregano liquid drops in drink (plus on the breast)
frankincense drops (plus on breast)
tumeric (1/4 teaspoon)
acidopholis (one scoop 3 times a day in drink)
pro greens (available from several sources green powder)
mushroom, turkey tail (in capsules x2, or loose powder 1/4 teaspoon)
mushroom maitake (in capsules x2, or loose powder 1/4 tspn)
mushroom reishi (in capsules x2 or loose powder 1/4 tspn)
(this entire list is 1x 2x or 3x a day)
flaxseed 1/2 tspn
oatmeal 1/2 tspn
mushroom maitake 1/2 tspn
1 cup of water, disolve 1 tspn of bicarbonate soda + 1 tspn maple syrup mix well
colloidal silver liquid 2 tspn
garlic (as much as tolerated)
vitamin C 1000 mg.
chlorella 15 or 30 at a time
vitamin D3
Chinese Medicine (nodule clear + tumo clear (california)
Hemp Oil (nutiva)
Terramin Edible Minerals (california)
black chia seeds (1/2 tspn)
Hemp protein powder
All of the above are to boost the immune system, which is the trend of all research, including Memorial Hospital, researching ways to get the immune system to fight the cancer.So if you do things known to herbalists to boost your immunity don't be afraid or worried about doing it. You are helping your body fight the cancer.
Another thing I started to do 2 weeks age is using poultices applied on the breast itself, even on the mean looking and ugly parts during the entire night and day. Now i'm using crushed figs wrapped in thin cloth. To be continued. BE BRAVE.

Alternative Cancer Book
by: Jodi

I've heard many good things about the Cancer Step Out of the Box book by Ty M. Bollinger. Has anyone read it? I know it's available at The Bulk Herb Store. Is it worth recommending to others?

Great selection of bulk herbs, books, and remedies. Articles, Research Aids and much more.

Ty Bollinger - Cancer Step Outside the Box
by: S.A.M.

Jodi, Ty Bollinger's book is excellent . He also did a recent nine episode online program all about cancer alternatives. It is called: The truth about cancer: a global quest. He always has the latest up-to-date information that seems to be very accurate. I have done research for more than eight years and I believe his information is some of the best. I have his book and have enjoyed it and benefited from it very much.

Thank you, Ty!
by: Jodi

Great to know, thanks so much for your input! If anyone else can recommend any good alternative cancer treatment books, that would be wonderful!

Another book
by: S.A.M.

Another excellent book is by Bill Henderson. It's called Cancer Free- Your Guide to gentle non- toxic healing.

breast cancer
by: Anonymous

I'm praying tat GOD will give you what, & how much your body needs, Burdock has been documented to be very helful in that it cleans & purifes the blood, cancer, kidney & liver problems lymphatic (gland & spleen) & tumors.and many other ailmets. 12-19-2015
Genesis 1:29

Tumor survivor
by: Anonymous

17 years ago I had a tumor the size of a baseball in my breast. I did not know about black superdraw at the time. I used potato poultices every night. I juiced beets, carrots, greens, and celery every day along with drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice twice a day. I also did hydrotherapies like charcoal baths, steam baths, hot and cold showers, light box, and several other ones. I also took about 12 charcoal tablets every day. I also drank red clover tea and drank lots of water. Everything was fresh. I walked every day rain or sunshine and thanks to God for directing me all the way. It took I year before I felt it time to stop even though no signs of the tumor was visable for a couple of months before I stopped treatment.
Trust God for his guidance and I am praying for you.

by: Anonymous

hi i am dealing with breast cancer as well, has two surgeries , and over the last 3 years tumours have regrown ,, i am doing this as natural as possible love hearing these stores ,,, helps me pull throughout this difficult time …. i want to start using pot ices as well, just nervous that one of my tumours may break throughout he skin .. and then what.. i am hearing of a charcoal poltice , sounds good going to give this a stry do i heat up the breast area first , need understanding how to use thanks

breast cancer
by: Aurora

Hi, I am so glad to find your page. It is very encouraging to hear your experiences. I know I am not alone :) I am in the same boat like you girls. I was diagnosed with B C 2 years ago. one is er+ pr- the other er- pr- and the oncologist told me that Her2 was impossible to test at the moment but after surgery they would tell me. What a lie! You can find out what is your her2 with a blood test. Just now an integrative doctor checked my her2 and it marks 30 out the normal range 0-15. I have tried many things but my tumor in my left breast keeps growing, it is huge. I am seriously thinking on surgery. I recently, a week ago, started to put on bentonite clay with shredded red cabbage on and black salve. I take poke root and where also putting it on, but stopped putting it on to put the bentonite clay mixture on. I just bought Indian salve to take internally also, is in the way. Help! What do you suggest me to do?

Grand mother used poultice
by: Ddb

I am a stage 3-4 Breast cancer survivor with contemporary medicine and surgery but I wanted to share my grandmothers story.

I only know my mother described that her mothers Breast cancer was healed by an Indian woman who placed poultices on her back, behind the Breast cancer area. After some time ( not sure how long) the poultices was removed and the tumor was removed from the back. Mom described it as having "like fingers" as it was removed. Her mom never had a recurrence.

I am concerned about self treatment - it seems a natural medicine woman or man would be a better choice. *my grandmother was born in 1873. Her last of 9 children were born in 1911 (my mom) so this was long after that. Probably 1920's era.

Poultice for open tumour
by: Aussie Desi

Ladies, this forum has come as such a welcome break for me, as I have been seeking to heal myself, with the support of my hubby. I first noticed a lump in my left breast with some pain which only increased just before and during the periods. The lump has now grown and broken the skin and oozes a clearish liquid and sometimes tiny specs of blood. No odour , but it ocassionally itches.
I have stayed clear of conventional treatments, and recently have started taking soursop (graviola) leaf tea. I felt a slight reduction / drying up of the tumour and its ulcer, but its still there.
I am conntemplating a session of Paw Paw Cell Reg soon.
I am curious about the poultice you mentioned, did you actually apply it on the open ulcer or only on unbroken skin ? I am thinking of a thick turmeric paste.
Any insights, ladies

Have you considered baking soda.
by: Anonymous

Have you looked in to using baking soda? It is very simple. Hot water bottle, baking soda and the wrap. 1-3xs daily for 10-20 minutes. God speed.

Detox inside too
by: Anonymous

When u target one area ur likely to pull toxins (cancer etc) to that one area, same when u use black salve and don't address the entire terrain of the body. Drink clay, charcoal and DE and use ur organic herbs. If I were dealing with a tumor I'd pack it on an inch thick and not simply brush on a paste of clay. Tumors and cancer in general is nothing more than ur bodies attempt to wall off toxic substances. Good luck and have confidence in ur healthy decision to not use more toxins to remove toxins!

Please stay safe and ditch the clay
by: Anonymous

Please don't use bentonite clay anywhere near your breasts(especially not if you have cancer). Bentonite is defined as an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. The reason I bring that up is because the aluminum in it will increase your risk of breast cancer. It could potentially worsen any pre-existing cancer too. Please stay safe and do your research on the chemical makeup of whatever you use when using natural remedies. People think their safe when using natural remedies and don't take as many precautions; when they in fact need to be taking MORE precautions. Often times it's the impurities that get ya.

Open breast wound
by: Aussie Desi

What I currently have is a open wound the size of a dime, it oozes exudate and blood, I change nursing pads twice daily. I am otherwise very well, good appetite and spirits, just this annoying wound. I apply a paste of turmeric and organic virgin olive oil on the wound, it soothes, but the wound is raw and little irritation causes bleeding. I have just started the Paw Paw Cell Reg and will see how it goes for next month or so, after that Ill take a gap and try the Iodaral supplementation. I am wondering if Joan and Sunflower are still folllowing this forum, if yes Ill like to have their thoughts, best wishes and positive vibes your way

Did you have a root canal???
by: Helen

I have a very large tumor (about 6 cms wide) that is now been growing for about 7 years. It coonsists of several lumps and I've tried all sorts of things.

I want to ask others who have breast cancer in particular if you had a root canal done before the tumor appeared? If so, was it on the same side as where your tumor is?

My tumor is on the right side and so is my root canal. I had the dental procedure done about 4-5 years before I had the lump confirmed as cancer with a biopsy.

I've had it on my mind to have that tooth removed but I'd hate to do it if it wasn't going to help reduce/remove the tumor. So I want to see if many people had a root canal or not before their tumor appeared and that will give me more confidence to maybe have the tooth extracted.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

4 Aug 2016

Thank You
by: Anonymous

I am so glad I have found you. I was diagnosed with DCIS 2 years ago. They wanted to take my breast. They also left a marker during the biopsy which I understand can harbor bacteria. Also, the biopsy was brutal. They did not have proper equipment for where mine is (lower right of my left breast). They took 3 pieces of tissue and left me with a dent and a scar (after telling me it would not be noticeable). I suspect that between that and the marker, my body responded to protect me and I have ended up with an ugly and uncomfortable keloid lump. After reading this, I wonder if the tumor is coming out as well.

I chose natural methods and went to an old school Naturopath who got me healthy and chemical free. I will run your methods by her. I am currently trying ACV. I have also been trying a sandalwood powder /rose water/ calendula paste. No reduction yet, and the biopsy hole seems to have re-opened. Maybe it is from breaking down the scar. Not sure.

Thank you!

Joan and Sunflower Umba
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

Just wondering how Joan and Sunflower Umba are fighting along, both of you have been an inspiration to me, as I also have similar circumstances.

If you are reading this, would love to hear from you.

Healing vibes to all, bless

Iodine therapy for breasts.
by: Katyd

Check out breastcancerchoices for iodine therapy for breast problems and I think you will be surprised by the amount of info that you might not need to use a salve. If you still would like to use a salve please go and see a well qualified herbalist such as David Winston or someone from his School. Google him.
Best wishes on your journey to health.

To Helen: Root canal same side as breast tumors
by: Linda/To Helen

I have 2 large tumors and large mass on left breast samesame side of root canal. Awful migraines too since root canal. :(

Did you have a root canal??? By Helen
by: Linda/To Helen

Yes same side breast tumors as root canal n awful migraines n swollen foot same side. :( 11/03/16

Poultice Ingredients (where to get?)
by: Jena

Hi, the list is pretty long with all those strange ingredients. Where and how do I get them?

Don't worry garlic polstice works!
by: Anonymous

I used garlic alone put through a press to remove 8-10 breast lumps. It has been 6 months and they have not come back but I recently developed a lump in my other breast that I am currently treating the same way. I put the mashed garlic on the lump under a band-aid and left it on 1 hour for the large lumps and 1/2 hour for the small ones. Garlic left on more than a half hour does make a blister which drains for a few days then heals over. The remaining red mark faded after several months. As a control I also treated a red blood mole nearby and nothing resulted no blister no draining nothing! So apparently the alicin in garlic targets only the fragile abnormal cells and leaves normal cells alone, with the exception of the possible blistering effect which can happen on the skin surface anywhere. Hope this helps

Don't worry garlic polstice works!
by: Martha Helene Jones

My other advice is to follow an ultra-low methionine diet because cancer is methionine dependent. That means vegan (egg white is the highest source, then fresh foods, but also brazil nuts and sesame seeds are high in methionine. Methionine restriction slows the over all aging process as well so there is little down side except somewhat lower energy and the protein craving which will recede as your body finishes repairing any damage.

Ulcerating breast wound
by: Anonymous

I just found out this site while reaserching on alternative treatments for breast cancer and after going through all the shared stories here i am feeling good and optimistic. I am suffering from an ulcerating breast wound for almost a month now. I am too scared to treat myself with the available coventional cancer therapy and always relied upon ayurvedic / natural treatment for various symptom reliefs and they worked wonders for me always. I am from India where there are some excellent time tested ayurvedic healing centres with good success rates but here in US i failed to find one such centre where i could go for help.So i started looking online and came across this blog which somehow is giving me a new ray of hope. I am using manuka honey and tea tree oil on the wound now as a dressing. I used manuka honey before as well to treat open wounds and it worked liked magic but this time it seems it's taking a bit longer span to show its result. I also started the regime of baking soda /water/ maple syrup but after continuing for three weeks at a stretch i had some skin allergies associated with rashes and itching and skin irritation. I have stopped the baking soda therapy for now and am just using the honey tea tree oil as wound dressing.I am not sure if i am going the right way or if it's working at all!...I would highly appreciate if anybody could suggest me anything or something which could help me to get myself healed naturally.....any diet suggestions or wound healing suggestion would be much appreciated....i am so scared and confused at this stage...I am 41 years old and live with my husband in Arizona ....


my mistake
by: Martha Helene Jones

In my previous post on food sources of methionine to avoid a typo turned the mention of high methionine flesh foods into the actually low (and beneficial) fresh foods! Do avoid flesh foods because they are high in methionine, and all cancers are methionine dependent, but fresh produce is actually beneficial. Methionine dependent means cancer cells cannot live and reproduce without methionine so if you don't feed it methionine they will die off.

for Anonymous from Arizona
by: Anonymous


I have a wound as well. It started to come through the skin slowly and I tried a lot of things, but then it got larger late last year and I ended up starting the Nori Protocol, also natural, but more targeted. (they have a website if you are interested).

After a lot of experience, reading, and research, I wonder if I would have healed had I gone Vegan at onset. I agree with those on this blog who say to lower your methionine intake. There is a lot of information online about that. Also, I needed to decrease my stress more than I was aware of. I just didn't know until it became imperative.

A good book if you haven't read it is Keep Your Breasts by Susan Moss.

Good luck to you! And... to everyone on this blog if you are reading this. Thank you for your posts! We will heal! xo

by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for your response...I will surely check out the website of Nori protocol that you have mentioned about and also look for the book...yes with support and concern for each other together we will heal for sure!..thanks again and hope and pray everything goes well with you..

Try a PEMF Device
by: Anonymous

Hi ~

This is Shelley again in Newport Beach. I still have about a 3.5 centimeter breast tumor, but my cancer marker blood work is always normal, and many alternative docs say I do not show any signs of cancer - healthy skin, hair, eyes, energy level, etc. However my tumor has attached to the skin and there is a rough, reddish area over part of the tumor - and it itches sometime.

I have been using a PEMF mat called an IMRS for about a month now. So far I notice some improvement in my IBS symptoms and fibromyalgia aches and pains, plus sleeping better. Am excited to try the want attachment on my breast tumor as soon as my consultant says my immune system can handle it, because it's quite powerful. It's supposed to heal all kinds of wounds, so for those of you with open breast wounds, I would suggest doing a bit of research. Go on pemf4you website and speak with Greg Larsen. He's helping me treat a friend with a large open breast wound and diagnosed cancer. I'll let you know how she does. The PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field and the device emits a gentle energy that is very healing. Still studying up on this kind of energy healing, but very impressed with Greg's stories about cancer success - even 4th stage pancreatic!

Good luck fellow warriors!

An Word of Encouragement
by: Anonymous

I do not have cancer but I was reading your comments and pray to the Lord that each of you who are struggling will find the way. The first person that mentioned the poultice I just want to say dont be afraid to use it because the ingredient really are from what God made and He knows how to heal what He made. Just research each ingredient and use as you pray. Whatever you cant afford or get don't worry about it, just use what you have and God will bless. I am a vegan for 25 years and know without a doubt that that kind of lifestyle promotes health. You all must quit the animal products and try to eat all raw or mostly raw until your cancer leaves. Animal products promote decay and toxicity. You must research which herbs are cleaning, nourishing and healing and you can just make teas with them and pray. Someone mentioned burdock root and clover...those are excellent blood purifiers and will do well for you. One thing I have not heard anyone mention is cleansing the body. You must make sure your colon is cleansed. Have you heard death begins in the colon? Well that is because what we eat we need to digest and absorb and eliminate and if we haven't been eliminating properly we have toxic sludge inside. Look at Hipprocrates Institute website in Florida, type in how to detox, use enemas and colonics. Make sure you have enough chlorophyll, greens are life. Take our your juicer and buy one and start juicing fresh raw vegetables as much as you can all the while making sure you are detoxing. Pray and research...the answer is there and God is able. I hear you all call His name....well He is waiting to bless. I am proud that you all have chosen this route. Yes, the devil wants us all dead but God has already gained the victory. Fight, pray, have faith. Do your research ...God will lead you. Look up Charlotte Gerson, watch her videos. The says that the two causes of diseases are deficiency and toxicity. It is true. God bless you all. Also remember that the disease not only comes from physical neglect, etc but also comes from a dried up spirit and broken heart. Ask God for mental and spiritual healing and you will be awesomely blessed. Love to you sisters. Keep fighting and do not give up. Our Creator never sleeps.

by: Anonymous

I read your story and hope today you are in a much better place. I understand how it feels to go it alone with natural approach to cancer, no matter what type of cancer a person is dealing with. Please do not feel guilty you made the wrong decisions, you did the best that you could to try a natural approach.
I don't believe you had any choice since that salve (even though brought tumor out) caused so much damage to your breast.
It left you with no other option but to seek a surgeon.
To all women out there using caustic salves to remove tumors, it destroys everything in its path.
Work from WITHIN using anti cancer herbs, and diet. I have seen the power of anti cancer immune boosting mushroom formulas such as AHCC and Pau de Arco. Keep diet free of sugar (stevia is ok not large doses) keep fruit at a lower intake versus vegetables, good organic protein do not forgo protein you will get weak our bodies need protein. Vegans eat vegan protein or protein powder, organic meats. Vegie juices. You will be amazed at the healing without destructive salves. I don't understand what one would do with tumor once it comes out if still attached, especially if you are not an experience surgeon to know how to cut/detach and would not have the medical means to prevent bleeding if that occurred( if you decided to cut it yourself).
I understand the desperate feeling to be told you have cancer. After you first freak out, you have to pray and keep your calm and keep your head. Look at internal ways to approach your cancer, I looked into those salves but decided against since it destroyed surrounding tissues and in my case would have destroyed nerves (mine was not in breast), so decided against it. I had success (as well as many others I have known) in herbal and other natural approach to beat cancer and shrink cancer tumors. You can too, re:diet; keep vegies at higher percentage than fruit, fruit is still fructose, stevia is ok but don't overdue, organic meats or if vegan, vegan protein or protein powders. You can have success without injuring your body or feeling terrible. Do not eliminate protein from your diet, our bodies need protein! I did this for a while per an herbalist instruction and felt horrible and NO it had nothing to due with detoxing. Our bodies need protein for energy and muscle support, you will feel horrible if you eliminate it. Good luck with you everyone of you all.

To Anonymous of Arizona
by: Aussie Desi

Hi Anonymous of Arizona,

How are you doing with your quest for an Ayurvedic remedy. Like you I've found solace in Turmeric. I've had this ulcerative tumour for more than a year now. I still work full time, but the wound care is more of an irritant than too much pain. I do have pain , usually leading up to my periods (read cyclical mastalgia), and the occasional itching and lymphadema of the adjacent arm.
I've not discounted conventional treatment, I may go in for a surgical intervention.
The tumour itself doesn't bother me, but because it's broken the skin , it's irritating me.

worked for me
by: earthmother iyalode

while I used more fresh plant medicine (grow plant medicine, which includes food for communities), I cleared a "lump" in my breast. I breastfed 3 children for about 5 years and kept telling the doctors that the lump was not cancer. i was right. but, those same doctors were the ones who said it was "medically impossible for me to give birth and I should have an immediate operation. go figure...

Scary thread
by: Anonymous

It is of course your choice not to allow modern medicine to hep with your medical issues. Unfortunately you are being led down a dangerous path. If you have a wart or a splinter, go ahead and put a bread concoction on it. Your life is probably not at stake (unless you get a sceptic infection from it). But when your life is on the line, seek a medical professional. Please!

brand x drawing salve
by: Anonymous

brand x is a potion made of several of the herbs you listed in Schults's salve. All of these remedies are persecuted by the establishment, who thinks they own our bodies. Ive used X for sebaceous cysts, and various lumps. It works great. I would put the poultice on at night, and merely dress it during the day. Use the poultice to keep the wound open so it heals from the bottom, and use something like coconut oil to keep it soft. You dont want a scab before the deeper parts have new tissue.

How did it go with the poultice?
by: DF

Hello Dear Friend

I am dealing with breast cancer, I did a search on poultice for Cancer tumors, and you came in.

Please let me know how are you doing and if the poultice worked. I decided not to do surgery on my breast. I am so happy to have found somebody like you :)

Fungating Wound/Ulcerative Tumor
by: DMF

Very happy to have found this thread! I am dealing with a tumor that has broken through my right breast. There are two additional growths on either side of the breast, one resembling the shape of a large kidney bean and the other the shape of an African drum (that’s the way they look to me). As a matter of fact, there is no more breast as it has been over taken by tumor! However, I refuse to believe that there isn’t something that won’t heal this monstrosity!

Currently taking Protocel 23 (about 12 weeks in) and I just started taking Paw Paw (one week in). I have been dressing the wound with a mixture of agar powder, aloe vera juice, and baking soda (stops the bleeding) on gauze. Used Manuka honey for awhile but didn’t see results. The pain from this wound is unbearable but even worse is the exudate that oozes constantly and the stench! Uggghhhh! I welcome anyone with suggestions or knowledge of how to heal this wound.

for DMF
by: Anonymous

I had a similar situation (tumor breaking through and kidney bean lump) although the tumor didn't get as large and didn’t get infected. I tried the things you are using at first but they didn't work and it got bigger. At that point I found the NORI Protocol which helped (physically and psychically). Part of the protocol is going vegan, and includes some ointments. The tumor decreased immediately. I started taking an estrogen blocker and CBD oil as well. I also do deep mind/body work for the emotional side. It is mostly closed up now, but I am considering this poultice just to make sure I have it all finally out.

I am sure you know to avoid plastics (bpa) / chemicals. Your body needs all the strength is can to outwit what has happened biologically.

Btw, the kidney bean lump turned out to be a fibroadenoma.

Good luck to you!

Thank God for your decision!
by: Anonymous

One of my sisters, who got, or was said to have been diagnosed with, breast cancer, while she would listen regarding, and consume, known natural cancer killing foods, she would not turn from believing and doing whatever her doctors told her to, and letting 'them' do whatever they wanted to do. Long story short, after a long bout of chemo, and getting her breasts removed, and then more chemo, and then being told the cancer was gone, then later, told it was there again, and that it was in her lymph nodes, and that her lymph nodes needed to be removed, telling her otherwise the cancer in her lymph nodes would spread, and which she let them remove, no matter how hard I tried to get her to understand that the whole foods, herbs, etc., known to kill cancer cells would GET INTO her lymph nodes and KILL any cancerous cells (IF there actually WAS any cancer in her lymph nodes, which I did NOT believe there was,) and begged her to NOT LET anyone REMOVE her lymph nodes, which could only cause another, or a REAL major problem. But, she let them. And, also, on top of that, let them give her pills to take orally that were HIGH DOSES of Chemo, but that, to start out, she was to take only one, and then later (if the cancer, of course was not SAID to be gone,) to increase the dosage. After her lymph nodes were removed, the problems that caused appeared far worse than any cancer she was told she had. Her lungs would feel up with fluid, and she had to constantly be on a portable oxygen machine, and every 3 days or so she had to have her lungs drained. IF I was diagnosed with cancer (which i would NOT do anything known to cure it, but natural remedies,) I would rather have the so called cancer, if there were no natural remedies, than to have my lymph nodes removed, and, cancer or no cancer, have to be confined to an oxygen tank, and spend nearly all my days at a hospital having my lungs drained. Plus her arms and legs swelled up with fluid, and she was always slim prior to that. When, in addition to that sadness, her doctor gave her a higher dose of Chemo pills, and told her, outright told her, IF that did NOT work (suggesting if that did not kill the cancer,) she would DIE. Well of course she would die, cos CHEMO KILLS, not just cancer cells, but if overdone kills the person. And, it was days after her last dose of Chemo pills that she died. What I want to point out is how FEAR of dying overwhelmed her reasoning to the extent of trusting in whatever a doctor told her, EVEN THOUGH she had knowledge the benefits and cures of natural foods for years prior to being diagnosed with cancer. She kept letting the smiles and kind sounding voices of doctors entice her to trust them, and even kept trying to tell me they CARED. And, THAT was DESPITE the fact that, not long after her having gone through radiation type chemo treatments, and after having her breasts removed, they had sent her home with NO antibiotics, which she did not notice, until infection began setting in her wounds. When she called them, and had her come in, they gave her an antibiotic shot, and told her she would need to come in to get the shots every few days. But, the infection got worse and worse, to the extent that, when they checked her out, told her that she would need to come in for more surgery, that they would have to REMOVE the infected skin tissue, and do skin grafting (or something like that.) But, she did not tell me about what was going on until the day BEFORE her scheduled surgery.
I felt so bad for her, I freaked out, and told her to meet me at Starbucks, I had something I wanted her to try. What I did was I bought her some Wild Oregano Oil for her to take some by mouth, but ALSO blended some Avocado Oil (penetrates deeper into skin than any other carrier oil,) with some of the Wild Oregano Oil. When we met at Starbucks, she pulled her shirt down a little to show me how horrible her infection was, the skin was bright red, and swollen here and there with pus pockets, and looked like it was melting off of her body. I told her how powerful Wild Oregano is in curing infection, and to take about 1/3 dropper full before bedtime. She wanted to take some then and there. Then I told her to rub some of the Avocado Oil blended with Oregano Oil, NOT on her wounds, but AROUND them, on the skin around the infection, knowing full well it would penetrate into her skin, and KILL all the infection. She said she would. The next morning she had called me around 7am, but i was asleep. I listened to her message, heard her crying she was so happy, telling me that when she woke up, ALL of the infection was GONE, no redness, no swelling, no pus, all the skin looked NORMAL, and that she had called the hospital and CANCELLED her surgery. And, maybe it was because of what she told the nurse, when she said.."The antibiotics yall prescribed me and gave me shots with, DID NOT WORK, and so yall wanted to do surgery to remove my infected skin. But, I found something that DID work, and the infection is gone, so I'm cancelling my surgery. The nurse asked her 'what' she found, and when she told her Wild Oregano in Avocado Oil,..." before she finished telling her, the nurse butted in and YELLED at her telling her....."Well DON'T PUT IT ON THE WOUNDS, it will STING!" And, Jeanne replied, telling her that she did not put it on the wounds, but around them, and repeated what she had already told her, the infection....is....gone. Why would someone find it necessary to instruct someone that had ALREADY applied something, and it had ALREADY solved the problem? I could only think that the nurse was not happy to hear that she did not need surgery after all. But, for my sister to have witnessed and experienced a natural remedy that cured what her doctors could not, or would not consider, and yet to have continued, otherwise, to do, and let them do, whatever they wanted, was so very baffling and frustrating to me, for her own sake. PLEASE, anyone reading this, DO NOT LET ANYONE remove your LYMPH NODES, and DO NOT consider CHEMO an option, or at least NOT the only means, of curing cancer. I read, as far as the 'new thing' about doctors wanting to remove the lymph nodes of their cancer patients, what a medical doctor had gone on line wrote, blasting the concept of doctors removing lymph nodes of their patients, telling all about WHY that is NOT necessary, and about the problems that result from doing what was NOT NECESSARY to begin with.

Alpha Bisabolol
by: Anonymous

I have been using Alpha Bisabolol per the recommendation of the NORI founder. It closed up raw areas of the lesion. One part Alpha Bisabolol with 3 parts carrier oil. I have been using coconut oil but maybe, per the last post, avocado oil would be a good option.

You can find it on Amazon:

Nori Topical Solution
by: DMF

Hi Anonymous,

Can you tell me a bit more about the topical solution you used while on the Nori protocol and how long after using it did you see results of it shrinking?

Trials of your Sister
by: Anonymous

What a sad story about your sister!! Sad that she allowed the medical profession to mess her up like they did and toward the end of her life find that a natural remedy cured her infection!

I was pretty resolute in the beginning that I was not going to submit to the "Standard of Care" for this diagnosis. There were a number of questions I had that the answers just didn't make a hill beans of sense to me! Like why would part of the standard of care include carcinogenic treatments like chemo and radiation? Questions like why would someone pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for treatments that have no guarantee to work but people have gone broke and lost everything they had getting these treatments that the doctors have convinced them could save their lives! I can go on but there is no use. However, I will be trying this Oregano and Avocado oil mixture around my wound to see what it does.

Thanks for sharing your story!

to DMF
by: Anonymous


He had me use Shikonin at first. I got it through NORI. Now I am using Alpha Bisabolol, which I got through Amazon. 1 part of the Alpha Bisabolol to 3 parts carrier oil (coconut oil has been the best so far). Apply 3 times a day.

Here it is:

I hope it brings you some relief! Sending love and light.

by: Anonymous

Dr. Christopher and Richard Schultze are two different people. There is no Dr. Christopher Schultze. Richard Schultze was a student of Dr. Christopher. He went by the nickname of Professor Cayenne.

Wound healing/closing
by: Anonymous

I posted about 5 years ago so this is an update. I used as many remedies as I could find, and eventually the Cantron/Protocel made me feel I was successful. I'm fine now. But my breast cancer broke through the skin so the next step was to heal it up. I found Arquebusade Water from Switzerland, from an ancient remedy for musket wounds that wouldn't heal. It seems to be working - and smells great! Just wanted to pass that along.

bloodroot salve
by: Anonymous

I think there is a company near Bozeman, Mt that makes a bloodroot salve. You might try calling them.

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