I'm using a poultice to draw out my breast tumor- need advice

by Joan
(San Antonio, Texas)

I'm starting a poultice healing journey tomorrow with Dr. Christopher Schultze's Black Draw Healing Poultice. I have ordered all the ingredients (a good resource for bulk herbs is www.presentmoment.com) and I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

My main concern lies in HOW LONG to leave a poultice mixture on at one time. I consider myself a pretty savvy researcher, but still cannot seem to locate this information online. Anyone that could please provide guidance would be so appreciated.

Once the tumor is out, I will be using the Healing Poultice to rebuild the hole that will be left behind. The team of cancer medical doctors are furious with me for not allowing them to just amputate my breast. I put off my surgery until "after the holidays" and they feel like I'll surely die. But I don't think this is the case at all; it's just an intuitive feeling that I have. I've read several very telling books regarding typical western medicine in reference to cancer, and I can tell you that chopping off my breast and taking out my lymph nodes (the basic seat of the immune system) is not where I want to go with this thing.

Incidentally, they were all completely shocked when tests revealed that the cancer had not spread to anywhere else in my body. But they still wouldn't hear anything I had to say about juicing, drinking ESSIAC tea, taking Dr. Schultze's Detax tincture, urine therapy, reiki, etc.

Oh, well. Anyway- PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE - anyone who can guide me on my poultice journey, please tell me how long I should leave one poultice on at a time. I've read that I can leave the paste on overnight, and also to change the poultice when it dries out- but this is general information. The ingredients in my black draw poultice are as follows:

1) 1 heaping handful of fresh red clover blossoms
2) 1/2 a handful of fresh chaparral leaf
3) 1/4 cup of fresh, grated poke root
4) 2 tablespoons of goldenseal root powder (expensive stuff!)
5) 2 tablespoons of activated willow charcoal
6) 1 teaspoon tea tree oil
7) 1 teaspoon of bloodroot tincture
8) 1 cup Bentonite clay
9) 1 cup slippery elm inner bark
10) 12 large garlic cloves (for surgery, since the tumor has already started to burst through the skin)

Blend the above ingredients in a blender, then add the following to make a paste:

1/2 quart apple cider vinegar
1/2 quart distilled water

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Poultice Advice
by: HFHR

Wow Joan! I'm very impressed with your tenacity and determination to take control of your health! You are one empowered woman and an inspiration to others!

Concerning poultice advice as to how long to leave it on, that's a tough call. Your poultice has many, many, very powerful herbs and everyone can react a little differently. You seem to be in touch with your body and I believe you'll instinctivley know when you should change it. Other than that, definitely change it when it dries out! If you want more detailed instructions I would suggest you contact the Dr. who came up with the recipe for the healing poultice.

I and I'm sure, most HFHR readers, would be interested in how this poultice works for you. Please stay in touch. We wish you the best of luck in your battle!

Thank You!
by: Joan

Oh my goodness, you have NO idea how badly I needed to come home from work and read your response to my blog today (or maybe you intuitively do/did?)! I have researched further and now realize that I definitely need to change the poultice once it dries. Apart from that, I will definitely rely on how I'm "feeling". My mother advised me to document everything I'm doing (with clock time, etc.) since herbs ARE medicine, after all, and I really won't know how I will react to some of these strong herbs.

I contacted the woman at www.presentmoment.com and she suggested that I contact a cleansing specialist who used to work with the author Andreas Moritz. I am going to see about getting in touch with her. But I will definitely post on my progress.

Thank you again. I have felt very alone on this journey. It means so much to me to know that there's someone out there cheering for me and my healing journey! Much love, Joan

More poultice advice
by: HFHR - Jodi

I'm more than happy to cheer you on, Joan! I can't give you any medical advice but I'm sure here to support you!

It sounds like this poultice recipe is going to make quite a bit. Be sure to keep it in the refrigerator and don't be stingy with it. Make sure you cover the whole area BUT it wouldn't hurt to go easy the first time you use it just to make sure you don't have a reaction to it.

As you go to sleep tonight think good thoughts. Maybe make a mental list of all the things you're grateful for. Anything and everything you're grateful for! I find that when I do this or affirmations or even positive visualizations, I wake feeling happier and more rested than if I went to bed brooding about one thing or another. A body that has positive energy has much more powerful healing energy!

Sending you healing energy....

me too
by: Anonymous

I too am using a poultice for the very same reason.

While it is unfortunate that the western culture limits its support of the use of alternative methods of treatment I'm glad that the treatments,ingredients and methods are available to those of us who seek them.

Best of luck to you!

I Care
by: celtie

Today is Thursday, April 24, 2013.. and I just read the postings here regarding the ladies using
poultices for their breast cancer. Since the postings aren't dated, I don't know how long ago or recently they were posted. I read them feeling both a heavy heart for what they're going through..but also with admiration by their bravery. I'm wondering as to how they're doing. Oh how I hope they're coming through ok. Sending
much love, light peace and healing.. you can email me celtic_treasure@hotmail.com
thank you

breast cancer tumor , poultice
by: Anonymous

May 2013
wondering how Joan made out with using the poultice to draw out the tumor.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and choose to go the holistic route, NO conventional treatment at all and have felt very alone, many days. I believe am being by my Heavenly Father, in Jesus' name that died for my sins & my diseases. He has been teaching me about nutrition and how my body was created to heal itself. I have always been health conscience and thought I was in excellent health, but since last year, have learned so much. I am juicing and cut out all processed foods and added fermented vegetables along with using a rebounder to clean out my lymphatic system, daily.
I also am using an all natural product called Protocel. My husband suggested I look into using a poultice on my breast area to pull the tumor out but I have not heard of anyone doing this until I read this blog.
Please let me know how you are doing, Joan.
Thank you & God bless.
Continued healing & love,

Breast tumor
by: S.A.M.

I have searched for 5 years to find someone else doing ONLY natural treatments for breast cancer. It's nearly impossible to find. I have been trying just about everything out there including the salve. But I have NOT had surgery, etc. I have kept it contained, but it's not gone. If I had had surgery they would have called me a "cancer survivor" or "cancer free". So keep up the good work Joan and let us know how you are progressing. Even though the cancer is not completely gone from my breast, my health is better than it's ever been and I'm almost 54 years old.

bc and poltice
by: braids

wow i'm so glad I found this I've been dealing with stage 4for v20 months now doing all modalities and after 39 rad treatment my gut told me to try a a poltice we are warriors and pioneer's thanks for being there

Alkalize your diet
by: Anonymous

I commend you for your tenacity and faith in your body to heal itself. I would like to suggest too, that one of the most important changes you can make is to remove all meat, dairy and fish from your diet, because of GMO's (even if they are only in their feed), toxins, and acidity. Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. When you alkalize by eating mostly a raw vegetable diet, your body goes into detox mode, which will make you tired and cause headaches at times. Don't get discouraged. This is your bodies way of letting you know it's time to drink more water, do an enema (preferably a low roast coffee enema), have saunas, and get more sleep so it can do it's work. The body knows what to do to heal you, just help it by giving it good pure water and organic vegetable food. Help it to rid itself of all the accumulated toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, drugs, and radiation from electrical devices. Congratulations on your courage. I have a tumor on my breast as well, and will be researching your recipe. Please keep us posted.

God bless
by: Anonymous

I am praying for you and I hope you will recover from this diease. Try all natural : cottage cheese and flax seed. U tube has a lot of videos. I a sure u did a lot. Garlic/ginger everyday with cayenne. My mom passed from breast cancer after treatment with medical route. I am living in fear to be the same. but people like you light the way and make me think this does not have to happen again. I pray for your recovery and perfect health and happiness.

read my story of cancer
by: Anonymous

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I wrote a cancer handbook based on my experience and research
by: Angie

Hi, if you like you can download my cancer handbook from www.angienaturalhealth.jimdo.com but please also look at what I've written underneath the DOWNLOAD line. Because I've revised the book in that I've added the new information into the articles on my website. My experience is breast cancer that had spread, and we're talking a big tumor, not just pea-size or similar. See what you think, my research has been very intense over years, and you are welcome to read it for free.
All the best for your healing journey.

found a relevant website for you
by: Angie

Hi, just found this:

Click here

Maybe this will help you.

charcoal poultice works
by: Maria

yes charcoal poultice works even without activated charcoal ingestion for cancer. today I just had a text testimony from a client who bought a charcoal breast wrap from me that her breast mass shrank to one fourth size after continuous wear of heated charcoal breast wrap in just a week, thanks be to God!

Self-treatment of breast cancer
by: Sunflower

Hi, I have been dealing with breast cancer for 12 years now on my own with no conventional treatment. My story is too long to post here but I wanted to say i had great results from using Protocel 23 and following the guidelines for that healing modality. However, I had already suffered from too many years with not quite finding just that one right thing for me and the tumor progressed as far as coming through my skin. After the protocel shrank it enough (from the size of a lemon) to being what I thought was gone I stopped taking it. (due to finances) I thought I was healing fine but had a lot of damage done to my skin as a result of the tumor coming through. I started to see what I thought was keloid growth. In the past two years it has grown significantly and is quite hideous. I recently decided to go back on Protocel and have just ordered Paw paw extract which works with Protocel. I do not go to doctors and will not at this point because I believe in the power of the mind and I don't need anyone else's fears to influence my healing. I am committed to seeing this through and though it has been a long, lonely road I know that I have chosen the best path for me. If anyone has any advice for dealing with breast cancer, specifically with serious scar tissue and damage resulting from going it alone I would appreciate hearing from you. I wish you all wellness and strength of love to heal!

For Sunflower
by: S.A.M

Hi Sunflower, my situation is similar to yours. I have seen alternative health practitioners and herbalists, but have not done ANY traditional. Mine also came thru the skin and formed a keloid. An herbalist had me put Body Relief brand of foot detox pads directly on the keloid. It was amazing how it drew off lots of liquid and shrank the keloid! It closed over, but later I had to repeat it. But it sure beats surgery!
I had to replace the pad every few hours at first, then as it healed I could reduce how often I used them.
I hope thus helps. I would be thrilled to know if this works for you too. Feel free to email me if you want. susanzike@yahoo.com

Thanks Susan!
by: Sunflower Umba

Hi Susan,
Thank you so much for your suggestion and I am going to look into it immediately! It is such a relief to have contact with someone else who has experienced what I have.
I have much to share as well if you would like to communicate with me. I am going to email you too, thanks for your kindness!

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