I used a bread and milk poultice for blood poisoning.

by Angela

My mother is from Ireland and used home remedies on my brothers and sisters and I all the time when we were young. I stepped on a rake and washed my foot off, but I got blood poisoning. I had an angry red line that had moved up my foot into my calf. Momma used this poultice on me and it completely worked. I did not go to the doctor, and I didn't lose a limb. I have 100 percent confidence in this.

Once the infection starts to travel back down into the poultice you have to change the dressing and it does have an awful odor. My Mom changed it twice a day after the first day. She also pushed the infection down my leg and out the cut each time she changed the dressing.

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Me too
by: Anonymous

Cut my hand between the fingers on a Chrysler's vinyl top trim around 1980. I still have a deep scar. I had the big red streak to my elbow and my mom called a friend and she put the bread and milk poultice on my hand and the next morning the streak was gone and in the bread. Yuck but heck yes it works.

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