I have used tabacco poultices for over 30 years for insect stings.

by LK Grajek
(Brooklyn, Michigan)

Bee and wasp stings can be treated with a little dab of wet tobacco held on by a bandaid. Depending on the time of day, we would just leave it on overnight.
It draws the poison out and you can hardly tell that you have been stung!

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absolutely true
by: Anonymous

Last summer I found a red wasp had stung my hand, you sure know when that happens! Burn burn burn. Had a similar sting couple weeks prior and it hurt for days, so this time I was willing to try something different. My step daughter told me about tobacco as a poultice, so I wet some old pipe tobacco and taped it on. An hour later all pain was gone, and next morning I couldn't find any evidence of ever being stung.

Natives tell me their ancestors used tobacco for many things but never as we do by inhaling it. We miss good medicine by misusing or ignoring nature.

Tobacco Poultice
by: Chichi Chinnici

I too was bitten this past weekend by a flying insect, unsure if wasp or hornet as both were in the general area of the property I was working on. I thought the wood I picked up and propped on my hip to carry left a splinter on my outer hip/thigh area. Later area is swollen and fire red with purplish center. I bought a cigar, took tobacco & just enough water for it to absorb it all. Then put moistened tobacco on large bandaid and applied a few times each day. Pain goes away, stinger releases and redness is subsiding. Yeah nature....Nature gave me the pain and also took it away...full circle. <>< God supplies ALL my needs. <>< Love learning new remedies & recycle uses.

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