I have been doing poulticing for the past 4 years.

by Terry
(Brisbane Queenaland Australia)

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome for the past 20 years plus.
Human organs such as the liver lungs and kidneys are over engineered.
As an example a liver may be functioning at only 85% of its capacity and the wearer may not notice this psychically. This is until the damage hits past say the 90% and then you have real problems.
By placing a poultice over say the liver that is 85% dysfunctional one then notices a putrid poultice when removed. The same does two things. One it provides a treatment. The second the placing of a poultice over the glean that weeps toxins then you get to find out the problem before you get to the critical stage say 90%.
I have personally found that grated potato and one onion grated work well. It is important to have a (cotton) towel folded over and have 3 layers thick. The layer close to the skin is one layer and two layers behind the above mixture. The cotton works as a mop or a absorber for the toxins. I use a back support band that one can purchase to hold the poultice in place while asleep. A beach towel on the sheets where you sleep helps to absorb any run off and or odors.
The other mixture is get a cloth kitchen wipe. using the same 3 layers put a thin layer of organic coconut oil / sulphur / borax / and magnesium once it has gone into the blender (dry). Place the above on the area and then put 3 layers of bath towel over the top then a bit of plastic then the back support belt with Velcro farce.
Just using the Sulphur and coconut can work. The other add ons are for the say liver to absorb the goodness of the add ons to facilitate any healing. Purchase the sulphur at a produce store it's heaps cheaper then the Drug Store
To test if the above works. Leave the old poultice in say a cardboard box in the open for a week. If it goes putrid then you know that what it absorbed the toxins. (good). This test is required with the above sulphur and other materials mixed with it.
The potato and onion poultice one notices the smell when removing.
Good luck with the above. It really works. My email is terencegbrennan@gmail.com.

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