I have an experience with Poultice from the late 60's...real weird.

by Amanda Curtis
(Tucson, AZ 85746)

Our family wasn't wealthy but we managed to take yearly family vacations within the USA by station wagon. One year we were in the smoky mountains and we (the kids) were getting bored. My Dad drove past an "amusement park" that looked like something out of the Freak Show. He turned around and thought it would be fun for us to play there for a while.
So we went in...There were many games in this traveling fiasco and one thing you could do was jump on a huge trampoline. I chose to do this way too long and was getting tired. Somehow I fell and scraped my hand creating a blister-y red area which was very tender and sore. One of the carnival women grabbed me and took me to her trailer (my worried family was close behind.) Once inside she tossed ingredients into a bowl (remember salt being one thing in it) stirred it up then applied the paste to my injured hand with instructions to leave it on all night and not to remove until the morning.
I believe we exited the park shortly there after this episode. I followed her instructions though, remembering how the salt kept falling out of the wrapped hand. In the morning I slowly unwrapped it. To my surprise it appeared as though nothing had ever happened to it! I wanted to say Thank You to the woman who helped me at the park, but I'll bet she already knew!

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