I am looking for a poultice for skin infections like cellulitis.

by Angie

I have cellulitis on my abdomen and need to treat it. I can't afford a dr and don't go to them unless i have no other choices. Does anyone have any suggestion for me?

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Activated Charcoal for Cellulitis
by: HFHR

Though I have a page on ACTIVATED CHARCOAL I don't have info on using it for cellulitis but you can find it here...

Activated Charcoal for Cellulitis

by: Ulysses31

You can use herbal salves:

This is a great company, contact them what specific salve to use.

Good luck.

cabbage leaves
by: jojo

Wash your cabbage leaves and remove the thickest veins so that the leaves will lie flat. Bruise cabbage leaves, place on tummy and hold in place by wrapping bandages around your waist. you could sleep with them on or simply leave in place for a few hours. Repeat until cellulitis gone.
Especially good for leg swellings ( I treated my Father many times when he had cellulitis). I came across this method when my medical doctor advised me to use cabbage leaves in this way to treat mastitis.

Treating staph infections
by: Anonymous

After 4 rounds of antibiotics and 2 tubes of fucidin cream, I changed my treatment to Epsom salt soaks at least 3 times a day, drinking a glass of warm milk mixed with natural honey and turmeric on an empty stomach, once in the morning and evening. I also grated a potatoe and wrapped my arm with it in Saran Wrap every night. I continued using the fucidin, but don't think fucidin made much difference. It took a few weeks, but the infection is almost gone compared to 2 months on expensive antibiotics that didn't do anything.

by: Anonymous

Try the old fashioned abdominal castor oil packs recommended by Edgar Cayce. They WORK.

powdered clove and coconut oil poultice
by: Gianni Fiasco

Mix into a paste. spread around infected area. If on an extremity make sure you encircle the infection on the heart (Inward) portion of the limb. Wrap with gauze or cloth, changing every few hours till symptoms vanish.

Propolis better than antibiotics
by: Anonymous

A friend controls bad cellulitis (in a leg with amputated toes) with propolis. She finds it more effective than antibiotics.

Paint the area with Lugol’s iodine
by: Anonymous

You will have immediate results.

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