Hydrogen Peroxide Warning!

by Mark
(Estancia, New Mexico)

The 3% hydrogen peroxide has heavy metals in it. Therefore I personally would not recommend using this particular formula for any other use expect household. Even applying it to the skin will be absorbed through the skin in as little as 26 seconds.

I do not know where you can find 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide on an open shelf in health food stores. It was 1999 that the FDA pulled that off the shelves, because they knew it was helping people. However, you can find a 7% solution that circumvents the FDA policy, which this formula "says" on the bottle; use for bathing. But those of us "in the know" understand that this can be used for other purposes, including internally, because it is food grade.

I did make friends with a health food store in Knoxville, TN and I asked if they happened to have 35% hydrogen peroxide. The woman went into the back room and brought me a quart bottle and exclaimed that they are not the police in this matter and sold it to me.

There is another source to make such a purchase; at farm suppliers. 35% hydrogen peroxide is used to clean the utters of cows before despensing milk.

Mark DeBarbieri, New Mexico; mrrowley@yahoo.com

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Heavy Metals?
by: jim

How do you know that store bought hydrogen peroxide has heavy metals in it when all they say it contains is purified water?

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