Hydrogen Peroxide for Urethritus

by Brent M. Davis
(Aloha, Oregon)

Nonspecific Urethritus CURE, with injected 2cc/2ml of 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide,

two or three times a day.

Back in my late 20's,...I developed a Urethra infection which was never
cured with any of the antibiotics. Instead, the Anti's would decrease the
amount of pus from the infection,...but never cure the infection !
Both Women and Men are affected with these various Non-Specific infections,
as to how many have now been identified by the Medical Community is unknown to
me,..but I discussed the Non-Specific infections with all of the 5 Doctors I
had seen/gone to in the late 70's and early 1980's and what they said is that
typically the Laboratories could not isolate most of these infections, and so
the CURE was not at hand.
In my CASE,...I could tell that the infection was near or in the urethra,
that went through the Prostate. One could feel the infection in that area and
mornings and afternoons would produce a drop or two of pus leakage from the
penis, crusting up one's underpants etc.
Too,..the infection created a slight burning sensation during urination and
so that story continued for 3 to 5 years. I could blabber on about this crap,
but lets get with a Cure,...which after 2 years, hadn't been a result of the
best Medicine I could find anywhere in the Northwest.
The Hydrogen Peroxide cure I easily found was this, and it's only for my
diagnosed Non-Specific Urethitis(SP) that couldn't be touched or for that matter
cured, up into the early 1980's.
You'll need to find a 4 to 8cc syringe,...a plastic one preferred, so you
can easily round off the sharp EDGE of it's output,..so that when you insert it
into your urethra/end of penis or in women the other part.
You dilute the 3% Hydro to 1.5% via tap water. From that solution in a small cup, or premixed as 1.5%, in an old Hydrogen Peroxide container.
Draw into your syringe at least 2 CC's of this 1.5%,...and after urinating
inject this amount into your Urethra, up into and past the Prostate, or if
you figure the infection is below, in or above the Prostate,..simply feel for
what will be instant relief, as the 1.5% starts to bubble away at the infection.
Hold the tip of the Syringe SEALED in the end of the Penis/womens part,..
and keep it sealed against the syringe tip, by clamping the end of the penis
using the emptied end of the syringe as the Urethra plug. Hold this
dilute solution of Peroxide in your Urethra for 25 to 35 seconds,..and then
removing the plug/syringe, as you will have a sensation of peeing, as part of the infection fluids and 1.5% hydrogen peroxide are expelled.
Repeat this twice in the morning,..after your first pee,...then do it
again by 12:00 or after lunch time,...or anytime you can see a pus discharge.
When you get home after work or after slapping your lying boss around,..then
do it again before Dinner,...and before your lazy ass gets to bed !

What you will notice,..is that in a few days the Pus discharge will gradually decrease on it's own,...BUT,..your going to have to repeat this
procedure for 3 to 5 or 6 weeks in a row to usually Nail the infection so
it may not come back ! I say may not,..because although I nailed MY
infection on the first Go-Round after 3 weeks of this procedure the first
time,...it came back about 5 months Later and so I did the same again once
more,...and it's never come back 35 years later !
OH,...on my second Cure procedure,...I was adding a few drops of IODINE,
into the 1.5% solution of Water and Hydro, in the supply cup,..and what was
interesting about that was the mild reaction of Iodine,
such that the Iodine is consumed or is instantly missive in the 1.5% Hydro,
releasing some amount of hydrogen as bubbles liberated from the Hydro etc.

SO,...if this a general CURE for Non-SPecific Urethritus ? ? Well the
Doctors were never informed as to my remedy,..and indeed Urethra infections
can occur all the way up the Urethra and into the Bladder I'm sure,..and
so I'm wondering if this augmented type of treatment, might be just the
thing for Bladder infections of the Nonspecific type just as well ? ?
I know Women in particular suffer what are called Bladder infections
quite a bit more than Men usually are I THINK,.and from what I've read and
heard these infections ARE often times on a Recurring basis,..after virtually
all of today's Antibiotics do not produce a Cure that is lasting,..but instead
need to be revisited as MY infection was,...by another bacteriostatic antibiotic,...which in many cases only brings temporary relief from the
infection otherwise.
That's it from here,
Regards to everyone and have a Great 1015 Christmas besides.
Brent Davis, Eng., Tech.

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by: HFHR

Just a reminder that this website is for recording information only and that the remedies on this website are not approved by the FDA. Please see the full Disclaimer for more info.

Thank you for your post Brent!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

I'm currently trying out your treatment. Doctors don't know what the heck it is but I feel something at the tip of my urethra... I've actually been inserting organic high quality coconut oil to relieve the pain I've been feeling and it IS working. I've been doing it for the past few months and my symptoms, SLOWLY but surely, have been improving on its own. I'm hoping that the H202 (pure food grade) @ 1.5% will completely wipe it for good. I will keep you updated :)

Trying this
by: Anonymous

I found that 1.5% hydrogen peroxide was far too strong. 0.50% to 0.75% resulted in far less irritation afterwards.

I suggest using food grade hydrogen peroxide, as the cheap stuff has stabilizers and other chemicals that could cause unnecessary irritation.

After two courses of antibiotics that failed to completely cure me I have resorted to this in utter frustration.

3 days in and so far there is a drastic improvement. On the first day there was an abnormal amount of pus that drained out. Now I have no pus at all. The pain is almost gone too.

It works! Go slow and don't overdo it.

Addendum to process
by: Anonymous

Instead of delicately inserting a syringe (ugh) into the urethra, place a urinary catheter in the urethra even as far as the bladder. Then insert the syringe into the open end of the catheter.

Just a thought

It works
by: Anonymous

My story is similar. After urinating I would still feel like I had to go. The third time no urine came out so I sort of milked my urethra a to my horror a grayish pus dripped out. I immediately looked online for what was going on.Since no pain was involved in urinating the website informed me that I had trichiomois( miss spelled). I took some old antibiotics but couldn't stand the constant sensation of urination and decided since its caused by an infection that hydrogen peroxide was the answer. Doing almost exactly as you did cept I didn't dilute it. Just about popped like a champagne bottle with only mild discomfort. Since then I had no issues, over fifteen years ago.

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