Hydrogen peroxide for Rosacea

I have had Rosacea for several years & have tried some numerous over the counter, prescription & infomercial remedies. None worked for more than a couple of weeks. Was on a website that suggested Roseace was related to demodex skin mites. They suggested making a mask of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide & baking soda. Gotta say it works,,my skin has never been better. And its cheap!!FYI- avoid getting on your eyebrows or they will be red-don't ask me how I know.

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by: neil

Hi there what was your method in eliminating the rosacea? i.e how did you apply it


neil x

3% hydrogen peroxide is working for rosacea.
by: Elainieb@gmail.com

A 3% hydrogen peroxide solution mixed with a cheap moisturiser applied using a cotton swab is working great for my Rosacea. I do wonder if it is caused by mites if this is working. I have tried all the eliminating of products and food for years to no avail. This seems to be too simple. There must be a catch ????

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleared my Rosacea
by: Anonymous

I suddenly got a flare up of rosacea during this very cold winter we are having. I tried dabbing 3% hydrogen peroxide on the red blotchy areas and saw immediate results. I must warn you to only "dab" the areas, as I kept applying it and my skin dried out and peeled for a few days. Now, my skin is clear and back to normal. Good luck!

Hydrogen peroxide treatment
by: Anonymous

Hydrogen peroxide treatment-thank you for your post! I would like to ask you… You said it dried out. But did it also get really red? Because I have more redness on my skin doing this. But it seems like the acne parts are drying out

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