How to make St. Johns Wort Oil (video)

Some great information on St Johns wort and how to make an infused oil with this healing herb. St Johns wort oil is great for burns, sunburn, cuts, wounds, sores, ulcers and reducing inflammation. It's also a wonderful natural sunscreen!

St John's Wort / Hypericum perforatum

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by: hMh

Hello! Thank you for the lovely do you feel about using organic coconut oil (instead of olive oil this yr. ) and I also let my jar sit in the rest of the summer sun and have read other herbalists say that the temp. Has to stay constant ? To not leave the jar out at night ...would you mind telling us your thoughts on these topics? Oh! Also, do u let your flowers wilt for the first day to help water content evaporate or do u continue to add fresh as the buds and flowers ripen? many thanks! ....from Georgian Bay, ON

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