How to Find Local Fresh Foods

Local Food Farm

Local Food Farm

Buying locally grown food is the best way to be sure you're getting the freshest and most nutrient rich foods available. Not only will you get the healthiest vegetables, fruits, meats and eggs, you'll be supporting your local economy as well! Sources include co-ops, family farms, farmers markets, and community supported agriculture or CSA.

What is CSA? Usually a farmer will offer a certain number of shares to the public. Buying a share will get you a box of fresh, seasonal produce each week or every two weeks, however the farmer has set it up. Cool, huh?

One problem. How do you find these farms and markets? Well I ran across this awesome website I have to share with you! Just put in your zipcode and it will bring up all the farmers markets, farms and Co-ops and other sources of local foods in your area.

Check out!

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