Household Remedies
can not only save your health but help save our planet!

Back on the Farm

Using household remedies such as vinegar and honey can keep your house clean, make you more beautiful, feel better and keep some money in the bank. Why use harse and expensive products when natural, alternative cures work just as well? As a bonus most are green, eco friendly ways to have a chemical free home!

Years of listening to all the marketing hype on the television and radio have lead us to believe that the only way to clean your home is with an $9.00 spray bottle of toxic chemicals. Do you think the only way to stay healthy is to take a prescription drug with a huge price tag or the only way to improve your appearance is to spend $50.00 on a skin cream?

Think again because Healing From Home Remedies is about to show you otherwise!

Do you know that there's household remedies for using plain white vinegar in place of that costly bottle of chemical fabric softener? It not only softens your clothes but disinfects, deodorizes and even keep them lint and static free when added to the rinse cycle. The links below will show you green alternatives in household home remedies. Plus you can feel good about using green cleaning products!

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Did you know organic apple cider vinegar has many medicinal uses including indigestion, nail fungus and bruises? Learn and share household home remedies and more on the following pages!

Click here for some great Household Remedies using APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Get some sweet beauty tips at the HONEY Remedies Page

BAKING SODA is another versatile product to replace household chemicals!

Tips on using HYDROGEN PEROXIDE for more than mouthwash!

Use EPSOM SALT in your bathtub and your garden!

Learn to use OLIVE OIL for more than a salad dressing!

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL for you, your pets and your home!

Is your scented home making you sick? Read about NON TOXIC AIR FRESHENERS here!

Home Remedies for FRUIT FLIES

Grapefruit Seed Extract Uses

Please share your own natural household remedies and recipes here!

Have you made your own home more green with homemade cleaning products?
Please share your knowledge or experience with other readers!

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