Homemade Vanilla Extract

by http://twitter.com/JosueDiaz

Learn how to make vanilla extract! It's VERY easy to make. I purchased the Vanilla Beans for this recipe at The Organic Vanilla Bean Company: http://www.organic-vanilla.com/ Fast service & good quality beans. I selected the Tahitian(Tahitensis) & Planifolia (Bourbon) Grade A Gourmet Vanilla Beans earlier this year. Look out for specials at this site since you can maximize your purchase that way. I should have waited for them to stock Grade B, but I was impatient. Grade B Beans are perfectly fine for Vanilla Extract. Also, don't get caught up in using a high quality Vodka. A cheaper quality Vodka is adequate for this recipe. I obtained the recipe from Ian at http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-V... Very helpful. Thanks Ian! Again, this is not complicated, but ensure you are systematic and patient. :) Don't try the extract for at least 6mos although it is VERY tempting. :)

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