Homemade Pain Salve

by MoonChild

I am allergic to pain medications and antibiotics. I suffer from migraines and body aches and pains. I decided to research homemade salve making and loved what I read about these particular herbs. I make homemade soaps, shampoo's etc and use some of these herbs in my product's, so I decided to try making my own homemade salve for pain.

I made the following recipe:

You can use the oil of your choice, I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Cups of olive oil infused Calendula oil
1 Cup of Arnica oil
1 Cup of Cottonwood oil
1 Cup of beeswax
2 TBS of Cayenne Pepper
2 TBS of Ginger Root Powder
2 TBS Turmeric Root Powder
I was able to fill 4-2 ounce glass jars with this recipe.
The Salve does not have any odor to it and has a caramel color to it.

I can honestly say that this salve does take my pains away. I haven't had to deal with a migraine for the month! Anytime I feel a migraine coming on, I put some of this salve on my temples and I don't get a migraine. I shared it with a friend who needs a knee replacement. She puts some on her knee and she is pain free! I'm by no means saying my friend is cured and no longer needs a knee replacement, she just doesn't need to take pain pills when her knee acts up. I wish I could upload my pictures of it, my phone isn't my friend right now, lol!

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Could you confirm the oil measurements?
by: Anonymous

According to your recipe it's making close to 32 oz of salve. I'm believe you may mean a lesser measurement for your oils.

Pain Salve
by: Anonymous

Hello Anonymous,

Actually, you're right!!! Thank you for pointing that out.
I used
2 cups of olive oil infused with Calendula petals
1 cup of Arnica flowers
1 cup of Cottonwood aka Balm of Gilead herb
1 cup of beeswax
2 TBS of Cayenne Pepper
2 TBS of Ginger Root Powder
2 TBS Turmeric Root Powder
This is the correct recipe, thanks again for pointing that out. Hope this makes more sense for you. If you try it, can you give me some feed back on it? I would really appreciate it. Hope it works for you as well.

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