Homemade Incense

No act is more universal than the inspiring practice of inhaling fragrant scents from quality incense. We have done so for thousands of years and continue to do so with an almost "artist like" precision to this day. Recently the surge of popularity for incense has resulted in inferior incense sticks, cones, and other burnable aromatics that have been manufactured with little or no regard to tradition or our health.
Mass manufactured incense blends contain synthetic fragrances, chemical binders, and petroleum by-products that often have negative impacts on our health and harmony. This is exacerbated as we burn these combustibles in our homes and breathe them in.
Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to thoroughly screen all of its popular incense for exceptional quality aromatics that are strictly derived from natural resins, gums, essential oils, flowers, woods, powders and other botanicals.

Learn how to make cone incense. It's a fun and easy way to to make incense without the harmful chemicals. It shows you how to make it with an incense making kit from Mountain Rose Herbs. This video demonstrates Kapala incense.

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