Help for Shingles?

by Sally

I have contracted a case of Shingles while on vacation. Needless to say vacation was ruined. Does anyone have a tried and true remedy for shingles? Help!

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Shingles Help
by: HFHR

Hi Sally,
It seems alot of people are coming down with the shingles virus! First thing I would try is lemon balm tea. Brew a couple large cups and use one for dabbing right on the infected areas and the other cup for drinking. Lemon balm is a great antiviral herb. You could add some peppermint, spearmint or sage for an extra boost. Another good antiviral herb is elderberry which is worth a try.
With your doctor's approval you can try taking 500 - 1,000 milligrams of supplemental lysine three times a day during an outbreak.
For the shingles blisters you could try a poultice by making a paste of either baking soda or epsom salt. Just mix either with some water to make a thick paste.
Good luck, Sally!

help for shingles
by: Sally

Thanks for your comment! I thought I had heard of Lemon Balm being good for shingles. I have some and will give it a try this morning!

Lemon Balm for Shingles
by: HFHR

Your welcome, Sally! If you get any kind of positive response from the lemon balm tea you might want to try lemon balm essential oil. It's usually found under it's botanical name, Melissa essential oil. I didn't mention this before because Melissa EO is one of the most expensive essential oils around. The reason for this is that it's very hard to extract the oils from the lemon balm plant.

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