Healing with Epsom Salts

by Cricket
(Roseville, California, USA)


I had a cut on my leg so I started putting Neosporin on it
every day. After about three days I noticed that it started getting more tender and redder around the cut. I knew it was infected, it was even tender about an inch from the red area. About five days later I was getting concerned but we happened to be going to the ocean with family and I forgot about getting it wet in the water. At the end of the day I looked at the cut and it looked better. The color around it was more pink than red and it didn't seem as tender around the area like it was the day before. When I got home I looked up Epson Salts on the internet. I found a chat area where doctors and nurses discuss the good and bad of Neosporin and Epson Salts. The very last person on the chat was a nurse that worked at a clinic and they used Epson Salt packs 3 times a day to heal infections. I started doing that and at work I would take a bottle of water and Epson Salts mix and change the pack on my cut several times a day. Immediately the first day I noticed a huge difference and within a day the redness turned to pink and by the next day it wasn't tender to touch anymore. I am truly a believer of Epson Salts. Than I decided to start using it on my face in areas where ugly growths would start to grow. Each night I would take a cotton ball and dunk it in my Epson Salts and water and rub it on the areas that were having little tiny marks around my face. One mark that I had for several years has gone away and the others are getting smaller. I am a believer!!!!!!!!!!!

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