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Oxy-Powder® is a safe and effective colon cleanse product that harnesses the power of oxygen to gently cleanse and detoxify the entire digestive tract.

Healing Affirmations

Doing healing affirmations can make you who you want to be and have whatever you desire!

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Oregano Oil for Cold Sores

My quickest and my favorite remedy is oregano oil. It zaps the life out of the cold sore. Immediately!!! It burns, but the sucker shrinks and dies so fast.

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Natural Hair Remedies

Using natural hair remedies you can go from flat and drab to glossy and gorgeous! Cheap and non-toxic!

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Edible Petals

Edible petals bring floral beauty to your garden AND your table!

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Magnesium For Migraines

Use magnesium for migraines, anxiety, weight loss, fibromyalgia and more....

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what is kratom

What is kratom, you ask? Kratom is an evergreen tree from Thailand that is said to be an herbal pain reliever and more!

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Cayenne/Ginger/Tumeric Detox Tea

Detox Tea Ingredients: 6-inch piece of fresh ginger - 1 teaspoon turmeric - 2 cinnamon sticks - 1/2 teaspoon cayenne - dash of black pepper - spoonful

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The best herbal supplements for stress/depression/moods.

The best herbal supplements for stress/depression/moods: Check your local health stores for: 1.Rhodiola rosea adaptogen: Canadian

Continue reading "The best herbal supplements for stress/depression/moods."

Sunshine Vitamin

The sunshine vitamin is crucial to all aspects of your health! Are you getting enough vitamin d?

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Oregano Oil Health Benefits

The oregano oil health benefits are so many that this amazing herb could be considered a panacea!

Continue reading "Oregano Oil Health Benefits"

Activated Charcoal Uses

Activated charcoal uses that are said to absorb toxins from you, your pet, your home and garden!

Continue reading "Activated Charcoal Uses"

3 Handy Home Remedies That Helped Me Overcome Sinus

Millions of people are prescribed antibiotics each year for sinusitis, a frequent complication of the common cold, hay fever, and other respiratory allergies.

Continue reading "3 Handy Home Remedies That Helped Me Overcome Sinus"

Nerve pain

I gather a bundle of St Johns Wort and put it in a gallon of olive oil (the flower part but I left some stem on too) and let it set in it for about a month

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Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse

A milk thistle liver cleanse may help you and your pets feel better. Yes, you can use milk thistle for dogs and cats!

Continue reading "Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse"

Fels Naptha Soap (wash area really good & rinse)

I've been lucky an never had poison ivy even though I've been w/people when they were exposed. My boyfriend is extremely sensitive to it. He swears by

Continue reading "Fels Naptha Soap (wash area really good & rinse)"

Desiderata Poem

This beautiful poem was written in 1927 and didn't become popular until the 1970's. I think it's wonderful advice... Desiderata Poem Go placidly amid

Continue reading "Desiderata Poem"

Basil Essential Oil for Bites

Whenever I'm out in the yard or garden I simply run to the nearest plantain plant if I get a mosquito bite because this seems to work fabulously. Believe

Continue reading "Basil Essential Oil for Bites"

Cayenne Pepper Healing

Cayenne Pepper Healing is a fiery way to aid digestion and relieve pain!

Continue reading "Cayenne Pepper Healing"

My Big Toe

I accidently ripped off the nail on my big toe and after it became infected, I initially drained the pus with a needle and applied tea tree oil. All was

Continue reading "My Big Toe"

A recipe to make a quick salve

I love homemade salves but don't always have time to make them so I came up with my own quick recipe. I simply mix about 1/2 to one teaspoon of tincture

Continue reading "A recipe to make a quick salve"

oregano oil is helping me BUT only in safe quantities

My rash, v e r y itchy little red spots growing to egg size, started at my legs. The rash expanded, moving slowly higher. When it nearly reached my

Continue reading "oregano oil is helping me BUT only in safe quantities"

Poison Ivy Home Remedies

One of these poison ivy home remedies will help you heal faster and relieve the itching! Find a remedy in your kitchen or backyard!

Continue reading "Poison Ivy Home Remedies"

Switchel Recipe

Believe it or not, this switchel recipe has been around for centuries! This ginger and apple cider vinegar beverage was also called Haymaker's Punch as

Continue reading "Switchel Recipe"

Elderberry Benefits

The many elderberry benefits include fighting colds and flu but do you know any other benefits of elderberry?

Continue reading "Elderberry Benefits"

What is Peppermint

Just what is peppermint and what are the benefits of peppermint oil and peppermint tea?

Continue reading "What is Peppermint"

Hormonal Imbalance Remedies

Learn Hormonal Imbalance Remedies and share your own knowledge here!

Continue reading "Hormonal Imbalance Remedies"

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