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I've just been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my hands. I live in the UK and Solomon's Seal products are not available here. Because of this I

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Donna Burriws

I boil tumeric, lemon wedges, thinly sliced ginger root and green tea with raw honey or raw agave to sweeten. I tried the tea from a friend to help

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Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse

A milk thistle liver cleanse may help you and your pets feel better. Yes, you can use milk thistle for dogs and cats!

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Be very careful with sumac

Sumac usually comes in two varieties: Red which is supposed able to be ingested and white which is poisonous. However , before injesting anything made

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Horse shoulder - brusided badly along shoulder bone below withers - rough housing small non significant wound- almost a scrape in appearance but leg was

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Old Fashioned Poultice

When I was a child poultices were commonly used for pimples, boils or cuts. the main one used by our parents, grandparents and brought from the UK was

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Grapefruit Seed Extract Uses

Theres many grapefruit seed extract uses all over the house!

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I suffer from chronic pain, since a bad motorcycle accident in 1982. After 32 years and 36 operations on my leg I convinced the Dr to amputate below the

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Homemade Hair Masque

I just tried this and absolutely love it! My hair is soft and shiny again! I rarely take the time to do fuss with my hair but I'm happy I did. Simply

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Cayenne for Pain

I was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer and my jawbone, soft pallet and main neck arteries were removed....I had chemotherapy and radiation therapy afterwards

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Learn the best cold sore cures and treatments you can do from home!

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Homemade Salve

A homemade salve can treat boils, skin infections, arthritis, dry skin and so much more! Learn a new salve recipe here!

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Baking Soda Remedies

Use Baking Soda Remedies to clean your house, your pet and even yourself!

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Tumeric Benefits

Discover tumeric benefits and uses such as tumeric and arthritis, tumeric tea and more!

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Get to know and love Sumac

First noticed food in Turkey with this colourful and tasty spice added to it. The flavour is unique and has a real benefit to those that use and consume

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Home Made Cough Syrup

Choice from several home made cough syrup recipes that can work even better than the best cough syrup in the drugstore!

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Pioneer Recipes in The Lost Ways

I received a book in the mail today that I have to share with you. I bought it on the internet without expecting much but I must say, I'm impressed!

Continue reading "Pioneer Recipes in The Lost Ways"

Charcoal for dying trees and lawn

We live in the tropics and are experiencing a fungal blight of local trees. I have been fertilizing sick and healthy trees with the hardwood ash from burnt

Continue reading "Charcoal for dying trees and lawn"

pain relief and muscle tightness salve

I started off by making calendula and lavender salves. With back pain and muscle tightness I decided one day to experiment and I made a cannabis and arnica

Continue reading "pain relief and muscle tightness salve"

Iodine in Your Diet

Is the iodine in your diet enough to keep your body healthy? What are the iodine rich foods?

Continue reading "Iodine in Your Diet"

Toothache Home Remedies

Use toothache home remedies that include using herbs such as cloves to relieve pain! Plus tips for dry sockets and fighting gum disease.

Continue reading "Toothache Home Remedies"

Magnesium For Migraines

Use magnesium for migraines, anxiety, weight loss, fibromyalgia and more....

Continue reading "Magnesium For Migraines"

Elderberry Benefits

The many elderberry benefits include fighting colds and flu but do you know any other benefits of elderberry?

Continue reading "Elderberry Benefits"

Oregano Oil Health Benefits

The oregano oil health benefits are so many that this amazing herb could be considered a panacea!

Continue reading "Oregano Oil Health Benefits"

Epsom Salt Uses

Epsom salt uses are many! What is epsom salt? It's the most versatile salt you can have in the house!

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I had a small booklet of old recipes. I found a recipe for nervine tea for stress or a calming tea. The ingredients were 1)sumac berries,I used smooth

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