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What are healing affirmations, you ask?

Affirmations are positive statements or thoughts that you consciously focus on in order to produce a desired result. In other words, it is a very focused way of positive thinking. It is the secret of life that more and more people are just beginning to understand.

The simple idea here is that we create our lives with our thoughts. If we tell ourselves the same thing over and over it WILL come to be! If you are thinking that you will never, ever get that job, well guess what? You probably won't. If you're thinking about how bad and frequent that headache is, well it's not going to go away anytime soon because you are creating it! Affirmations are the opposite of these examples. They can be whatever you desire but the trick here is that you must firmly believe as if you will have it or better yet that you already do have it!

Healing Affirmations can be done throughout the day from the time you wake up until you drift back to sleep that night. They are mostly done silently in your mind but saying them out loud is very powerful also. Be aware of any negative thoughts you have and immediately replace it with positive affirmations.


I am healthy and happy! Thank you for my health and happiness!

I am smart and confident! Thank you for my intelligence and confidence!

I am lucky! Thank you for my good fortune!

I am beautiful inside and out! Thank you for my beauty!


1. Use only positive words for your daily affirmations! If you were to say, for example, "I am not sick" you would be using two negative words. The word "not" has a negative context just as sick does. "I am healthy", "I am healed", or "I have perfect health" contain all positive words.

2. Use the present tense as if you have it now. Instead of saying "I will be happy" say "I AM filled with abundant joy"! Instead of saying "I want some good luck" say "I AM lucky and I AM deeply blessed".

3. Gratitude is a powerful force all by itself. Be grateful for every little thing in your life and give thanks for your affirmations. "I am healed. Thank you for my healing."

4. BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS TRUE! FEEL the joy, FEEL the healing, FEEL the beauty, FEEL the intelligence, FEEL the money in your hands, FEEL THE LOVE IN YOUR LIFE!

Use these affirmation tips and use whatever positive statement that works for you. Just remember that if you don't believe in yourself no one else will either!

Check back daily for a new affirmation and tips on staying positive!

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Writing down your affirmations gives them even more power. Post your positive affirmation here for the universe to see and then Believe!

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"We are what we think...
All that we are
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With our thoughts
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