Great remedy for ant & other bites

by Teresa
(FL and MI)

Sliced lemons work great for ant bites! My husband picked up a large fallen tree branch in the yard, which unknowingly had with ants under bark. He's allergic to these tiny things. In an effort to help control the stinging/itching/swelling on my husband with well over 50 bites on his arms, I grabbed some sliced lemon (we keep in the frig for water and tea), and started rubbing it on his arms, and then squeezed the remaining juice on his arms and rubbed in. It stopped the stinging, and also the itching that would have followed, and he only incurred one puss filled spot that I must have missed. Not bad! I've used a lemon slice on mosquito bites and deer fly bites also. It's my first go to remedy.

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Ant Bite Remedy
by: Jodi

Thanks, Teresa! I've used raw onion before which works well for bites but I sure would smell much better using lemon! I have to try!

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