Grapefruit Seed Extract Uses

There's so many grapefruit seed extract uses it's hard to know where to start! GSE is a highly concentrated solution made, obviously, from grapefruit and combined with glycerin. This biodegradable liquid has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic and antifungal properties and can be used both internally and externally. It's even said to combat candida!

The brand I'm most familiar with is Nutri Biotic so let's start with the grapefruit seed extract uses they have on the bottle.

Household Uses

  • Toothbrush Cleaner - Stir 5-10 drops of GSE into a glass of water then submerge toothbrush for 15 minutes. Rinse toothbrush before using! Click here if you have a toothache!
  • Vegetable/Fruit/Meat Wash - You never know what is on the food you buy at the store! You never know how many people picked up that apple or what chemicals were used on it so it's always a good idea to wash your fresh food.  To wash your food in the sink use 30 or more drops in the sink of cold water. Briefly soak your food and rinse. For spray washing add 20 or more drops to a 32 oz pump sprayer filled with water. Spray your food thoroughly  and rinse.
  • Dish Washing - Add 15-20 drops GSE to either your dish water or the final rinse water. You can also add 15-30 drops to your dishwasher along with your detergent.
  • Cutting Board Cleaner - Add 10-20 drops to your cutting board and work it in with a clean sponge or dishcloth. Leave on for at least 30 minutes then rinse with water.
  • All Purpose Cleaner - Add 30-60 drops to a 32 ounce spray bottle filled with water. Great to clean all surfaces around the house!

Internal Uses - Remember that even though GSE is non-toxic it's highly concentrated and should always be diluted! NVER USE FULL STRENGTH!

  • Orally - Suggested use is 5-15 drops mixed in 5 ounces of water or juice, 2-3 times daily. For children 5 or older use 1-6 drops in 5 oz juice or water. They actually make capsules for taking orally if you prefer!
  • Throat Gargle - Stir 3 drops in 3 ounces or more water and gargle several times.  Use as often as needed.
  • Ear Rinse - Thoroughly mix 3-5 drops in 1 oz. of glycerin or alcohol. Apply 1-2 drops in affected ear 1-2 times daily.
  • Nasal Rinse - (adults only) Mix 1 drop in 2 oz. of water. Use one full eye dropper of the mixture per nostril. Tilt your head backward and release the solution from the eye dropper into your nose. Swing your head forward and down so that your head is now upside down to force solution up into the nasal passages. Return head to normal position and allow to drain. Do not inhale the solution!  ( for me it's much simpler to use a neti pot! )
  • Vaginal Rinse - Mix 5-10 drops in 6-8 oz. water. Douche once daily for 1 week.

External Grapefruit Seed Extract Uses - Always dilute!

  • Facial Cleanser - Thoroughly wet your face with water. With hands still wet apply 2-3 drops to fingertips and gently massage facial area with circular motions. Rinse well with cool water and pat dry. A tingling feeling may follow.
  • Skin Rinse - For minor skin irritations dilute 5-10 drops in a tablespoon of water then apply to affected area twice daily.
  • Nail Treatment - Dilute 5-10 drops in 1 tablespoon water or alcohol. Apply directly on surface of nail along the cuticle and underneath the front of nail or soak nails twice daily for as long as desired.
  • Scalp Treatment - Add 5-10 drops to each shampooing by mixing in hand along with your shampoo. Massage into scalp and leave on for 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Well, these are the grapefruit seed extract uses listed on the bottle but there's so much more you can do with it!

One of my favorites is:

Mouth Spray for Dogs - I came up with this because I once lost an older dog because of dental problems my vet missed. I once again have an older dog and thought I'd give this a shot. I used a 4 ounce glass bottle with a mist sprayer and added 15-20 drops of GSE. Once a day or every couple days (usually right before bed) I give the bottle a good shake and spray 1 or 2 pumps in my dogs mouth. He doesn't like it much but tolerates it and guess what? During his last checkup my vet was amazed at how clean his teeth were for his age! Apparently the GSE not only fights bacteria but helps keep tartar down also. Joy!

As with any natural product there's a lot of controversy on Grapefruit Seed extract uses so do your own research and if you decide to use it, please buy a good organic brand!

If you would like to share your experience with GSE please share below!

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