gjhr and breast cancer

by glora ripley

diagnosis of breast cancer in 01/2010.

I have tried DCA, GC Maf, GB/ rife, alkaline diet at the very onset saved my life. I feel everything has been helpful in keeping the progression down. at the moment I am taking blue scorpion and have just finished applying bloodroot to 2 areas that have tumors. I wish I would have known about bloodroot much earlier! However It appears to have removed a lot of tumor material. I will be going for a Thermograph this week to check the progress. I still have an additional tumor site lower in the breast and am anxious to try the poultice . I think the thermography has been great in helping my decision to continue alternative methods.

I will tell anyone courage, using the bloodroot paste, it is painful, however so is giving birth, having breast removed,chemo! Pain meds are necessary. I do not know about the poultice! but I am prepared to do what is needed to achieve a cancer free, life.

One more thing, I had mammography every year and with in a year 3 tumors appeared all the medical advice removal of my breast. there was no other choice. I say there is, I am still hear and cancer is being contained and my quality of life is good. Hear I am 4 years later defying the odds.

I will keep all informed,

Love to all, gjhr

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How are you doing?
by: Debs

Good on you! Just wanted to know how you were doing now? Would love to hear an update :)

How Are You?
by: Adrienne

I was really impressed by your act of faith. Thank you so Much for sharing. How are you? It is my prayer that all is well. God bless you!

Great job
by: Tab

First offGreat job at being strong and I wish all good fortune to you! Second do you still get mammograms? I have heard the mammograms can spread cancer, don't know if that's factual though. I am curious how long have you had a diagnosis of cancer? it's now 2017 summer. I had a coworker that had a bone growth in her jaw so she would cut up garlic in slices and put them in her gums, and this made her growth go down! I just love natural methods that kick ass!!

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