Food Remedies for Hormone Imbalances

by rawradienthealth

Learn how to balance hormones naturally through your diet to relieve symptoms of PMS, Menopause, Hormone Imbalances, PCOS, etc.

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4-8 wk periods on a regular basis
by: Yonisha Wagoner

Hi I watched your video, and including everything you said, is there a certain herb you would recommend for a fibroid tumor besides surgery or a hysterectomy, or birth control?

Herb for fibroid tumor
by: HFHR

Even though this is not my video she has some great advice. Some other things I would look into for fighting that fibroid are vitamin d3, getting more iodine in your diet and
tumeric. Try to find a good naturopathic doc in your area. Good luck!

Hormone Imbalnces (fibroid)
by: Anonymous

Hi, there are certain foods that you should stay away from because it can feed the tumors for eg.especially if the tumor feeds on estrogen, carrot is pack with estogen, so eat it sparingly,secondly stay clear of all gluten products as well as all dairy- milk,cheese,eggs meats and soya products which is rich in estogen as well and will feeds your tumors. You should adopt a diet mainly of fruits and raw vegetables, make salads with broccoli,onions and mainly green stuff with some sort of bean and you must have some protein in there so try some home made salad dressing made with lemon juice and nuts( pumpkin seeds etc)

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