Elderberry for Colds & Flu

Thought I'd post the video below because it's that time of year again when all kinds of virus's are floating around out there. So, here's a little reminder that elderberry extract has been shown to be effective in treating colds and flu.

I just proved to my husband that it cuts the duration of a cold drastically. He suddenly came down with a nasty cold and I had him take 1 teaspoon of my homemade elderberry tincture three times a day plus a vitamin c and a zinc supplement. The third day he was feeling well enough to work outside!

You can also buy an elderberry extract in the health food section of many grocery stores. This product is called Sambucol or Sambucus (the botanical name of elderberries) and is a great cold and flu remedy for children also!

Have some on hand because it works best if you can start taking right when you feel symptoms coming on!

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