Earth Day Lessons
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When is Earth Day? Everday!

Many of us have some Earth Day lessons to share and I'd like to start this page off with some of my thoughts...

Our reconnection with the earth is imperative if we wish to survive. Mother nature (not man) gives us everything we need to, not only survive, but to thrive and be happy and healthy. She is perfect harmony in her natural state. She provides us with food, medicine, clean water, clean air, beauty and joy. Her perfection is so complete that every blade of grass, every bug, every tree, every microorganism, every molecule, every animal has a reason for being here. We were meant to be part of this harmonious state, to love and respect her and in return Mother Earth gives us what we need. "Man" (meaning humanity in general) with all his greed and arrogance, has no right to try to poison and take control of what our universal God has given us. Have we slipped so far from our pristine origins that we've forgotten what life is about?

It doesn't matter who you are or where you live, you can still show love and respect for our earth. Everything you do with love sends a message out into the universe!

Here's my examples of Earth Day Lessons that I follow myself. Yes, recycling and planting trees is all good but there's so many more little things you can do. There's a form at the bottom of this page to share your own. Please, please do! Our planet needs all the love it can get!


Buy Organic Food

I know it's expensive but buy organic food (and organic anything) anytime you can. With every organic item you buy you're not only eating healthier but you're making a statement! You're telling Monsanto and all the other big corporations that we don't want our soil and food sprayed with toxic herbicides and pesticides. You're also saying we won't stand for genetically modified food either!

I'm sure you've heard that our bees are disappearing worldwide. Recent studies are showing that pesticides are the main culprit. Albert Einstein said that once the bees are gone, we have no more than 4 years left before our food is gone. Since bees are our main pollinators that means ALL our food not just honey!


Stop Using Yard and Garden Chemicals

C'mon, do you really need an absolutely perfectly weed-free lawn? Did you know that dandelions and clover are there to improve the soil? The dandelions long tap root reaches down and brings minerals and nutrients up to the surface and clover helps feed the surrounding grass plants by storing atmospheric nitrogen in its roots.

Oh yeah, both clover and dandelions are a food source for not only bugs and bees but for us too! They are healthy and even medicinal as long as they haven't been sprayed with nasty chemicals!

Who started the war on weeds, anyway? You can bet your life it was a chemical company!


Use Non-Toxic Natural Cleaners for Your Home

We are constantly bombarded with ads marketing synthetic, toxic chemicals for everything from cleaning supplies, air fresheners, laundry soaps and even perfumes. Believe me, it's not because they want to improve your life, it simply comes down to making money. There are so many natural alternatives you can use such as vinegar and baking soda for cleaning or organic essential oils and herbs to replace those highly toxic air fresheners or allergy inducing perfumes.

There's a ton of information out there for chemical free alternatives! Remember that by not purchasing an item that means one less product their factories have to put out so you're not just improving the health of your home you're also removing a little bit of the environmental hazards that the factory produces! Try finding sustainable products instead.


Do You Really Need It?

Our world is filled with so much manufactured junk today it's unbelieveable! Next time you're out shopping really take a look around. Most items made today are meant to be disposable. If not disposable than they are built to last only a short time intentionally so it will have to be replaced. You've heard it many times, "They just don't make stuff like they used to!". How true it that? All this 'disposable stuff' doesn't just disappear, it winds up in a landfill somewhere. My mother-in-law has a saying that makes a lot of sense...

"If it's not beautiful or useful, you don't need it."

If you do need it or want it why not buy it 2nd hand? Shopping the thrift stores, antique stores, consignment stores and garage sales is great fun! Not only are you saving big bucks but you're reusing and recycling.

Same goes on the reverse, if you are downsizing and the item still has some use left, please donate it to your local thrift store instead of putting it in a landfill.


Let Your Environmental Voice Be Heard!

There's no need to stand on a street corner with a picket sign. There's so many environmental petition sites out there, that you can sit at home and still make a statement about healing our earth. Care2 has a great site where you can pick and choose from a number of different causes including the environment and wildlife, animal welfare, health issues, corporate accountablity and much more. You can even start your own petition! Check it out below..

Another great site is The League of Conservation Voters. "The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is a national non-profit organization that works to turn environmental values into national priorities. To secure the environmental future of our planet, LCV advocates for sound environmental policies, elects pro-environment candidates who will adopt and implement such policies, and provides state LCVs with the resources and tools to accomplish and sustain their mission."

The League of Conservation Voters website

Obviously these sites are for the United States but feel free to post your own links for other countries below.


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