Donna Burriws

by Donna Burrows
(Chatsworth, California U.S.)

I boil tumeric, lemon wedges, thinly sliced ginger root and green tea with raw honey or raw agave to sweeten. I tried the tea from a friend to help my back pain. I'm afraid if taking too many pain pills because of what I've heard about the damage they do to your body over a period of time. It definitely took the edge off the pain thus gave me energy. At the same time I had gone to the hospital 7 days prior and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I still had a really bad cough. I wasn't comfortable taking the prescribed expectorant prescribed because someone told me they hallucinated on that expectorant. 2 days after drinking the tea, I noticed my lungs were perfectly clear. I smoked cigarettes some during that time as well. Shame on me. I found out that tumeric heals lung damage, but it was recommended to quit smoking anyway. I've made it for friends that suffered from pain and it helped them as well. The longer it steeps, the better. I cool it down and refrigerate it, then heat it the next day. I have to add a little water because it condenses. I simmer it a a low heat the second day. It's delicious. I drink a cup at a time. 2 to 3 cups a day. 2 cups eases the pain, but I like the taste, so I end up drinking more. I sure get a lit more accomplished when I drink it. A noticeable difference when I don't. Same with my friends.

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Back Pain
by: Barbara Manning

Hi Donna, read your comment with great interest because I too suffer with back pain. I have herniated discs at L1 and L2 and bulging discs L3-L5, and like you didn't want the drugs to manage my pain. I did an enormous amount of reading article online and finally found something that really does block my pain - its turmeric root. And to this remedy I include drinking my homemade ginger liquid that I make with fresh ginger root that I cut into small pieces, with lemon zest and agave, which is simmered to a rich color. Then I strain the ginger pieces that I keep to add to my yogurt and to my hot oatmeal cerale. As for the turneric I eat it raw - just peal the top skin off and sprinkle with pepper (helps to speed up activation of the chemical in turneric) and chew. I caution to anyone that wants to do this, to wear gloves as the turmeric will stain your finger tips. For me this has been the only method to eliminate my lower back pain that has in my past left me to crawling on my hands and knees to get around my apartment (no lie). My days are not pain free but certainly much more manageable and I can actually get around these to do what needs to be done. Thank goodness for mother natures miracles!

Pain Tea
by: Jodi

Thank you, Donna! If you could post the recipe you use it would be greatly appreciated! Do you use powdered or fresh turmeric and ginger? Can't wait to try!

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