The world can never have enough kindness!

Everyone knows doing good deeds feels good so why not make this part of your natural routine?

Kindness and good deeds promote emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing. Doesn't it make sense that the more goodwill you spread the more positive the energy will be that surrounds you?

All of us are guilty of rushing through our day so quickly that we forget that the clerk at the store, the gas station attendant or the server at the restaurant are people just like anyone else. They are living their lives and have their own hopes, dreams and sorrows. The next time your in the checkout lane stop counting your money and look him/her in the eyes and genuinely ask: "How are you today?" or "You look very nice today!" A kind word to a stranger will make both of you feel good!

Though I don't advise having your children approach strangers you can encourage them to take part in good deeds at school. Have them talk to that lonely boy or girl who always eats lunch alone or bring an extra treat to share. Take them with when you bring a plate of cookies to your neighbor!

Start being aware of the people around you. Practice random kindness and it will go a long way in not only our personal health but the health of the world. What a simple guide to happiness!

Good Deeds is your Life Guide #6.

If you're wanting to donate to the "big boys", think again! Most money you give to these "Societies" goes right into some un-needy pocket. Even though your heart is in the right place you MUST do some research yourself! Typically you're much better off giving to a local organization where the majority of your money goes to the cause you want it to instead of lining somebodies pocket.

"Kindness is like a boomerang - it always returns."
author unknown

Doing good deeds is a powerful remedy and so are
which happens to be your Life Guide #7!

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