I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid 20 yrs ago and had radioisotope treatment I am now a very unhappy, tired, muscle pain, chronically tired person yet up till thyroid disease I was only 10 and half stone. I lost all libido and seemed to stop ovulating and am trying herbs now but I am not expecting any change of symptoms after twenty years of no change but today I bought dried nettle leaves and will give them a try; I also had tvto operation for prolapsed bladder and it did not work so I don't know if natural products could help that. Any tips or case studies of how herbs heal what conventional medicine wont heal will be of interest. marydee

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by: HFHR

Marydee, you have a chronic problem that should be addressed by a practicing herbalist or naturopathic doctor for a plan of action. One thought on your thyroid problem...have you ever had your
iodine levels checked?

by: elaine

Hi Marydee,
In my experience reiki will cure chronic dis- ease, as will shivambu (also known as Urine therapy) You can google both to get more information.
Hope this info helps

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