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this is very TRUE it's 100% effective!
by: Tracey

When I was around 10yrs I was affected by warts all around my cuticle area on most of my fingers .like most kids even adults I would try to bite them off before I knew it I had spread them not only to other fingers but to the corner of my mouth and being made to feel like a freak I was seeking medical help to have them removed. The first stage was iodine I would then have them frozen off. Terrifying thought for a 10yrs old. Until the week before I started the treatment my Aunt used the milk from the stems of the dandelion weeds we were pulling out the garden. So for 1 week solid I put the milk only to the affected areas and by the end of the week They were completely GONE. Honestly I am now almost 50yrs old and the first thing I would use isn't over the counter it's dandelion weeds from the garden .

it works
by: Anonymous

it's hard to find anything about this treatment for warts, but it 100% works. I had a couple common warts years ago and it got rid of them after just a couple uses. More recently I have picked up flat warts somewhere and I tried it on one and it is gone!

Dandelions aren't producing milk
by: Anonymous

It's getting late in the summer season here in Ak. Dandelions have got to seed and are not producing milk. Is there any produce I can buy maybe dandelion root that would be as effective as the milk has been. It really drew out the black dots and changed the color of the wart and made it less painful. Still there though.

True beliver
by: Anonymous

I tried this several years ago. After having it removed by my Dr. the wart returned then I used Compound W. it returned again.
It was on my face and I wanted it gone.
I put the milk from a dandelion stem on it for a several days it came off and never returned.

My dog has s few warts and I am now treating them with dandelion milk.

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