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20 year old male with cystic acne.. had acne since 16 years old. Tried many things, but the most wonderful thing happened when using turmeric. In a blender add 1 or 2 peeled and diced tart apples, 2 T. ground flax seeds, diced fresh piece of ginger, 1/2 or 1 t. turmeric, water and cider to get it to blend. serve over ice ... He had 2 of these every day for a couple weeks. AMAZING !! TURMERIC pills can be taken... about 7 a day instead of blender drink. EAT vegetables and lots of apples... very few grains. Eat salmon, greens, broccoli, basic caveman diet. Stay away from sugars, vegetable oils, milk, junk foods, caffeine, etc. Check out healing herbs and spices for the liver... it is congested if you have acne!! Take LOTS of PROBIOTICS... dairy free preferred. Honey mask is great..even better with kefir and turmeric added. Drink water, too. Good luck... this worked wonders for him.. hope this helps someone!!

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Holistic Acne Products
by: Charles Goldstein

I have suffered with acne for many years. I enjoyed reading this post and would like to mention a website that I stumbled on, which has reviews on different holistic acne cure products.

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