Chocolate and Roses Truffle Spoons

by vickie
(Roseburg, OR)

Chocolate & Roses Chocolate Truffle Spoons!

Chocolate & Roses Chocolate Truffle Spoons!

Hello! I moved from MO to OR and rented a house on the outskirts of town. The property has several rose bushes at the back of the house. I've never really grown roses or paid much attention to them but one day I decided to cut the few, small, remaining flowers off a red rose bush and a yellow rose bush to have the cut flowers on my table as they were so fragrant! Of course after a time, the petals dried and fell onto the table. They were still so fragrant that I decided to keep them in a bowl on the table as a potpourri. The next step came when I started making my own foaming hand soaps with different essential oils and one recipe called for rose water! Well! I thought, I can make that! I have the most fragrant rose petals and so I used the red petals for my one soap and saved the yellow ones for another time. It's now time to use the yellow petals as I've come across another recipe that calls for rose water again but in an entirely different way! This recipe comes from a young ladies website entitled "A Spicy Perspective". There she gives the recipe for her Rose Ganache Truffle Spoons dipped in dark chocolate! They are so cute and sound so good that I'm going to make them for an up coming Tea Party in Jan. Here is the website for anyone interested in the recipe and if anyone is interested in the foaming rose hand soap, I'll share that as well.
Happy crafting!

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