Cayenne Pepper treatment for blackhead disease in poultry

by Jodi

Peahen and Chick

Peahen and Chick

Over the years I've lost several peafowl to blackhead disease. Blackhead is a protozoa that attacks the liver and is usually fatal to turkeys and peafowl if it takes hold though chickens seem immune they can be carriers. There is no cure. My vet said we could try antibiotics but it would do no good.

Within the past week I've lost one peachick to the disease and today I noticed another is ill. I thought I'd do research one more time and ran across a chicken forum where people have had success using cayenne pepper to cure blackhead disease! (you can read it here...

So I was able to get my peahen with her five chicks locked up and treated both the feed and water with cayenne. I've also treated the feed for the rest of my flock. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and I'll let you know how it goes!

PS: I used a lot of cayenne as recommended!

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well wishes
by: Jamibea's Adventures in Birdland

I am so sorry to hear this. Well wishes to your flock: I hope cayenne helps - it sure can't hurt! Please keep us posted.

Sad News
by: Jodi

Well I guess it was too little too late for the peafowl chick. He died yesterday before noon. He was already very ill so I don't anything would have saved him but I'm continuing the cayenne pepper in their feed for a few days. I have a total of 8 chicks left so hopefully it will save them. All my other birds seem healthy for the time being. :-)

Oh yeah, I added some milk thistle seeds to their feed also. It's a great liver cleanser for humans so maybe chickens and peafowl also! It sure can't hurt and they seem to like it!

Thank you
by: Jodi

In my last post I forgot to thank you for the well wishes, Jamibea's Adventures in Birdland. I very much enjoy your Facebook page!

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