Cayenne for Pain

by John Petersen
(Velddrift Western Cape, South Africa)

I was diagnosed with sarcoma cancer and my jawbone, soft pallet and main neck arteries were removed....I had chemotherapy and radiation therapy afterwards that left me scared for life .......I had endless neck spasms a stiff neck muscle actually felt my cancer came back because of the pain...until some old lady that was a friend of my late my mom gave me a dose of extra virgin olive oil(Bewell) mixed with 2 packets of caynne pepper(Robertsons).....and just rubbed it at the back of my head ......the pain was so intense not even morphine will keep the pain away for more than one hour...i was sceptical at first .....but after it worked my last resort would never change till now .....4 years down the line and my cancer is still gone .....if I feel like something is biting deeply and my usual pain killers can't manage .....I take my dose internally and externally.....from my head to my toes I take the oil and out it on ny skin .....neck ,head hair .......arms all places where feel I have an ache ......and while I'm busy massaging me with it ....I drink a couple of spoons .....I can literally feel the pain disappearing ...that cancer pain is gone.....

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