Catnip Tea For Gallbladder Pain

It's said that a cup or two of catnip tea can ease even the worst gallbladder pain. This is nearly guaranteed by John Heinerman in his book, Encyclopedia of Juices, Teas & Tonics. Very simple to make and it's sure worth a shot if you're suffering from gallbladder stones or some other problem!

Catnip Tea Pain Reliever

1-1/4 teaspoons dried catnip
2-1/2 cups boiling water

Cover the herb with the boiling water, cover and set aside to steep for 25 minutes. Strain and drink 1-2 cups while its still warm on an empty stomach. The easing of the gallbladder pain should last several hours. You can repeat as often as needed.

Hope I never have to try this but if you do please let us know how it works!

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Catnip tea does help
by: Shawn

I first tried catnip by smoking it and seem to help a lot with the extreme pains I get frequently in my right side. The catnip tea also does help. I see a GI specialist in a couple of weeks because this issue has been going on for several years now and so far the doctors and hospitals either can't or won't figure out and treat what is causing my pain. They tell me I have multiple gallbladder polyps, fatty liver disease, a lesion on my adrenal gland, diverticulitis, GERD, swelled kidney and gastritis but they say none of these conditions is causing my pain and these are normal. I've tried a gluten free diet because one doctor suspected I have Celiac Disease despite a negative blood test for it. I did gluten free for about 2 or 3 weeks but still no relief. The catnip does help to ease and at times get rid of the pains for a few hours.

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