by Diane
(Perth WA)

For me, the hot flushes stop when I remove coffee and sugar from my diet. The flush starts from a "spurt" sensation on the left side of my head, (pituitary?) and the flush of heat heads over my head and down my back. Mentally relaxing (acceptance) when they happen also noticeably lessens the severity. Not fun though.
Just as a point of interest. I went into menopause very young, early 40s, and I was surprised (not thrilled) when my periods reestablished themselves after my being on the SureSlim diet for a few months. I eventually crashed off the diet wagon (after losing 22kgs - damn!), regained the weight and my periods have again stopped. It's a diet based on fresh natural food, no sugar, daily intake of seeds and oil, 5 hour gap between meals - so it seemed very healthy despite its rigid rules.
I'm finding my flashes of anger/rage the hardest to deal with in menopause. It was not characteristic of me before menopause. Anyone got any advice with this? I find it hard to like myself, when I've just raged over something trivial like my coffee order being incorrect. Not exactly a catastrophic event in world terms. Is this normal (the rage, not the coffee order being wrong)?

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