"calf manure poultice", no joke. VERY effective for drawing out thorns, splinters, etc.

by John Fordyce
(San Diego)

When I was a kid we raised calves to butcher and sell. One day I was playing around some palm tree cuttings, the kind with the long spikes near the base, bare footed as usual. Yep, you guessed it, I got one 4 to 5 inches into my heel with tip exiting higher above my ankle bone. My father, wise with many home remedies for just about everything, put my foot into the "freshest" calf manure to draw out the pieces that had broke off in the wound. Within 30 minutes the pieces were at the surface. This may sound far fetched, but I assure you, I gain nothing in disclosing the fact my dad made me stand in cow s#*t.

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Manure poultice
by: Anonymous

I agree. My mother who was a child in the forties had an infected leg which would not heal. My great grandmother used some fresh cow dung to make a poultice which was wrapped round the leg. It was held next to the shin using lint and an old sheet. My mother slept with her leg on a chair next to her bed amid protests of disgust at the idea and smell!

Next morning the bandage was unravelled and all the pus which had caused the infection had been released. The leg was washed in time for the District Nurse, who had previously mentioned lancing and hinted at far worse, to make her visit. She could not believe that the leg was now healing and was utterly amazed when the cure was revealed.

The wisdom of Scottish country life.

cow manure
by: Richard

My brother had an infection on his arm, he heard about the cow manure remedy went to a cow yard got some fresh manure and put it on his infection, it worked, I was his younger brother and did not believe this until I saw it. This was in the 50's thanks Richard

Cow patty cure
by: Anonymous

My grandmother had me go out into a pasture and put cow pattys in s large coffee can ( mid sixties) I was mortified someone I knew would see me!. She added fresh milk and heated it it over a fire outside. Applied it to an infected foot wrapped in a cloth. Next day it was healing already. She had tried peroxide, Epsom salt soak and a salve to no avail.
Thank God I never had need of it but it worked! Her grandmother had been a country Doctor. I did have to have to tolerate ammonia grease poultice for a sore throat and it worked too!

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