Bread & Milk Poultice

by Cindy
(Paynesville, MN USA)

When I was a young girl I stepped on a rake & it almost went all the way thru my foot. I went to the ER that day & they cleaned it & dressed it. I did not get a tetanus shot because I had had one recently. When I went to see the family physician 2 or 3 days later, I had blood poisoning halfway up my leg. The Dr. told me to soak the foot in hot hot water & take antibiotics. My grandmother happened to be visiting at the time & she scalded some milk, put a slice of bread in it until it soaked up the milk, then put it on some cloth to make a poultice. We applied the poultice to my wounds & it drew out a lot of the infection each time we applied it. The blood poisoning was gone in a few days.

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Great bread and milk poultice story, Cindy!
by: Jodi

You mentioned something about antibiotics. Were you taking them also?

It's great to have stories like this passed down from our elders continued. That's what these forums are all about!

Thank you!

Bread and Milk home remedy
by: meilander

My mother (90 years old) swears by bread and milk for almost any injury that creates swelling or pain in general. Boils, sprained ankles, or other joint ailments. Bruises, you name it. I don't believe it a cure for everything, but I know it worked on a boil within one day when I was younger. I was amazed. Is there any science to this? I suspected the yeast draws out infection, but not sure? Does anyone know?

bread and milk poultice
by: Anonymous

I sustained a very bad burn in my youth. My parents did not believe in medicine and neglected to have me seen by a doctor. Within a few days, my arm was purplish with infection. A native healer who stopped by to visit my family saw the infection and immediately put on a bread and milk poultice. He stated I would feel pain but by morning it would be healing. The next morning the infection was gone and a healthy scab covered the burn.

Many uses over the years
by: my riah

I've known of the bread/milk poultice since I was 5 yrs old & have seen it done several times. Living on a dairy farm we'd put it on cattle that had bad cuts. One instance the cow had dark puss for several days, Grandma used it and the next day the cow was walking with the leg.

I cut my finger tip off near the knuckle, the scab from the cauterizing was inside the finger after being sewn on. The bread n milk pulled the scab out and a new one formed on the outside.

My roommate used it on an infection of the underarm that wouldn't open. The next morning it had pulled the puss to the surface and the skin opened to let it out.
It will not hurt to at least try it!

Bread and Milk
by: Anonymous

I know that part of it has to do with bread mold. The hot bread left over night will form at least a little mold which will put a penicillin like substance into the wound. And heat from the warm milk will calm the inflamed nerves.

Like magic
by: Steve Weste

Years ago I stabbed myself in the foot with a fish spear. It got infected and I could feel my heartbeat in the infected area. I told my father about it and he put milk on a slice of bread and applied it to the wound wrapping it so it would stay in place. I recall asking if he was going to say some magic words--not having much confidence in it. By morning there was nastiness on the bread and the infection was gone. I've used it a number of times since and know how well it works.

Bread and Milk Poultice Works Great!
by: Cherie

My family has used this old remedy for generations. When I was young my Mum applied it to a nasty, hot, green pussy colored cut I had on my leg. Being young, I hadn't thought to tell her about it until it was quite greenish in color.

She heated the milk. Added bite-sized pieces of the bread to make a moist mash. Then as hot as I could stand it on my leg, she wrapped it in cheese cloth and applied it directly to my wound. She also wrapped it with plastic, a towel and ace bandage to hold it in place. I slept with it overnight and by morning my leg was normal temp to touch, no longer red and all the green goo had been drawn out and was now on the cheese cloth.

I've used it on all my kids. Worked every time. I too have often wondered HOW it works. It is suspected the yeast, which becomes active in warm water/milk, draws bacteria towards it, thus out of the wound.

I asked a Dr. once, the Pediatrician, after he saw an open wound we had already nursed with it. I told him it looked great now. Infection was gone, just healing closed. When I told him about this remedy he was quite surprised--and didn't believe it would work.

The proof is in the puddin''s worked on farms and in family homes for many generations. Wonder if it would cure that nasty flesh eating disease?

It works!
by: Anonymous

When I was a youngster a large fork tine pierced the back of my leg--it became a pusy mess. Fortunately I was staying at grandma's and she put a milk and bread poultice on it--it cleared up overnight. Today I am trying it on a area of my face that seems to have become abcessed/inflamed--my squeezing it didn't help! I am expecting great results.

by: Anonymous

In my first year of university I was upset to find that I suddenly was getting some acne on my face. I had just started a new job too and was chalking it up to stress. I ended up getting a very large zit quite deep under the skin on my chin.. it seemed like it was never going to go away and got bigger and bigger... I had it for about a month when I decided enough was enough and consulted with my esthetician. She pierced through the skin with a needle (which felt awful) then told me to use the bread and milk taped on my chin over night... I was skeptical but desperate at this point. When I got up for work the next morning and took the bandaid off I couldn't believe it actually worked! Four weeks of that and all it took was one night! I am a believer in milk and bread poultices!

It really works!
by: Ada

As a child growing up on a farm stepping on a rusty nail seemed to be a right of passage every summer. My father would make a bread and milk poultice, wrap my foot (or that of one of my sibblings) in a cloth holding the poultice in place and by morning the throbbing and painful nail puncture would be infection and pain free. I don't know how it worked but it really did. Try telling that to the modern parents of today and they'd probably laugh at you. There was no rush to the doctor for a tetnus shot just back to play as usual. Thanks Dad, I miss you!

another success story
by: Anonymous

I was 18 years old and had just taken a large pot of boiling water off the stove. I carried in about 10 feet and dropped it all over both my upper legs. I had jeans on. I ran to the shower and immediately started flushing cold water over it. The jeans kept the heat in, probably helped save my skin. We peeled the jeans off, the legs were red and top layer of skin was peeling. There were some boils.

I was attending a wedding that night. My mother wrapped both legs in poultice dressing, tied it up and off I went to the wedding. I spent most of the night sitting, with ice packs. Next morning I woke up, removed the dressings to find the redness and boils gone. Within a week you couldn't tell anything had happened.

It is magic!

toe infection...
by: Anonymous

I have a very bad infection in my toe...the toenail has grown about a half inch into my is so painful...i just remembered about the bread poultice my father used to i am going to try it...will post my comment in a few days...susan

My Grandmothers Used This, too!
by: Nancy

When I was a child, home remedies were always tried before a trip to the doctor or the ER. The bread and milk poltice was used frequently for any type of infection of the skin from slivers and stepping on a nail to ingrown toenails. It was easy to make, the ingredients were always accessable, and all it cost was a little time. I have used this same remedy on my own children and have passed it on to them. It is painless, which is another plus. When I have applied this to some of my grandchildren, they were very pleased to hear, "This won't hurt, I promise." The infections disappeared withing two days. Sometimes, the old ways are best.
Thanks, Grams'!!

Blotched Circumcision
by: G. Bags

My hippie parents didn't believe in circumcision. their free-love ways included worship of the flesh in its natural form. as such, I was not circumcised as an infant like almost all other boys of my era. in middle school, I was teased in the locker room by the other boys for my 'deformity'...little did they (or I) know that they were the mutilated ones. By high school I was interested in the ladies, but after a few attempts with the gals which ended in my humiliation (each time the young woman ran screaming from my one-eyed snake peeking out at them like the grim reaper from behind his hoodie), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I 'borrowed' a scalpel from the biology lab and took it home. I iced my turtlenecked trouser mouse to numb the pain and then I crudely sliced off the offending foreskin through a waterfall of painful tears. there was so much bleeding... I nearly fainted. afterwards, i bandaged my bloody member up as best I could and awaited the healing. Three days later the scabbed gland was swollen and oozing puss from all directions. I was too embarrassed to tell my parents, but by the fourth day, I couldn't stand the pain and could no longer pee. I finally told my grammy because as a child of the depression, she was always suspect of my parents hippie beliefs. She immediately heated a cup of milk and soaked it up in slices of bread, which she bandaged to my abused stump. then she made me swallow several aspirin and sent me off to bed. I thought she was crazy and sending me off to die, but I was delirious at that point and no longer morning I awoke to find the swelling down and puss drained. we changed out the milky bread dressing many times over the next several days. and within a week I was mostly healed. only regret is that I didn't use a pair of scissors as my cut wasn't very even. Although the remaining bits of jagged foreskin now look like a crown. which I'm proud to report is worshiped by the ladies today. My penis is king of the world...thanks grammy! Got Milk? (and bread)?

by: Anonymous

I'm a 64 year old lady that knows about the bread and milk it truely works. I've used it for boild and infections on my children for years. My son recently had an infection from a sore and we appplied the poltice overnight and it drew out all the poison . When you use the old methods it helps to stop overuse of anti-biotics.

Bread Poultice works great
by: Lorraine

I had a very nasty boil on my arm but no way would it pop, my Moms friend came by and made a bread poultice which she put over my boil with the bread as hot as i could stand, i kept it on overnight and next morning all the puss and core had come by the next day you could not even tell that a boil had been there.

Need to know more about MILK & BREAD POLTICE
by: Anonymous

Hi all,
Thank you all so much for sharing your amazing stories about home-rembedies. I have heard lots of diff ways of dealing with these and I tell you (I have had surgery) for the past cluster of boils I recently had.
I now have a new boil and I REALLY need to know if you drain the milk OUT of the bread OR do you simply apply it and start dressing / bandaging it up saturated with milk? I really want to try this remedy please can someone post a comment and help answer my question FAST :)
I sooo dont want to relive this awful AWFUL boil crap again its horrible.
You guys inspire me to try real things rather than spends lots at the doctors. BUT I must say I am also trying out the Dry Leaf and Dry Grated Soap remedy tonight too. I will post and let you all know how that goes too...Watch this space :)

How to make bread and milk poultice
by: HFHR

First heat some preferable whole milk on the stove almost to scalding. As soon as it's cool enough but still warm dip in your white bread. You can squeeze out the extreme excess but leave it as saturated as possible. Bandage as completely as possible with something that will hold in the moisture. Leave on overnight and repeat if necessary.

Good luck with that boil, annonymous!

Tumeric is also supposed to be very good at clearing up boils. You can use it both internally and externally!

oh yea this works!
by: Dexter

I am writing this in bed, with one on my extremly infected thumb. A few days ago i got an ingrown that started to ooze so I'm now on an iodine and bread poultice as per my dads orders. This has been used for centuries for absolutly anything that needs to be drawn out of the skin. glass or pus or corns or boils. Works everytime. The trick is to add boiling water(or milk) and apply it when its still really really hot. dont scald yourself but it should feel uncomfortable. When i wake tommorrow i expect a glob of pus in my bread. wish me luck with this one!

Milk and bread to the rescue
by: Adam

I was around 11 or 12 years old when I ended up cutting off the tip of my big toy. I was kicking a bottle on the way to school and by doing so the mouth of the bottle ended up chipping and when I kicked it for the last time it cut the end of my toe off. Well long story short my toe got infected and my mother ended up putting a milk and bread wrap on my toe. Within 2 - 3 days the infection had cleared up and the toe healed quickly and cleanly. Works for sure...

Miracle for Blind Pimples
by: Anonymous

I'm 16 and used to frequently get those nasty big blind pimples that seemed as if they would never go away. In desperation i searched the net for blind pimple remedies and stumbled upon this gem. After being a bit skeptical I tried it. To my surprise, it worked amazingly. Whenever I feel one popping up I just make a bread poultice. However, I use bread and boiling water instead of bread and warm milk. It works perfectly though.

Anyway. I love this ok remedy and will use it forever.

My Kitty and I
by: Amy from Ontario

Wow! My cat is 8 yrs old and my vet told me she has cancer even though they did no test. 3 days later the tumor ruptured and it got infected..have been giving kitty antibiotics from jan till may 1st. I started to read up on natural remedies since she lost alot of weight and isn't doing so good including getting sick. I was going to put her down but she's my best friend. I am now using a natural product called TumorX and also started the budwig diet and she seems to be getting a little better and is now starting to eat. I give her distilled water to drink but I read here how people are doing the bread and milk poultice so I really want to thank everyone here as a large piece of it came out...I cried so hard as I know have some faith that this will work.

Bread and Milk Poultice
by: Margaret

I am now 63 years old and as a youngster I was hanging from the clothes line pole swinging back and forth. When I let myself go and landed on the ground..I landed on a board with a large rusty nail in it which went all the way through my foot..through tne bottom and came out the top. My older brother had to hold me down while my mama pulled on the board to pull the nail out of my foot. she had me soak my foot in hot soapy water but the next day there was that red streak running up my legging showing blood poisoning so she make up that bread and milk poultice and put some on the bottom of my foot and also the top of my foot..wrapped it up good and by the next day the red streak was gone from my leg..she still did this a couple more days to be sure all the poisoning was gone.

I also want to add that my husband was out raking the neighbors leaves and he had a big pile in the corner of his fence with a pile he had been piling up for years..My husband ended up standing in the middle of this old pile to rake up the leaves and something bit his leg in the calf area and it became infected and looking awful and black and blue. He did go into the doctor and had antibiotics and it wasn't healing with what the doctor gave him to put on it so I did this bread and milk poultice and it was showing signs of healing the next day..

messy but wonderful
by: Michele

You don't even have to heat the milk, just soak a bit of bread in it and fasten the soggy bread to the wound. Body heat is enough. The bread can be perfectly fresh. I'm a natural skeptic, but this has worked for my family for generations! We are genetically inclined to ingrown toenails and sweaty feet--real infection farms! With the poultice, the pus moves to the surface of the skin and the inflammation shrinks overnight. From the stink of night-old bread, I'd guess that the infection actually moves into the bread.

It worked for me!
by: Anonymous

As a young boy l was bitten by a spider on my thumb.It really swole up. My old English Granny made a bread poultice with gauze,bread,and poured boiling water slowly onto it so as to keep it hot and moist.The puss came out and the swelling came down but I lost the nail which did grow back in time.

Warm milk and bread poultice.
by: Ron D.

When I was a child (in the 60's) I had many sore/swollen throats. My mother would heat some milk and soak bread in it and then wrap it in a wash cloth. Then she would place it on the swollen area on my throat while I was lying down. It would drain out the infection and the swelling would go away. It worked like a charm.

Boils and going gluten free
by: Anonymous

This is for the lady who has the boils.
If you continue to get them, which is what it sounds like, remove all gluten from your diet. I had bad boils under my left arm last year, I went to a doctor and he just told me to soak, and gave me an antibiotic. I kept getting them and so I did a search and found a blog by a large number of people who had the same problem and going gluten free cleared it up. It did for me, and when I did eat some gluten I got more boils and also a very nasty itchy rash. Needless to say I stay away form gluten!

by: Monica

I used the remedy a long time ago but I can not remember...Does it make a difference if you use white or wheat bread and does it matter if it is whole milk or skim?

Poultice Ingredients
by: Anonymous

Monica, use white bread and whole milk for the poultice. The consensus is this is what works best.

Hoorah, for bread and milk poultices !
by: Anonymous

I am now 85 years old, and my earliest memories include the healing "goodness" of bread and milk poultices ! My dad had "fellens" (sp) on his thumbs, very often....and mother always prepared the poultices for their healing qualities. And, I, too, was subjected to the same treatment, although I don't remember why. I am about to prepare one, right now, for my infected toe !

Gambit beagle has a cyst :(((
by: Beagle Mommie

I heard about poultices for several years and their miracle healing....never tried one until 6 1/2yr old beagle Gambit has a cyst on his has already been drained and he was on major antibiotics for 2 wks... It is swelling and filling w/pus said if it was in order...tonight I scalded milk, mashed whole wheat bread(only thing I eat) and put some under a nonstick pad, wrapped nonstick gauze and an IV net covering over it...wish us luck he keeps it on til morning so it can do its work!!!

I am a believer!!!
by: Carol

I grew up with this......I have used the poultice on all my children and tonite made a believer out of my thirteen year old grandson when I used it on his infected mosquito thankful he didn't think Grandma was crazy when I mentioned the bread and milk method!!!!!

Cut middle toe off from the bottom..
by: Anonymous

I cut the tip of my middle toe off yesterday on a vase in the laundry room they couldn't stitch it back on so they just wrapped so today my foot is swollen and bloody I wanted to know can I also use this for that.

Just love using old fashioned remedies
by: Pearalta

I read every story with interest and will definitely try this treatment (externally) out on myself; I have a bladder ailment at the moment, probably a UTI.
My bf always wants the scientific proof when things of this sort are brought up, but I always think F the scientific proof...I've had many problems that I've treated with non-scientific methods and always avoid going to the Drs, unless it's a major emergency. By the way, Drs are great at treating accident victims, but for the rest I haven't really see any miracles (was a nurse at a teaching hospital for 12 years)

Ugly Warts
by: Lil Susie

This works great on Warts! It got rid of my daughters Warts on her hands. My mom heated up milk and then placed the bread w milk on her warts until the milk cooled off and repeated it several times. Within a few weeks the warts had fallen off!

Total recall
by: Mark

I remember having poultices several times when I was a kid (50 years ago). One in particular on what my Mom called a "bealed" finger. I think it was an infection from an ingrown hangnail and my finger swole up so big, red and hard. Very sensitive to the touch.
She made it with bread and warm milk and wrapped it up in gauze. By morning it was normal size and pretty much completely healed. All the pain was gone. ALL.
I am here reading and adding to this thread because I have a nasty boil on my calf and I am desperate to get rid of it and remembered this trick. I found this thread while refreshing my memory.
Time to give it a go! Just trying to figure out how to hold it on my upper, inner thigh.
Where's my duct tape!

This Poultice works wonders
by: Joan Donnelly

Mom had 8 children . Oldest born 1934 & youngest in 1949. We were always barefoot and getting injured but the number of boils mom treated were numerous and it was always with white bread soaked in hot whole milk, Works every time.

Poultice for slivers
by: Anonymous

When I was about 11 years old, I got a sliver from going down to the basement using the 2 x 4 railings. I didn't know how big the sliver was, but the site of the wound wouldn't heal. I went to our family doctor and he probed and searched with no luck in finding the sliver. An older friend of my mother's stopped by and told us about the milk and bread poultice. We heated some milk and mixed in the bread. We applied it to the wound site on my hand and wrapped it up.

Guess what was sticking out of the hole the next morning? A huge one inch sliver! The same one the doctor couldn't find! It healed fine after that. I am a believer in bread and milk poultices!!

by: Anonymous


fixing my foot
by: Anonymous

I am 62 yrs old and I can remember when I was a boy visiting England jumping on a board with a rusty nail in it. The rust went into my foot and became infected. My mon and nan made a bread poltice and cured the problem. However if I remember correctly they added hipsons salt also, spelling may be incorrect.

by: Anonymous

I made the last comment on your site I did not jump on the board when I was visiting England I was visiting Englee a Nfld. community. I thought you would like to have the right info on your site.

My teeth.
by: Anonymous

So I have been going to the dentist, to fix my teeth. I haven't had a tooth ache in a long time, well this passed last week I had a tooth ache that hurt so bad, i went back to the dentist and begged him to pull out the teeth, he said I can't do that until you are fitted for some false teeth, he did say I can order you pain meds, I said no, I have taken some, and I am afraid for my liver, so I left with a tooth ache. I went home and remembered the remedy the bread and milk poultice, so I did that and I prayed, that this pain would go away. I keep in my mouth all day. I went in the kitchen to make dinner and as I was doing that, I couldn't feel my ache any more, but I did taste this yucky taste, and I just start spitting it out, and the bread, but i didn't have a tooth ache any more.The remedy does work. Thank you mom and grandma It is so amazing.

Milk and bread

I wonder how well it really worked? Prior to antibiotics a lot of people died of infection. Raw milk has lactose bacillus in it. That good bacteria might fight off ecoli but raw milk could also make you sick. The bread might have had some qualities as well, either the yeast or mold spores might have done something . My suggestion use triple antibiotic after washing a cut. It's not 1870 we have antibiotics. If they don't work see MD. We have to try hard to treat strains now. MRSA and VRE are common.

Grandpa's Bed Sores & Grandma's Fix
by: Andrew

My grandfather was bedridden at a nursing home and had developed bed sores. My grandmother would chew on the bread and pack his wounds with the emulsified mix.

Doctors wondered what the h*ll she did to make those sores disappear but she would never tell 'em : )

by: Anonymous

to "Anonymous" with reoccuring BOILS. You are probably deficient in Zinc. Try a daily Zinc and D-3 supplement. I bet your boils never come back.
Also extra vitamin C fights infection and heals tissue.

Good health to you!

Old remedies do work
by: Anonymous

My mother would use the hot water and bread poultice on all sores, her mother used it and now I do too. It's easy to do and cheap. Leave the poultice on overnight. Infection will be drawn out. I have seen the results for myself and it really does work.

nail crushed
by: Anonymous

I work in nursing home, and backed a heavy patient over my foot, the result was a black bruise at the bed of my nail, very painful. I put bread and milk on it for a few days and covered it with a bandage, after a few days I took it off and pus ran out and my toe was not painful at all. it then healed. but eventually the nail came off, But I do believe I would have had to go to the doctors for antibiotics, if I hadn't used the old remedy

Motorcycle Accident
by: Anonymous

I knew a guy who had crushed his ankle in a motorcycle accident and had surgery on it, they had put a stainless steel pin about 4"long in the ankle. They left it in for about 6 months with no signs of improvement. He put the bread and cream poultice on it daily and the swelling and drainage went away. He finally got fed up with the pain and took a pair of needle nose pliers and went in and pulled the pin out himself, and found out that the one end of the pin was smooth and tapered, but the other end of the pin was burred like they had cut it off with wire cutters from 2 different angles which with any movement it was constantly tearing it up inside is why it never would heal. After pulling the pin out ,within days it didn't irritate him anymore, infection completely went away and he was getting around with very little discomfort. I don't think the doctors actually knew what they were doing.
Now he's getting around with with little to no pain and back to riding his Harley Davidson 1200 and back to about normal. This is a true story.

by: Anonymous

When I was growing up in Iowa on our farm, we used to get boils from time to time. I got a boil on the back of my left lower leg. It was very painful to walk, and my dad put a bread and milk poultice on it and sent me off to school. I worked but was embarrassing and did not smell good. I have the scars to prove this happened, but the old remedies are amazing and make for nice memories of the good old days!!!

This Poultice works
by: Nisaar

Guys , this Bread and Milk Poultice has been used successfully for many , many years and als there was a "White Lady Bush" in Guyana , used very successfully on bruises and cuts.


the perfect remedy for a boil
by: Anonymous

I had a nasty boil so I tried the milk and bread. I just got a bite size piece and cold milk, I put it on there and in no time the relief was great.
I had a real bad boil, it really needed to be lanced but a friend, told me to try the bread n milk.
Well it worked so good!
I recommend if you're have a boil please try this. it's awesome.I was going to go to the doctors n pay the over $500.00, when this cost nothing but about .30 cents,
Thanks to this old remedy!

Definitely a miracle worker!
by: Val

My son developed a huge boil on the back of his neck, and it almost killed him to even touch it. I took him to the doctor where they lanced it and squeezed it with all their might. After 3 doctor's visits of 3 nurses holding him down, him screaming in pain, and both of us in tears, we were at wits end. I did NOT want to take him back to the doctor for more torture, but the boil was still there. My mother-in-law made a poultice of bread & milk and put it on his neck and wrapped it. By morning the bread was green & moldy, and there was nothing left of the boil. I told a nurse about it later, and she sounded just like the skeptic on here about dangerous milk. That boil is gone and hasn't returned, so I'm a firm believer, and Isaiah definitely is!

Bread poultice worked over night for me!
by: Anonymous

I am so grateful for the testimonials on the bread poultice. I unfortunately had major boil develop from lot of ingrown hairs in one area on my lady parts... I couldn't walk or stand without feeling a big lump of pain. I went to the doctor and prescribed pain meds and antibiotics. After day 2 of taking the medication the bump got even more swollen because the toxins were trying to escape without a way out. In tears the Lord told me to Google and I ran across this article and testimonials. I figured I would give the bread poultice a try that night and it worked like magic!!! The puss came out over night and I continued to treat my vaginal area throughout the day with the bread... it works!! Thanks for sharing

Bread & hot water poultice
by: Marie

When I was a young girl my Mum used to use a thick slice of bread with hot water, and applied to boils. The bread had to be as hot as I could stand and then wrapped up with bandages.
By morning any infection, pus in the wound had gone, no more boils.
She never used milk, but as read here milk seems to work just as well

Works on mosquito bites too
by: Osan

I'm allergic to mosquito bites. (not the throat swelling cutting off breathing allergic, but the swells up to a golf ball type of allergic.)

When I was a kid in the plains of Canada I got bit to hell and could barely move. My dad soaked some white bread in cold milk, put the mix on all my bites, wrapped everything up with packing tape to keep the milk in and told me to take a nap. About 5 minutes in the bites started to ache but I left it all on and waited. The bites didn't go away completely but the swelling was much much reduced and the itching went down to more manageable levels.

Long story short, whenever a mosquito bites me these days I still make a bread/milk poultice and grab the packing tape (though reading accounts here I think I'll try cheese cloth and ace bandages instead from now on).

P.S. I've tried anti itch creams including that pink stuff that turns white but still nothing works quite as well.

Bread Poultice on Little House on the Prairie
by: Mac

Found this website after a google search after seeing Caroline Ingall's use a bread poultice in Little House on the Prairie. Crazy! I'm definitely going to try it. Thanks for all the info! :-)

Horsefly bite
by: Angie lordan

I was bitten by a horse fly a couple of days ago, my leg is very swollen, red and hard so tonight I'm doing the bread milk and turmeric and I'll let you know the result in the morning 😁

helps cat bites
by: Anonymous

I worked at an spca that had several feral cats and can't even count how many times I got bit. we always put bread and milk on the wounds and never got infections. I was recently bit by my cat,I didn't put bread and milk on it a week later I have a very painful infection that may require surgery if the antibiotics don't bad should have used it.

Lump on back near spine
by: Anonymous

I had knee replacement over a year ago and where I had the epidural, it had developed a lump. The area keeps filling up and I had the doctor drain it. It has filled up again and I think
I have a boil in the same area. It’s very painful and sore to the touch. Not sure if I shoul try a bread poults but I’m terrified I might have to have it lanced. I’ve heard the procedure is VERY painful. Does anyone have any advise.

Poison osk
by: E Jo

I developed a nasty rash and infection from poison oak. Legs and arms. Very gross and oozing red and itchy. I’m going to try this when I get home after work. I will tell you if it works or not since there is nothing on this site about it with regards to poison oak but I’m can tell you this infection sucks!!!
Wish me luck:)
I’ll report back
E Jo

Boil on big toe
by: Dimizo

When I was 7 years old (now 64), I cut my foot on some glass. Went to the doctor who cleaned & bandaged the foot and after a couple of weeks it cleared up. Some months later my big toe started to shows signs of infection, a boil my Mum thought. It got worse and worse and eventually after trying various remedies Mum put a bread and milk poultice on the toe and the infection started to clear up. After a few days of applying the poultice Mum looked at it and saw something just sitting on top of the toe. It was a thin piece of glass which had worked all the way through the toe, drawn out by the poultice. The infection quickly cleared up after that. Amazing. For the last 6 weeks I have had a toe infection (same toe, would you believe), caused by an ingrown toe nail. To date, I have had antibiotic ointment & twice daily dressings, 2 different sets of antibiotics and soaking the toe in Epsom salts. Nothing has fixed it, so tonight I am trying the bread and milk poultice. Hopefully it works as well as it did 57 years ago.

bread and milk poltis for infection
by: annie

Been trying desperately to find the answer what properties and why milk and bread poultices work. help?

Surgeon suggested this
by: Abby

I've been reading this thread with interest, having returned from an appointment with my surgeon. I've had breast cancer but after my op, Istarted having problems with some existing varicose veins. My surgeon told me that he had heard that bread and milk might be the solution. Two questions: 1. Does anyone have any info about this remedy being used on varicose veins or for thrombophlebitis? 2. Could I use oat milk?

Keloids infection
by: Anonymous

Bread milk is healing recurring infection of keloids in amazing way

My mother did the same thing
by: Anonymous

My mother was skilled at natural healing remedies. And I was skilled at get cuts and scrapes and not taking care of them until they were infected. My mother made this same bread milk poultice and it always worked like a charm. She also used olive oil for outer ear infections and mud for bee stings. If it weren’t for her I probably would have had at least a dozen more ER visits.

Response to Cyoung4864

Your snarky tone is quite out of place here. Yes, we do have antibiotics nowadays. They are severely overused and beginning to lose efficiency. If more people paid a bit of attention to home remedies, this wouldn't be as big as an issue as it it. I can tell you personally the stuff is a miracle. I'm a former heroin addict. Having to reuse needles led to more abcesses than I could count. I had 2 choices. Wait days or even weeks for them to swell, hurting badly and limiting movement all that time, I could go to the doctor, pay a ridiculous amount of money for some antibiotics and a visit. Or I could use bread and milk. I found this a few years ago online and thought "what the heck, I'll try anything at this point". Well, within 1-2 applications within 24-48 hours, the infections were 99% gone. No redness, no swelling,most importantly, no pain. I'm only in my 30s and whenever I try to tell someone about this, they think I'm crazy. I may be crazy, but I'm crazy without any infections. This, in a roundabout way, also led me off of heroin. Searching for natural remedies led me to Kratom. It's a miracle plant that helps chronic pain, anxiety, depression and helps stop addiction in it's tracks. Of course, the FDA is trying to ban it, regardless of all it's proponents. That's because big pharma can't profit off home remedies. Well, screw big pharma, I'll stick w what works.

I forgot to add..

There's a few things you can add to make it even more effective.I add activated charcoal, tea tree oil and tumeric. The oil and tumeric are super infection fighters and the charcoal soaks up all the nastiness. If anyone has more questions, reach me on QUORA by searching Annet Quintana.

by: Anonymous

I scraped my arm gardening and it infected. My Dr worried cause it was close to my elbow. He packed it with cotton swabs.after a week he removed but it was still draining so I didn't want it to scab over..I used Bread and Milk poultice. The morning it had a small scab. I lifted it with my fingernail, and the scab came out, It was a half inch sliver pulled out by the poultice! I have used this on my kids many times,learned it from Mom, (born 1913) She even used it on our pets, and bigger animals on the farm where she learned it!
My Doctor dismissed it as old wives treatment, but it should be in medical books!!

Step-father's Remedy
by: J.B. Frame

I was 13, fooling around with a rusty hot dog fork, throwing it into the ground to make it stick. I got my toe. Bad swelling & infection. He mixed up some sourdough bread and milk. It worked almost overnight.

bread and milk
by: Christine

When I was young I had a boil on my knee and my grandmother put bread and milk on a clean clothe to draw the poison out. I even had one on my behind and it worked ever time. I am 66 and it works.

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