Bread and milk poultice

by Dorothy Carr
(Taylors, SC)

I grew up using a bread and milk poultice for things like ingrown toenails and boils or anything that got infected. As a mother of 7 I also used them on my children. My youngest son had stepped on something outside and got a little cut. We couldn't find anything in the cut but a couple days later the top of his foot was red. Poultice time!! The redness disappeared but a couple weeks later a finger tip size lump appeared on top of his foot. Whatever he stepped on was still in his foot and had worked its way to the top of the foot. We took him to a podiatrist and I told him the story. When I mentioned the poultice, he said, "WHERE did you come up with THAT?" I proudly said, "My Mother!" He said I'm lucky milk is pastuerized nowadays or it might have caused a worse infection. I don't agree.

Also my oldest son got bit by someone's dog and didn't want to go to the Dr. The wound was cleaned right away. The next night at church I noticed his hand was red and told myself we needed to put a poultice on it. Two night with a poultice and it was fine.
No matter what Drs. say, I believe poultices work.

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Bread and milk poultice
by: Becky from San Diego

Two days ago I put a bread and milk poultice on my teenage daughter's infected ingrown toenail. We released some of the pus (yuk, I know :) and then applied the poultice, place a cotton pad over it, and kept it in place with a little medical tape (so the poultice could dry out). We did overnight, two nights in a row, and all is now well!

My great grandmother, who travelled west in covered wagon, would have been around 120 years old if she were still alive today. She was the one who passed on this healing remedy and by golly it has worked for every one of us in our family who has suffered from infected toes over the years. It stands to reason that it would work for other boil or splinter type infections as well.

Bread and Milk Poultice
by: Judy B.

When I was a child in the 60s, I got a bad sore on my arm. Mom made a bread and milk poultice and placed gauze over it, then plastic wrap over night. The next morning the infection had come to a head and after cleaning it, healed very quickly.

by: B

My doctor actually suggested a bread poultice for a finger infection. Works a charm!

bread and milk poultice for boils
by: Anonymous

When I was a young girl in the 60's I frequently suffered with painful boils on the legs. My grandmother always applied warm bread and milk poultices - it worked every time, drawing the infection to the surface and giving relief. The poultice was painful when first applied due to the heat as she always insisted it had to be fairly hot to work its best.

may cause infection to increase
by: Anonymous

My parents used the bread and boiled milk poultice. Yes, it drew out the pus, but, as one physician pointed out, there is sugar in bread. Sugar could increase bacterial growth.

Milk poultice cures blood poisoning.
by: Anonymous

When I was nine, I got blood poisoning from a blister on the heal of my right foot. This was due to a loose fitted shoe. The red line had made it just past my knee when I showed it to my mom. My mom placed a hot milk and bread poultice on it twice a day for a week. After three days, my red line was gone.

Bread and milk poultice
by: Janie

My grandmother used Bread and milk poultice for boils or other infections on the skin. Bread can also be soaked in hot water. Worked great and best if applied for a length of time, an hour or overnight.

bread poultice
by: Anonymous

When I was a nursing student 50 years ago we were taught to make a bread poultice. As a mother of 6 I have used it often. There is nothing comparable. Its easy, its cheap and it works.

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