Blood Root Black Salve

"When reading or watching this onformation I am hoping that you are smart enough not to try this without first giving it careful research. If you have never used black salve or bloodroot salve or seen it used, don't just start slathering it on. Blood root is a plant that can cause a great deal of damage or heal great wounds, depending on how it is used.

This video was made as a beginning point in interested parties research.

Blood root salve is made simply by grinding blood root with a binding agent; like flour or charcoal. This can be wrapped and frozen. To use it though you must put Chloride of Zinc into the salve before you spread it over the wound.

As I said, when i was younger I saw it cure gangrene. It is not a salve for everyday use, but for wounds that have not responded to any other treatment. If you have the use of a doctor, use one. That's only the smart thing to do. ;-) I don't say this to be a jerk, but because I don't want anyone to get hurt trying this.

Black salve or vlood root salve is a powerful medicine that has helped in the removal of infected tissue and cancer tissue. But even inhaled as you make it can cause problems. Research, research, research, please before you try it.

I've never personally used it but I do keep some around JIC. Please be careful."


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Compound X or Black Salve
by: TFT

Both my husband and I use Compound X (Black Salve, Indian Mud) to remove skin cancers, moles, etc. For him, there has been some pain. For me, no pain at all was experienced. Follow the directions carefully. It is not difficult. Don't mess with the process. Be patient. It usually takes only 14 days at the most for the abnormal cells to come out, usually in a clump similar to a tumor. It is said it is not a gentle healer. My son, who erects cell towers, used it. He had a mole/wart/spot on the top of his head. We applied it. In a few days he was in so much pain he could barely stand it. The pain lasted for a few days also. At one point, we took him to Emergency at the Hospital. They did blood work of all kinds but found nothing going on. The pain was immense. He lived through it, passed a large tumor about the size of a quarter through the place on his head and was fine. I suspect his body was full of radiation being employed as he is with cell tower work. I do think, however, that this episode has, perhaps, saved him from a serious cancer in the future. My thinking is he should do this cleanse ever so often, but he should do it orally and follow the 20 day program maybe once ever few years. Compound X or Black Salve is a cancer cure--much more mild than chemo or radiation.

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