Be proactive and learn some of the best cold sore cures and treatments you can do at home!

Cold sores are usually caused by the herpes-simplex type 1 virus which we all have been exposed to. Some of us are immune and some have repeated outbreaks such as the cold sores on lip, whether upper or lower. Common triggers can be stress, sunlight, mentruation, fatigue or anything that suppresses the immune system.

It's important to know that cold sores are extremely contagious! The virus is carried in saliva so it can be easily passed from person to person by even a simple kiss. You can also spread the virus to even your eyes if careful hygiene isn't practiced during treatment. Some tips for this are:

  • Keep your toothbrush in a spot where it can air dry. Exposure to sunlight is good too. You can pour some hydrogen peroxide over your toothbrush after using also. It makes a great mouthwash also!
  • Buy a small tube of toothpaste during an outbreak so you're not exposing your main tube to the virus. Then throw it away.
  • Throw away your toothbrush after a cold sore outbreak and replace with a new one.

Best Cold Sore Cures

It's best to start fighting cold sores as soon as you feel that telltale tingle and you just know you're getting one!

Vinegar - Vinegar, whether apple cider vinegar or white, is very acidic and virus's have a hard time surviving in an acidic environment. Use a cotton swab and dab on the vinegar several times a day. Be sure to use a clean swab each time!

Lysine and Cold Sores - Research has shown that taking 3,000 milligrams of the amino acid lysine daily during an outbreak can speed healing drastically!

Ice - Applying ice to your cold sore not only eases the pain but if you do this several times a day at the first tingling signs, it may reduce the size and the healing time.

Lemon Balm - Lemon Balm (or Mellisa) is an herb that has been used in Germany as one of the best cold sore cures! They actually have an over the counter ointment that has worked with great success. If you can't find the ointment you simply make a strong lemon balm tea to dab on. Won't hurt to drink some of this delicious tea either!

Zinc - We know that zinc is good for fighting the cold virus but it's also helpful to take 15 milligrams of zinc a day to fight cold sores!

Elderberries - Elderberries are another herb that has antiviral properties. You could try dabbing on an elderberry tincture or even a commercial product such as Sambucol.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil is also antiviral and if you have a full blown cold sore that has crusted over coat it with this oil to help prevent it from cracking and bleeding. Don't use your fingers! Use a cotton swab to prevent transmitting the virus to the jar!

Foods to Avoid During a Breakout - The herpes virus needs the amino acid arginine to survive so avoid eating foods such as chocolate, cola, nuts, gelatin, peas, beer and whole grain cereals.

Don't forget hygiene!!

  • Avoid touching your cold sore with your fingers!
  • Don't share water glasses, washcloths, towels or toothbrushes!
  • Avoid touching your eyes!


  • If you also have a fever, swollen glands or flu symptoms.
  • Your cold sore is so painful that you can't eat or brush your teeth.
  • You develop any eye pain or sensitivity to light!


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Oregano Oil for Cold Sores 
My quickest and my favorite remedy is oregano oil. It zaps the life out of the cold sore. Immediately!!! It burns, but the sucker shrinks and dies so fast. …

Lemon Balm and Clove for Cold Sores 
A friend asked me what kind of remedy I had up my sleeve for cold sores as she had two of them at one time. I happened to have some lemon balm tincture …

tea tree oil, patchouli oil or lavender oil  
Either of these 3 essential oils knock a cold sore out for me in less than 3 days. Much better than any OTC medication.

Cold Sore Relief 
If you spray Right Guard Deodorant on your finger and rub on the site where the cold sore (tingly feeling) is or the developed cold sore, it dries it up …

Oreganol for cold sores 
One drop 3 x a day of oreganol. You can buy it in health food stores and grocery stores ..2 drops under tounge 3 x a day to cut a cold or virus in half …

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