Be Aware of What you Eat

by Colin Waddell
(Fort St John, BC, Canada)

If you are reading this, there is obviously a reason, rooted in health concerns. Many, if not most of you will recognize the following truths. My intention is to provide information to all but particularly newcomers, those who are just entering this world.

Food consumes humanity, every bit as much as we consume it. The more affluent among us indulge in exotic fare while the less (financially) fortunate often have few choices. Regardless of circumstances, your health is at risk due to, ‘Processed Foods.’

It has become almost impossible to avoid processed foods, whether from a drive-thru or in a package/can etc.

It is not the occasional consumption of these ‘foods’ which is harmful but the cumulative effects. There is clear misdirection regarding the true causes of ‘disease’ and premature death. Just as clear are the indicators that unhealthy additives are responsible. The medical profession, in collusion with government insists on categorizing disease and death by relating them to ‘conditions,’ such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. It seems almost conspiratorial that no organization will step up and declare that the cumulative effects of food additives are the cause of these ‘modern day’ epidemics.

Despite a litany of proof that governments cannot be trusted with paper money, (let alone food safety) we tend to believe what we see on (government regulated) labeling.

Most governments are much more concerned with economics than the health and well-being of the citizen. For that reason, they allow ingredients of doubtful value to be included into many of the ‘processed’ foods available. Worse yet, they allow the disguise or outright exclusion of many ingredients. Examples of disguised ingredients are, ‘hydrolyzed vegetable protein,’ (HVP) and its cousin ‘textured vegetable protein,’ (TVP.) The names sound innocuous but they are in fact used to disguise the addition of MSG, a known neurotoxin. More information can be found at the following link.

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protien

Many ingredients of suspicious origin and/or value are added to processed foods with no mention on the label while generic descriptions often obfuscate ingredients.

‘Vegetable oil’ is an example. As a general observation, 90% of available “cooking” oils are inherently toxic. Methods used to extract these oils cheaply, involve techniques much the same as those used to refine fuels, extreme heat and pressure. The only oils which have any health value are ‘cold pressed’ or extracted by other manual means.

My favourite is Canola. If you have bought into the ‘health’ aspects of this product, please disabuse yourself.

Here’s a test of edibility that can be adapted to all manner of substances. In seasonable conditions, place two small containers in an outdoor area. Separate them by at least 3 feet. Add some butter to one and canola oil to the other. Observation will show that no living creature, (not even the cat) will approach the canola while birds, insects and yes, the cat will eagerly consume the natural butter.

Reading the links will inform you that canola was originally developed as a bio-fuel. In its present form, (as you purchase it from the supermarket) it can be used as a substitute for diesel. My brother in law proved this to me by adding it to the fuel tank of an old tractor. Although slightly diluted, it ran as well as it would have on straight diesel fuel. Canola is also a great fire accelerant. I carry a jug in the camper to aid in igniting wet wood for campfires. It is also excellent as a lamp oil and has the added advantage of driving off all manner of insects. (Avoid inhaling the fumes.)

You cannot avoid consuming many of these toxins. The aim should be to drastically reduce exposure. The healthy human body is quite capable of eliminating small quantities of toxic material. It is mindless, continuous consumption that will catch up with you. The result will surely be premature death but that is not the worst. The worst may be the incapacitation and suffering you endure prior to that event.

Focus on a healthy, balanced regimen of consumption while allowing the occasional indulgence. Becoming over-focused on avoiding toxins may lead to paranoia which can be just as debilitating.

My personal objective is to balance the physical, metaphysical and mental aspects of life. Always a challenge but worthwhile, IMHO!

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