Bad Things About Cat-nip

by Bella

Callie Cat

Callie Cat

People think cat-nip is harmless and they give it to their cats. When they do this, their cat can become addicted to it and not want anything else. One time a cat died from eating catnip. People use it so they don`t have to pay much attention to their cats.
I like reading about cats because my family has a cat.I want to read about cats so i will know how to tell what my cat wants.
Companies sell many toys for cats with catnip in them such as Wall-Mart and Petsmart.
One day I hope people will not use cat-nip to drug up their cats.

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Cats and Catnip
by: HFHR

Hi Bella,

I can understand your concern but I don't believe catnip is harmful to cats. I'm fortunate enough to live in the country and I have a beautiful 8 year old cat that has lived both indoors and out all her life. I also grow both catnip and valerain (which cats also love) and once in a while I'll catch her taking a sniff or nibble and it hasn't done her any harm in all these years and she has access to both plants every day throughout the summer. She's been a healthy and happy Callie cat. (See pics!)

Who knows, since cats have this built in attraction to catnip just like a monarch to the milkweed plant, could there even be some kind of health benefit to them that we don't know about?

Just my thoughts, though I wouldn't suggest anyone offer their indoor cats catnip everyday, once in while sure can't hurt.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I think Bella is right about cat nip. I agree.

its not addictive.
by: shaleen1

I think bella may be a young girl, not an expert. Catnip is not poisonous to cats at all! Since the biginning of time cats have been attracted to the plant, and no cats will not become addicted. If you expose your cat to catnip too much they actually will lose intetest, catnip is an herb and not a recreational drug. Just because you hear stories about silly little kids trying to smoke it doesnt mean it will get you "stoned" and impair your judgement. Enjoy the herbs benefits, and let your cat nibble it, God put it here for a reason.

Catnip Almost Killed My Cat
by: John Mitten

I gave my cat too much catnip. He fell asleep. A little while later I tried to wake him up. He wouldn't wake up. I was frightened, as I rubbed him and wiggled him and there was zero response. If there were someone with me, I believe they would yell that's your cat looks dead. I picked him up and swayed him back and forth, breathed into his mouth, banged on his chest and back, and no response. His chest wasn't moving like when you breathe. I believe he had become so relaxed that his respiratory system was either off or shutting down. I believe my Buddy's little soul was about to depart to Heaven. I was terrified and I cried out to God to please help and don't let him die, for he is all I have. His eyes, which stared blank, started to move and he came too. Then he started to move and became normal. I think there needs to be a scientific investigation by vets and others regarding catnip and death. I feel certain that at least one other person had this same horrifying

My Cat Was Dying From Catip (Just a short PS here)
by: John Mitten

I just wrote about my cat Buddy and him almost dying from catnip. I just wanted to add my name here, in case you or anyone else answers my post. I am John Mitten, at Today is April 16, 2018. Thank you.

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