Bacon Fat Poultice for a Sebaceous Boil

by I Kinnell

One of my fathers and the most impressive thing I've seen!

My brother was afflicted with a large boil to the side of the nose. A blocked sebaceous gland.
Minor surgery had been mooted, however my father saw it and said 'Don't talk nonsense come here..' He cut a small strip of bacon fat placed it over the boil and secured with a sticking plaster, saying "Come and see me at the end of the week"
My brother did so and I was on hand to see the sticking paster removed and with it every last ounce of the boil. Not a pretty site. However after a wash, the skin healed perfectly within a couple of days.

Apparently the raw bacon fat breaks down the skin/flesh making it, for want of a better word 'rotten' soft & pulpy...Yep that's about right!

I've never heard of it before. My Father's from Glasgow by the way and a child of the war years and post war austerity. He has a very straightforward way with ailments, from a (apparently) scientific viewpoint and mistrusts doctors and just about all medication. His mantra is if an ailment is caused by a foreign or rogue body, it's because it finds the conditions perfect. Make the condition uncomfortable! From Lime juice cordials to raise acidity in the stomach for minor upsets (works) to eating raw onions for throat infections or gargling salt. He's a hit at kids parties!
No painkillers either. It rubbed off on me and saved my life.
Never taking painkillers - I phoned a friend for some one night. She actually came to the house to see what was wrong because she knew I never take painkillers.
A few hours later I was in intensive care... but that's another story.

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by: Anonymous

I'm very interested in this idea of not taking pain killers!! I am in chronic pain daily and stuggling with day to day life. I am regularly taking opioid medication due to not having a choice about it. I hate doing it, but currently haven't found any other options. Can you suggest anything that might help me... I broke my eye socket 4 years ago, had surgery to fix it all, but the surgeon made mistakes and now I have permanent nerve damage and other issues. I can not even touch my face to wash, itch, apply sunscreen.... anything! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

bacon fat DOES draw...
by: Anonymous

When I was a young child (nearly 50 years ago) I thought it was a great idea to slide down an old, weathered board that my grandmother I called Big Mama used to prop-up the clothesline laden with wet, heavy clothes. It drove a huge splinter (nearly 2inches long) deep into my right buttock. It was extremely painful!!! Big Mama taped a fairly large peice of bacon fat over it and I slept with it. The next morning it had drawn the splinter SO far out that the rest came in tact and ease. I will never forget that!

glad to see this
by: Anonymous

I was about 13 when I had some sort of boil on my arm. I couldn't get it to heal. My mom had no recommendations other than leave it alone other than keeping it clean. My grandmother told us how stupid we were, and made me put a little piece of bacon fat under a bandaide and put it on the spot. The next morning every bit of infection was drawn out. It still seems counter intuitive to me today, but it worked then as well as a couple of other times I tried it.

Bacon fat cures boils and infections
by: Anonymous

It is the combination of the fat as a moistener and the salt in the bacon that draw out the impurities. Usually overnite will work but if not completely healed reapply fresh fat and leave on another 24 hrs.

bacon fat on carbuncles and boils
by: Anonymous

My dad, raised with Czech and Russian ways always applied bacon fat to a boil. Cover with bandage and check in 24 hrs. Boil and any infection will be drawn out.

Bacon fat for spiderbites
by: Anonymous

It just came to mind that my grandmother would apply a raw bacon poultice to my spider bites when I was young (1950's), so I found your website while searching for the reason this worked. Thank you for the posts! It now makes sense!
Loved my grandma!!

infection healing with bacon
by: Anonymous

When I was eight years old I had a bad bicycle wreck that caused a large scrape on the palm of my hand. As a kid it was always dirty and in time caused a bad infection that turned into blood poison with a red line up past my elbow. My mom placed the white part of uncooked bacon on the infected spot ot my hand. And wrapped in with strips of material. By morning all infection was pulled from my àrm into the bandage ,and with just a couple more days the scrape was healed as well.

Spot on back
by: Dwight Huth

I have had a spot on my back since around 2002. It has been getting larger ever since. Now it has gotten to the point of when I sleep on my back or lean against a wall there is slight pain. The spot went from about the size of pea to nearly two inches long and about half an inch raised.

I showed my mom and she said let's put some bacon fat on if. So that is what I did. I can't wait to see if the bacon draws the spot out tomorrow.

Bacon Fat Cure
by: Anonymous

My folks married young and were poor. I stepped on a nail and developed blood poisoning that was a red line going up my ankle. Mom called my great grandma who said,"Bacon fat will cure it." Mom applied a piece of bacon fat to the puncture and wrapped it up. She also changed it before I went to bed and after just 8 hours the red line was much shorter. The next morning the blood poisoning was gone. I have used this on spider bites, boils, and insect bites. It always works, but on spider bites, I change the fat every 12 hours and it usually takes 3-4 days to completely draw out everything.

Raised in the hills
by: Anonymous

I was 4 or 5. Stepped on a rusty nail. The nail came out the top of my foot. My 2 brothers stood on the board that had the nail in it, pulled me off the nail. Crying in pain and trauma, my mom put bacon on my foot. The pain was insane. No infection thou, and it healed right up.

Years later. My father was in the hospital. He was a diabetic and had stepped on a nail. The hospital said the infection was bad and they would remove his foot, the next day. Everyone laughed when mom came in the hosputal with the bacon. Doctors all laughed the most. The next day. The doctor removed the bacon and bandage. A little push on the spot and infected stuff sprayed the doctor and wall. Dads foot healed right up.

Infection Boils Bacon
by: Shelly

It works. Amazingly. My mother is of Hungarian descent. My father is from the South.
World's apart but both my grandmother's used bacon.

Well Said - Add More Info To This
by: Jenny

Hello & THANK YOU for sharing! My Father grew up in Amish farming country VERY poor & was a farmer himself. At age 16 I needed surgery for Pilonidal tailbone cyst - mass of ingrown hair. Before I got to the doctor I phoned my Dad. He drove right over. He PAINFULLY drained the cyst - lay a fatty piece of bacon over open wound. Lay cotton ball on this & covered w large bandaid. He said keep on over night & in morning soak in warm bath, cleaning area with antibacterial soap. I was 16 & upset a nasty fatty piece of bacon was on me. Tho, since the area had fever, the COLD bacon felt WONDERFUL! And, by morning, after washing, it was nearly healed. BLEW MY MIND!! Working in ER years later I asked one of the more "common sense" MD's EHY DID THIS WORK? MD stated the "nitrates" & "salrs" in fatty part of bacon DRAWS OUT the INFECTION. It worked for me & seemed like magic as a teenager.
Other thing you mentioned, acidity level of upset stomach & drinking lime juice - YES!! However, I use medium hot sause for upset stomach my ENTIRE life, & CRAVE IT when caught EARLY ON. I found the vinegar & cayenne pepper neutralize the stomach acids & cayenne pepper "numbs" the entire situation. Also, hear lemons juice does the same too. So when I'm feeling ill & chug a gulp of hot sauce out of bottle, people are horrified & don't believe me...quite sad their ignorance.
And last, for headache coming on - go have SEX!! Your good feeling body chemisty zaps that headache away. Good Luck, Jenny

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