auto urine poultice, or as my grandma said when we cut ourselves: "go pee on it"

by Elaine
(Costa Blanca, Spain)

auto urine means your own urine. It sounds disgusting, but it is your own perfect pharmacy - a healing cocktail mixed personally for you, by you!!

Urine is perfectly sterile when it is excreted from the body and is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Any wound or injury, any bite or sting, any rash or skin ailment - make a poultice from your own urine - place it on the afflicted area - bandage it on and cover with cling film to keep the urine on your skin and stop it from dripping out. Change the poultice every 24 hours until the ailment has healed.

Urine contains urea, and together with the other nutrients in urine it acts as a powerful skin conditioning substance that promotes new skin growth. Urine contains all the antibodies that you need to cure your own skin/ skin diseases. It is not a waste product, as many of us erroneously believe. It is highly filtered serum containing nutrients and antibodies that are in excess in your own blood.
Use your own urine for best results.

Relieves and cures sunburn, psoriasis, excema, gangrene, dandruff, piles, acne, fungus afflictions e.g. athlete's foot, viral infections e.g. chicken pox scabs,
on burns or areas that are too sensitive at first to have a compress applied just spray the urine on the area and let it dry in - repeat spraying and then apply the urine soaked poultice.
instantly relieves and cures insect bites and stings.
Clean and dress wounds, cuts, abrasions or any skin problem with urine.

Don't worry about the smell - it disappears as the urine dries.
You have your own free pharmacy inside you!!!

The following are the average quantities of various substances listed below, in
100 milliliter
of urine as reported in Introduction to Biochemistry by Dr. Pharon:
Substance mg./100ml.
1. Urea nitrogen 682.00
2. Urea 1459.00
3. Creatinin nitrogen 36.00
4. Creatinin 97.20
5. Uric acid nitrogen 12.30
6. Uric acid 36.90
7. Amino nitrogen 9.70
8. Ammonia nitrogen 57.00
9. Sodium 212.00
10. Potassium 137.00
11. Calcium 19.50
12. Magnesium 11.30
13. Chloride 314.00
14. Total sulphate 91.00
15. Inorganic Sulphate 83.00
16. Inorganic phosphate 127.00
17. N/10 acid 27.80
Some other important constituents of urine are as follows:
(1) Enzymes:
(a) Amylase (diastase)
(b) Lactic dehydrogenase (L.D.H.)
(c) Leucine amino-peptidase (L.A.P.)
(d) Urokinase
(2) Hormones :
(a) Catechol amines (b) Hydroxy-steroids
(c) 17-Catosteroids (d) Erythropoietin
(e) Adenylate cyclase (f) Prostagelandins
(g) Sex hormones
(3) Miscellaneous
(a) Copper (b) Urobilinogen
There is a strong possibility of there being several other beneficial substances not yet known
to science, in addition to the above substances present in urine.

You might hear people say that urea is toxic - that is true but only in very high quantities, the quantity it is in your urine is absolutely perfect for your skin.
just think - most substances if you partake in excess it's toxic, everyone knows this: if you drink one glass of wine it has beneficial effects. If you drink the whole bottle you'll end up with alcohol poisoning and all the symptoms to prove it - headache, feeling fragile etc.

Why pay $$$s for a pharmaceutical salbe containing horse urea or even synthetic urea when you have your own supply on tap for free?

Urine has been used since the beginning of time to cure ailments and only fell out of favour in the last century as the pharmaceutical industry took over our medical universities.

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Urine poultice
by: Mindi

How do you make a poultice with my urine for athletes foot? Or do I just use it as a spray?

athletes foot
by: Elaine

for athletes foot the best is a foot bath in the day and a poultice at night. Collect enough urine to make foot bath deep enough to cover the effected area of your foot and put your foot in it for as long as you are able (I use a washing up bowl)the longer the better! After the bath dry your feet thoroughly.
For a poultice I saturated kitchen paper towels or cotton wool with urine and wrapped it round the affected areas of my feet, then wrapped that with clingfilm (plastic wrap) and just to make sure the bed stays dry I wrapped that with a towel.
The next morning dry your feet thoroughly. (DON'T wash them!!!)

do this every day/night until the athlete's foot has gone away.

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