Arthritic Joint Pain

by Joan
(Seymour CT USA)

Dr. Oz recommend making a paste from cayenne pepper powder and apple cider vinegar (I use organic) for arthritic joint pain. I made it so it would spread easily and placed it on the area of one knee's trigger spots which hurt to the touch when pressing in gently . I allowed it to dry and went to sleep leaving it on. The next morning that knee was delightfully less painful. From my experience I need to be cautious of how much of the paste is placed on the joint as it can cause a burning feeling when I go too heavy. I have olive tone skin and I think anyone with very light skin would have to experiment to find the correct amount. I did it nightly at first for the first week and now I use the pressure test to see how much it reacts with pain and use the paste when needed at night. I placed some wrap around the knee to keep the paste off my be clothing however I realized when it dried it just drops off and can be picked up with the hand. Mostly it just dropped off on the floor as I stood in the morning. I keep a towel there and dispose of the dried paste.

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