Another Benefit of Flaxseed

Blue Flax Seed

Blue Flax Seed

You probably know flaxseeds contain high levels of dietary fiber as well as lignans, an abundance of micronutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseeds may lower cholesterol levels and studies suggest that flax seeds taken in the diet may benefit individuals with certain types of breast and prostate cancers.

What you probably don't know is that another benefit of flaxseed is it's power as a drawing poultice! A flaxseed poultice is excellent for drawing out infections, swelling, splinters, poisons and even pain.

Flaxseed Poultice Instructions:

Use about 1 ounce of ground or powdered flaxseed and mix with just enough cold water to make a paste.

Spread the paste evenly over the injured area then cover with plastic. Cover the plastic with a light cloth and tape it on. Leave on a minimun of 20 minutes preferably an hour or more. This may be repeated several times a day if necessary.

You can make an even more effective flaxseed poultice by combining it with activated charcoal!

Cool, huh? Now you have another use for organic flaxseed other than adding it to your smoothie!

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flaxseed poultice
by: Anonymous

I got a large sliver in my leg as a young girl. We did not go to the Dr for much of anything. My mother put a flaxseed poltice ground Flaxseed with water made int a paste...she just tied a white cloth around it several times.
In the morning she took it off and there the very long sliver was in the paste.

using it now
by: Fearless Fly

yes, using it as I type. Grew up with it as a kid am is convinced of its use as a poltice. My dad was a medic during first few months of Korean War and this was what they used and there is a reason why....IT WORKS !

We used it for boils/carbuncles
by: Anonymous

My sister and I got carbuncles as children. My grandmother would mix the ground flaxseed with very hot water, then put on a clean white cloth and apply. She would let it dry completely and then we would often take a warm bath to let the poultice loosen. It has great drawing properties!

"Get yourself a nickel's worth of flaxseed..."
by: Anonymous

True story: As a baby, my father had a boil on his cheek. His mother (my grandmother) asked her own grandmother what to do. The old lady told her, "Go down to the drugstore and get yourself a nickel's worth of flaxseed, then make a poultice." Being a modern woman of the 1920's, my grandmother decided to seek a real doctor's advice instead of relying on the folk wisdom of a superstitious old woman. The doctor carefully examined the child before delivering his learned advice."Here's what you do," he said. "Go to the drugstore and get yourself a nickel's worth of flaxseed..." She paid the fee and kicked herself all the way home.

Teenager's friend
by: Anonymous

We used it for zits when we were teenagers. A tiny bit with a bandaid covering it was all it took!

Flaxseed for spider bites
by: Oceanna

A spider bite on my elbow swelled up to about softball size and hurt a lot. A flaxseed poultice brought the pain levels and swelling down about 75% within 45 minutes. Since then I always keep flaxseed in the refrigerator.

Use for Infected ingrown toenails
by: Anonymous

My grandmother used flaxseed meal poultices on my infected ingrown toenails - pulled out all the infection every time, and helped tremendously with the pain of having to cut the nail out.

Draws Out Painful Boils
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend's baby use to get painful boil, I have no idea why.
I was visiting one day when her mother-in-law showed up.
She saw the boils and said we'll take care of this.
She went to the drugstore and bought ground flax seed. Mixed it with boiling water to make a paste.Let it cool until warm (safe for baby). She put a clump of the paste on the boil. Covered it with a bandage and let it be.
In no time those things were healing.
The knowledge and wisdom of farm women!

Good for bites
by: Anonymous

My husband was bit by a dog and my daughter by a cat. I use whole unground flax seed and mix it with hot water to make a slimy kind of snotty poultice. You wouldn't believe the infection that it pulls out which in turn allows swelling and pain to go down. I've been doing this remedy for years now.

by: Anonymous

Ditto for pimples, boils, carbuncle, spider bites.
Works like a charm every time. The only difference is the price, 85¢ will buy you what you need. Great to know about the ingrown toenails! No doubt that it works, wouldn't have thought of that.

by: Anonymous

From ages 5 thru 20 I was constantly hit with above disease. Flaxseed poultices were used to bring the problem to a head, then either lanced or came open & drained by itself. Today, at nearly 90,I once again find a spot on my leg. I have seen 3 doctors and our wound clinic to no avail. I plan to find some flaxseed and make my own poultices like my mother did. I pray it works once more.

by: Anonymous

My elderly mother got a large piece of skin torn off her shin. After an emergency room visit, we doctored her leg with bacitracin on a wound care nurse advice until it got cellulitis. I googled charcoal poultices & cellulitis and it suggested 1 part ground flaxseed to 1 part charcoal and just enough water to make a paste. I wrapped it in very porous gauze and put it on the wound.
The next morning all the redness was gone from the entire shin and the swelling had disappeared.
She kept a wound care appointment the next day and the nurse asked why it was black. He asked why we did that & I told him it was a powerful remedy. After washing it- he determined that we made not need to keep the next appointment. He did not add anything either. I am a believer!

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